New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers – By the numbers

This Sunday the New Orleans Saints visit the Carolina Panthers in the first NFC South match up of the season. Not surprisingly, the two teams are once again diametrically opposed to one another. New Orleans has the far better statistical offense, while Carolina is superior statistically than New Orleans.

Here is the league wide breakdown through the first two weeks of the 2017 regular season.

Items of Interest

While the New Orleans Saints have the third best offense in the NFL in terms of yards, they do have a week spot that should come into play this Sunday. The Saints are a below average 3rd down efficiency team, ranking 23rd in the league. As it so happens, the Carolina Panthers defense is 4th in the league at stopping teams on 3rd down.

The Saints defense does not rank in the top half of the league in any statistical category.  The Carolina Panthers defense ranks in the top 10 in every category, and top 5 in all categories except rushing yard allowed. The chasm between the defenses is far greater than the offenses of these two teams.

Even though the Saints added running back Adrian Peterson this offseason, their rushing yards per game ranks 28th in the league.

Finally, the Saints defense gives up a whopping 512.5 yards per game, ranking their defense the worst in the entire NFL.

OFFENSE Avg. Rank Avg. Rank
Total Yards Per Game 271 25th 386.5 3rd
Rushing YPG 96.5 18th 70.5 28th
Rushing YPG 2.9 29th 3.7 19th
Passing Net YPG 174.5 24th 316 2nd
Sacks Per Pass Play 9.50% 26th 2.30% 1st
Sacks Allowed 6 n/a 2 n/a
Third Down Efficiency 48.30% 7th(t) 34.80% 23rd
Points Per Game 16 22nd(t) 19.5 16th(t)
Total Yards Per Game 196.5 1st 512.5 32nd
Rushing YPG 60 6th 124 25th
Rushing YPG 3.2 9th 4.1 19th
Passing Net YPG 136.5 2nd 388.5 32nd
Sacks Per Pass Play 10.40% 5th 4.10% 27th
Sacks 7 n/a 3 n/a
Third Down Efficiency 25.00% 4th(t) 57.70% 32nd
Points Per Game 3 1st 32.5 31st


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