Huddle Kitten Extravaganza

As it is a bye week for the Panthers and therefore their fans, I thought I would take a moment and make use of this new format by posting some of my favorite Huddle Kitten shots of the past decade. Who are the Huddle Kittens you ask? Well, they are the most lovely ladies the Carolinas have to offer.


Sometimes the ladies chose to show their school spirit…

This was a Halloween zombie shoot from a few years ago. Fun fact, Lynsey was actually startled here a bit…

Fun Fact: This shoot featured a former ladycat and a current honeybee

Fun Fact: That zombie is actually our very own Panthro, who spent the first few hours getting into character.

Fun Fact: Lake Norman bikini shoot, much fun.


Fun Fact: Madison pictured here recently moved to Miami. Will be keeping an eye on her career there.

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