Snapshot – Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions

This week the Carolina Panthers travel to take on the Detroit Lions in the only game that will feature two winning teams.  In many ways, the Panthers and the Lions mirror one another, right down to the feline mascot. A quick look at the statistical snapshot of the game reveals a few items of interest.

On Offense

The offenses for these two teams are very similar, numbers wise. The Carolina Panthers offense currently ranks 22nd in the league while the Detroit Lions ranked 24th. However, the Lions are much better than the Panthers in one offensive statistic, and unfortunately it is the most important one. The Lions are ranked 10th in the league in scoring, while the Panthers are ranked 20th.

In other words, the Lions capitalize on their offensive yardage. The Panthers, not so much.

On Defense

Again, the overall numbers here are pretty similar. The Carolina Panthers allow fewer yards per game than the Lions. However, the two teams are tied for 4th place when it comes to points allowed per game. Again, it is the Lions efficiency that stands out here, making the most of their opportunities when it matters most.

Bottom Line

The win over the Patriots could have given the Carolina Panthers a new sense of purpose this season. For the first time in a long while, it felt like 2015 again. However, this Detroit Lions team poses a more difficult challenge for the Panthers. The Lions are a far more balanced team than the Patriots at this point in the NFL season.

This will be a low scoring game, likely coming down to the final drive. As always in games of this nature, the team with the fewest turnovers usually wins. The Panthers defense has not forced a turnover in the past three games. If Carolina expects to win in Detroit this Sunday, that trend cannot continue.

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