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  2. Yeah, "dehumanize" and "decapitate" are two kinda different things. But they are pretty big words so i don't blame you for not knowing the difference.
  3. "Hey bro *chews gum rapidly* you got any Four Non Blondes?" Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  4. Yea he doesn't need to go nuts but Christ he needs to put his money where his mouth is and use free agency to set up the draft. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  5. If he doesn't spend it this year there will be all out revolt!
  6. I wish I could find the interview but there was one around draft time where he made a telling statement about how the Super Bowl run put him behind the 8 ball on his draft and FA evaluations. He said something to the fact that he was going to rely on his scouts more and try to cram the film. Well the cramming didn't work. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  7. Not sure. We call em idiots and morons. We call em sheep. We mock them and we laugh at them. It's rare that we dehumanize liberals to the point where we feel justified in trying to injure them. One label I'm coming around to, for the liberals, is "ISIS Lite". ISIS believe they are righteous and that they are on the right side of history. They basically dehumanize everyone that doesn't think like they do. They claim to be at war with nearly everyone. They teach their young this poo at an early age. Liberals believe they are righteous and that they are on the right side of history. They basically dehumanize everyone that doesn't think like they do. They claim to be at war with nearly everyone. They teach their young this poo at an early age. If we were a lesser country, it wouldn't shock me if we saw liberals running around trying to kill everyone they disagree with and tearing down everything they can that displays or tells of the history of those different than themselves.
  8. Ugh, whatever
  9. Thay guy dom is a legendary troll... props to him for showing how it easy it is to get fake news out there.
  10. '89' would put up ~1000 yards and 5+ TDs next year for any team with a Top 25 QB.
  11. Can they refuse to participate? You know who has some great full fledged military parades? Russia.
  12. You think he doesn't now? "My turn to sing!"
  13. This time, it's the conservative media that'll be getting the whip on this one. Recently, controversy exploded surrounding this supposed group of paid protesters expected to be at the inauguration. "Demand Protest" is a self-proclaimed company that spends millions on professional protesters. They have posted multiple ads redirecting folks to, which have caught the eye of mostly conservative, but some liberal media sites alike. And the irony in all that? A very conservative guy, Tucker Carlson, was the first to expose this. In case you didn't know, he recently took Megyn Kelly's slot at Fox News, and has been a popular media icon for conservatives, typically bashing liberals and exposing their ridiculous claims with pure fact. In this particular episode, he ridicules the media for seemingly falling for this trap, and exposes the founder/owner of this supposed company. A good watch that I'm sure conservatives and liberals would enjoy alike. Exposing fake news and how easy it is to manipulate the mass media. Pretty interesting stuff.
  14. You are talking about revenue, debt, and deficits which is about government budgeting and I am talking about the size of our economy. They are two separate things. Who cares what a random on Forbes says? There are wait times because Canada chooses to have wait times on some things and not because of their single payer system (and wait times are for a few elective procedures aka: non-emergency). We shouldn't choose to do that. We already have a robust healthcare infrastructure so I don't see any need for wait times.
  15. Yea I can most def see Pete Carroll in a karaoke bar belting out Melissa Ethridge tunes for hours upon hours. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  16. Yeah, keep it up! Keep telling him he can't come back! Keep telling him he'll never be a Panther again. Keep telling him he's old and he can't win a SuperBowl with Cam. Yes, yes! Doubt and keep doubting. He feeeeels it
  17. calling david clarke a puppet of the right.. and your boy marc with his super clever new name for people like david clarke... try to keep up T.
  18. I think he was so enamored with his past success he got cocky and played Madden just replacing vets with rookies without accounting for the loss of veteran leadership and time it takes corners to develop. And as you say he stopped doing the hard work and finding veteran gems which is actually his specialty and what he did for the Giants.
  19. I also think he was a little caught up in the moment after the Super Bowl run and maybe got a little lazy in the evaluation room. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  20. Who said anything about tax revenue? GDP is basically revenue of the whole country. But anyway, your example about Canada was terrible. Even Forbes agrees
  21. Last year was a real head scratcher across the board. Hopefully he goes back to his past formula which resulted in good results. As for Hunter I am a TE fan. I wanted Olsen when he was drafted and was thrilled we got him for a third.
  22. I am currently reading the original Sherlock Holmes short stories from The Strand. Never read them before. Good stuff although late 1800's British dialogue is confusing at times. ..... What is this thread about?
  23. Norman wasn't the only way we saved cap space. Remember cutting Charles Johnson and resigning him. We picked up 9 million and that was in March. Since Norman was already accounted for when we franchised him we had money money before we rescinded the tag. Plus we could have done what we did in years past which was restructure guys if we really wanted more cap space. Truth is Gettleman could have signed whoever he wanted but he clearly didn't want to and never intended to spend it? Like he never planned to sign Short unless it was way below his market value. And no Short won't be cheaper this year. PFF ranked him the third best DT in the league in 2016.
  24. GDP is a measurement of economic activity. That isn't the same as tax revenue which would pertain to deficits and debts in governance.
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