McCaffrey – Making things easy for the Carolina Panthers offense

While Carolina Panthers running back Christiam McCaffrey hasn’t had a touchdown this season, he sure is making them easier for every other Panthers players. All of the following touchdowns were made much easier by the extra attention Christian McCaffrey received from the New England Patriots defense. Clearly, the Patriots wanted to take CMC out of the game, which they did to some extent. To his credit, Mike Shula apparently was counting on that and ready. It seems Belichick underestimated Shula.

Touchdown screen to Fozzy Whitaker

Literally the entire Patriots defense followed Christian McCaffrey to the right. Not only was Fozzy Whitaker able to score the touchdown, look at how wide open tight end Ed Dickson is here. The Patriots completely disregarded the left side of the field. If the play call was not a screen to Fozzy , Dickson would have had an even easier touchdown. He could have casually walked into the end zone.

Cam Newton read option

Watch Patriots linebacker Van Noy (53) as he takes himself completely out of the play, his eyes stuck on Christian McCaffrey the entire time. Without that, Cam would not have had a clear lane to the end zone. Bonus: See Trai Turner use one LB as a bowling ball and the other as a pin.

Play action to Funchess

Patriots stacking the box with safety McCourty (32) here, selling out for the run here and keying on McCaffrey. The Patriots are basically daring Cam Newton to throw the ball. It seems the Patriots were expecting the Cam Newton of last week, and not the one that spent a week in practice. What a difference a few practice reps make.

The good news? It worked. The Carolina Panthers successfully used the Patriots’ own game plan against them. Kudos to the offensive coaching staff. The bad news? This won’t work again now that Detroit has seen the film. Mike Shula will need to come up with a new game plan against the solid Lions defense.

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