Carolina Panthers position swap – What the heck?

It didn’t take long for Carolina Panthers new interim GM Marty Hurney to get his feet wet into the Panthers roster.  It seems Hurney already has ideas as far as possible roster moves, including changing certain players’ positions. According to SI, Hurney even mentioned a few ideas to head coach Ron Rivera recently. “In some cases, Hurney suggested moving a player from one position to another” Rivera said.

So who is Hurney eyeballing for a position change? Here are my top three best guesses.

carolina panthers jeremy cash

Jeremy Cash

Jeremy Cash to strong safety. This would be a difficult move, as Cash beefed up physically for the linebacker role. But it does make some sense for the Carolina Panthers to move Cash to the strong safety position. Lets face it, safety is one of the positions most lacking in depth, while linebacker is overflowing in that department.

Hurney may consider keeping the former ACC defensive player of the year buried on the linebacker depth chart a waste of talent, and he could be right. Cash would need to slim down quite a bit, but that is so much easier to do than building muscle. Of all the position changes, this one makes the most sense, in my opinion.

Vernon Butler to defensive end. Butler proved last year without a shadow of a doubt he is an extremely disruptive player. Keeping a guy like that on the field while the defensive end position is less than stellar may not sound ideal to Marty. Yes, the Carolina Panthers brought in Julius Peppers to help, but Peppers won’t be playing as much as you think. Letting Vernon Butler play the edge, especially on first downs, could solidify the run defense and keep the pass rushers fresh longer into the game.

I don’t think Butler would be moved to end full time, as the defensive tackle position also needs adequate backups. But filling in 5-10 snaps a game at defensive end could happen.

Carolina Panthers Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin to tight end. First of all, I cannot believe I am typing this. But the more I think about it, the more it seems like it could be somewhat of a possibility. Look, Benjamin is one huge wide receiver. History tells us it takes quite a bit of effort for him to stay at a receivers playing weight. So, why not let him gain a few pounds and put him in at tight end? Maybe the idea is not as crazy as it sounds.

My biggest concern with this idea is his blocking ability. Unless the Carolina Panthers play him in a Jimmy Graham type role, one in which serious run blocking is not really a requirement, I don’t see how it could work. Still, it is fun to think about, isn’t it?

So, there are my best guesses. Leave a comment with who you think it could be.

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Jeremy Igo is owner of Carolina Huddle. Based in Charlotte, he has covered the Carolina Panthers for over a decade.