Carolina Panthers land Matt Kalil

The Carolina Panthers are taking a major step in improving their offensive line today by signing Minnesota left tackle Matt Kalil. Kalil will be reunited with his brother Ryan in Carolina where he will hope to improve as a player. Adam Shefter is reporting the deal is done, now needing only a signature.

While Kalil is not considered a top tier left tackle by any means, he would still be an immediate upgrade over the Carolina Panthers current roster. That fact in itself explains the heavy price tag the Panthers likely had to pay for Kalil. Contract details should be coming out in the next day or so. Kalil’s performance in the league has been less than stellar at this point, but still is seen to have a big upside by NFL teams around the league.

Kalil won’t be the first left tackle to seek redemption in Carolina. Two seasons ago Michael Oher was in the same position. Oher finished out a lackluster stint in Tennessee. The Carolina Panthers took a chance on Oher and it paid off, leading to a Superbowl appearance.

Now the Carolina Panthers hope to see the same results in Matt Kalil. If they can see similar results in Kalil, the Panthers may indeed find themselves back in contention for the Lombardi trophy. If not, more tough times for the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton in particular can be expected.

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Jeremy Igo is owner of Carolina Huddle. Based in Charlotte, he has covered the Carolina Panthers for over a decade.