Luke Kuechly explains how the Carolina Panthers defense improved.

Make no mistake, the Carolina Panthers defense is much improved over last season. Luke Kuechly recently answered questions for the New Orleans Saints media via conference call. Here are the reasons he attributes to the fast and vast improvement of the Carolina Panthers defense so far this season.

On Julius Peppers

“He’s done a great job and I think you bring in a guy like that it brings a boost to your team even before the ball is snapped. Just to have a veteran, future hall of fame guy on your team is a cool deal. We’re happy to have him and he’s played great so far this year.”

On the new additions

“I think we got some guys back that we young last year. James and Daryl were both rookies last year and they have a full year under their belt. I think they’re more comfortable with what we’re doing. They’re more comfortable with the NFL game. When you add pieces on defense like Pepp and Mike Adams and Captain Munnerlyn. They don’t need a lot of time to acclimate to your team and to your system. They make transitions more seamless than maybe a young guy would. Coach Wilks has us playing well. The defensive line up front is playing great so when those guys are doing as good a job as they are it makes our job easier.”

On the growth of the Carolina Panthers sophomore corners

“I think they’ve taken steps in the right direction. They’ve worked really hard. I think they both take coaching. They both learn. Your first year in the NFL there are a lot of new things going on. You move to a new city, you got a new team. You get new friends. You’re in a new, a whole new game. Everything moves faster. There’s a lot of stuff to worry about that these guys now moved in their second year. They are comfortable in Charlotte. Now all they have to do is worry about football. I think when you can isolate it to just football, you can get a lot better.”

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