What Broncos Fans are Saying about the Carolina Panthers

Every week during the NFL season I bring to you viewpoints from the Carolina Panthers’ opposition. This week, what Broncos are saying about this Thursday night’s game against the Panthers.

On being home dogs to the Carolina Panthers

From Mile High Report:  “Despite being the reigning Super Bowl champions and coming off a two touchdown dominating performance over the Panthers in February, the Broncos must once again earn the respect they just can’t seem to get from anywhere outside of Denver.”

The problem here is that this Broncos team is very different from the Broncos team of February. Since then, they have experienced quite a bit of turnover to their starting units. Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak spoke spoke about that recently.

“”We are a different team. I can’t sit there and tell you the amount of turnover we had in our starters.” Kubiak said on a conference call Sunday. “I don’t even know. It’s probably somewhere in the seven or eight range, somewhere in there, then obviously the quarterback position. You know what, there was going to be change. We have changes on our defensive front. We’ve got some changes on our offensive line. So like I said, this is a new season. It’s got to go find its identity and you’ve got 16 opportunities to do that. This is the first one this week so we’ll just try to stay focused on that” Kubiak added.

In short, you cannot simply take away 9 starters from a team and expect the same product to take the field. Especially so when one of those starters is the quarterback. The truth is no one has any clue on how the Denver Broncos will perform this year. There is a chance they could be better, but an even greater chance that they will regress.

On beating the Carolina Panthers Thursday night

Denver Broncos fans know their entire season hinges on second year player Trevor Siemian. Although Siemian has looked good this preseason, there is still so much for him to prove.

A fan comment underneath this article made me smile. “Our qb sh*t the bed against them last time and we still beat the hell out of them. Score was closer than the game ever was. We beat them going away if simmy looks even half way capable.”

I don’t seem to remember the Broncos “beating the hell out of” the Panthers. Considering the amount of needless turnovers the Carolina Panthers gave away in the Superbowl, I would lean more towards the Panthers beating the sh*t out of themselves. They picked a terrible day to play their worst game of the year. Perhaps the stage was just too big for the Panthers. But that was last year, time to move on.

On pressuring Cam Newton


Apparently Denver fans have not forgotten the level of discomfort the Broncos were able to give Cam Newton during the Super Bowl. However, I don’t expect this to be the case on Thursday night. The Panthers now have the personnel to overcome the dreaded “Blue Dog Blitz”. I have a feeling it is all Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula has thought about this offseason. If the Broncos are able to pressure Newton in the same ways, then Shula has much explaining to do.

What, the What?

Finally, I leave you with this jewel from the porcelain throne of Denver. Take a moment, poor yourself a beverage, and soak in the very best of what Broncos fans have to offer. It is breathtaking in its lunacy. To his credit, Orange Crush is absolutely delicious.

Jeremy Igo is owner of Carolina Huddle. Based in Charlotte, he has covered the Carolina Panthers for over a decade.