What Vikings fans are saying about the Carolina Panthers

This week the Carolina Panthers square off against the Minnesota Vikings for a chance to have a winning record for the first time this season. Minnesota is already 2-0, so their fans have much to be excited about despite the huge losses they have seen at key positions. Here is what Minnesota Vikings fans are saying, for better or worse. Well, mainly worse.

Special Bonus: This edition of “What Fans are Saying” is decorated with original works of art from Huddlers, all created in Microsoft Paint.

On Twitter

Vikings Huddle (no affiliation with CH) appears to be supremely confident in his team’s chances. Although the Vikings do have an impressive defense, their offense is inept. They proved as much against the hapless defense of the Green Bay Packers.  The best chance the Vikings have in the game Sunday is hoping for a low scoring game and an off day from Cam Newton. That is the only chance they have at victory. If the Panthers score 20, game over.

From the Vikings Message Board

First of all, could you folks make your message board any more difficult to read? This looks something like my 3 year old daughter would come up with. All that is missing are a few unicorns and Princess Sophia. (Parent reference). Good lord, it is not 1998. Do better.


On the Panthers Offense

“The only thing that scares me about their running game is Cam Newton. CAP Whitaker and other backs dont scare me at all. What does scare me is their giant wrs and tight end. I think Cam is gonna get his butt kicked though.”

This is actually somewhat fair. I don’t see any reason why the Vikings solid defense should be all that concerned about Artis-Payne, Tolbert, and Whitaker. It is up to those three running backs to prove otherwise. Cam Newton is definitely the biggest running threat they need to be worried about. I don’t even mind the “butt kicked” comment. It’s quaint in its own sort of childish way.

On Cam Newton Passing the Ball

“Cam has struggled throwing the ball early this season. His completion percentage is near the bottom. I know it’s early…I know, but previous to last season, he had a tendency to be consistently errant with his passes. I’m hoping now isn’t the time he gets hot, but if the Vikings can pressure Cam the way Denver did, then it should be a long game for their offense. I trust that Zimmer will spy Cam with Kendricks as he did at times to Rodgers last Sunday.”

Wait, Cam Newton has struggled throwing the ball? The same Cam Newton that just threw for 353 yards and 4 touchdowns last week? The truth is that in week 1 Newton faced arguably the best defensive secondary in the league, bringing his numbers down. The Minnesota secondary is the weakest unit on the defense. I am not so sure Minnesota fans should expect the same result as when the Carolina Panthers played the Denver Broncos.

The end result may be a nice new hat during Cam Newton’s press conference.

carolina panthers cam newton

On the last Carolina Panther – Minnesota Vikings game

“Vikings won 31-13 in Carolina with 2 blocked punts that we returned for touchdowns. We made Cam look so bad that the experts were discussing whether or not he was “franchise” material. Seriously. AD was out. Teddy was a rookie. We’ve both gotten better since then and I think we match up well. Their DLine scares me but that’s about it. I hope Barr shadows Cam all day. Vikes win 24-21.”

Yes, that was a good victory in 2014 for the vikings.  Although, it was against a hobbled Cam Newton who has a busted ankle and ribs. Also, the kickoff temperature was 12 degrees (7th coldest in Vikings history). Unfortunately for the Vikings, the game temperature this Sunday is looking like 85 degrees and Cam Newton is completely healthy. Again, don’t expect the same result.

Here are a few more amazing works of Huddler art for you to enjoy.




Jeremy Igo is owner of Carolina Huddle. Based in Charlotte, he has covered the Carolina Panthers for over a decade.