What Falcons Fans are saying about the Carolina Panthers

Each week I bring to you the best, and the worst, of what fans of the Carolina Panthers’ opposition is saying. This week, there was no shortage of hot takes about the matchup Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

A staple of Falcon fans talk has always been their official message board,  Every year, the board is filled with optimism and hope in the offseason, excitement in the first few weeks, followed by gloom and the calling for coach firings by week 5. As sure as the sun rises in the east, this is the way of the Falcons fans. This year is not different.

On Cam Newton being less than cordial on a conference call with Atlanta Media 

“Some of you would make awesome panty fans with all the cam excuse making… this is so simple… Cam was just being a pric.k…  simple as that.  Just read his half sentence, repeat, not engaging answers.  He’s still pouting from the last loss.  He doesn’t have to like it, but since he’s the leader of his team and the point of contact for the media, he could certainly give a better impression of himself.

I mean Ryan gives standard, useless answers too.  Although they are boring, at least he’s not pouting or being a jerk.

LOL, At least Cam admits that he can’t handle it when the chips are down.  He’s really only a leader when they’re winning and he’s ready to talk… LOL at this guy.  Not a fan of him at all. For such a beast of a player, he’s such a little baby.  “

Cam Newton does not enjoy speaking to the media. As such, he typically gives as little effort as required in doing so. This is true of any media, even the local Charlotte media. Newton has been burned time and time again by the media ever since the Peter King hit job before he was drafted. It may be that Cam has it in his mind that no matter what he says, the national media will spin it in a negative way. You know what? That may be the truth.

But to Cam’s credit, he was asked some pretty silly questions by the Atlanta media. How do you plan on getting Benjamin the ball more? Did you expect him to answer that ahead of the game? Really?

On Matt Ryan looking like a pro bowl QB

One topic quotes an article from SI.

“Matt Ryan — Yes, Matt Ryan — has been the best quarterback in the league through three games, and it really hasn’t been all that close. He’s stretched the field with accurate deep balls and been efficient on shorter throws. Most importantly, he’s turned the ball over just once. The Falcons lead the league in scoring and total offense thanks to Ryan’s mini resurgence.

First of all, wouldn’t there need to be a surge before there is a resurgence? I feel like that is a requirement.

Second of all, Matt Ryan has faced the defensive backfields of Oakland, New Orleans, and Tampa Bay. Three of the absolute secondaries in the league, if not THE three worst. Matt Ryan could be playing better this year, but I will withhold judgement until he faces a secondary that doesn’t belong in the CFL.

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On the formula to defeat the Carolina Panthers

“I think the formula to beating them is getting out in front by 2 scores and make them chase. Then our passrush  can pun their ears back and sack Scam. Tru should keep Benjamin in check. Olsen should just be bracketed all day. Ginn and Alford will be a good battle but as long as Alford plays disciplined he we will be good.”

I like when opposing fans call Cam Newton “Scam”. It lets me know who has an IQ below 80 and to keep an eye on around children.

Desmond Trufant typically struggles against bigger receivers. I am not so sure he is able to keep Benjamin “in check” now that Benjamin is extra motivated this week. Of course, there is the Olsen comment we see every single week from opposing fans. Seems like that is always a focus, but Olsen still balls out. It is almost as if Olsen is a top tight end in the NFL.

On strength of schedule from Falcoholics.com 

“NFL teams and football fans everywhere are having a difficult time taking the Atlanta Falcons seriously. At 2-1 and in sole possession of first place in the competitive NFC South, the Falcons don’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of fan bases nationwide. But that could change dramatically in the weeks ahead. Why? Because three games into the 2016 season, the Falcons still apparently boast the most difficult strength of schedule.”

The Falcons have had the luxury of essentially 3 bye weeks to start the season, and somehow managed only a 2-1 record as a result. They have no room to be complaining about the strength of schedule. The Carolina Panthers, on the other hand, have already played two 3-0 teams who will be int he playoffs this season. It is time for the Panthers to relax a bit and play a few average teams, and it starts this week in Atlanta.

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Jeremy Igo is owner of Carolina Huddle. Based in Charlotte, he has covered the Carolina Panthers for over a decade.