Carolina Panthers rival fans ready to concede the season?

The Carolina Panthers are favorites to win the NFC South for an unprecedented 4th season in a row. It seems even fans of the NFC south division opponents agree for the most part.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans do see a path to defeating the Carolina Panthers and winning the division themselves

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could probably beat the Carolina Panthers to win the division, assuming that half the Carolina team comes down with some debilitating but not life-threatening illness.

Some members of the Saints fan community are already conceding the NFC South to the Carolina Panthers.

While the Saints could split the series with Carolina should Drew Brees play in both games, I think Carolina will likely win both games even with Brees on the field. Carolina will not have another 15-1 campaign, but they will be good enough to win their unprecedented fourth consecutive NFC South championship.

Atlanta fans aren’t ready to concede just yet, but realize what they face this season.

Carolina is a tough team. The defense is formidable, and Cam is really difficult to contain because of his unique combination of speed and size.

While it is difficult to argue against their logic, I find it a bit disappointing to see fans of rival teams so willing to accept second place before NFL training camps have even begun. Personally, I prefer fans of rival teams to be a bit more optimistic about their respective seasons. In the past, rival fans have had the ability to look beyond the obvious weaknesses of their own team and were able maintain a positive outlook. Which begs the question….

Has the Carolina Panthers dominance over the past three seasons been a wet blanket on their fan fueled fire? It is starting to look that way.

Carolina Panthers Cam Newton

Cam Newton at New Orleans Saints

Jeremy Igo is owner of Carolina Huddle. Based in Charlotte, he has covered the Carolina Panthers for over a decade.