What Bills fans are saying about the Carolina Panthers

This Sunday the Carolina Panthers host the Buffalo Bills. Charlotte has had an influx of Buffalo residents over the past decade due to a stagnating Buffalo economy and job losses. Although they improved their lives by moving to Charlotte, their allegiances typically remain in New York.  There will be a large Buffalo Bills fan presence at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday, but no where near the 50% that has been predicted in the media. You can safely expect about a 80/20 split. Here are a few things the Bills fans are saying about the upcoming game.

On the Bills rushing attack

“I think Carolina continues to struggle on offense while Buffalo’s is just getting warmed up.  Both teams have great defenses but I really don’t think there is a team in the NFL that can stop Buffalo’s rushing attack.  That’s a huge advantage even if you are one of those “modern NFL” franchise QB types.  What does that even mean….modern NFL?  Screw it. Play smash mouth, run it it down their throats, and take the steam right out of them.”

The Bills are able to run the ball against the lowly Jets and all of a sudden they can’t be stopped. Hell, even Mike Tolbert ran for nearly 4 yards a carry against the CFL caliber team. The same Mike Tolbert that is usually good for a loss, fumble, or missed block depending on the play call.

The truth is the Bills may indeed have a good running game this year between Taylor and McCoy. The problem here is they are playing against the best front seven in the NFL this Sunday. I don’t think you should expect the same results.

It is difficult to find happiness in Buffalo, so many turn to the bottle. I give you exhibit A

On the Panthers offensive performance in week 1 

We all acknowledge that Newton was extremely rusty in the first half of the San Francisco game. There were at least two touchdowns that did not happen due to his sore shoulder. Luckily for the Carolina Panthers, the rust appeared to be greatly diminished in the second half as Newton completed all of his passes.

On the other hand, the Bills are completely healthy and squeak out a close win at home against the Jets. All of a sudden they are in a position to throw stones? Laughable.

The truth is the Carolina Panthers have far more talent than the Buffalo Bills. This can be best illustrated by the Bills signing Panthers’ cast offs to their regular roster. I am not one to buy into the coaching angle that so many are talking about. Both head coaches are very familiar with one another. That is a wash.

In the end, the Panthers defense once again dismantles the opposing offense and allows only single digits. The Panthers offense continues to improve as Newton’s shoulder heals.

Carolina Panthers – 28

Buffalo Bills – 6

Agree? Disagree? You can sound off right here

Agree? Disagree? You can sound off right here with thousands of Carolina Panthers fans.

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