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  2. countryboi

    What Bengals fans are saying

    no game vs the Panthers is fairly easy. we make you fight tooth and nail for every inch, the Bengals may or may not win but either way they are going to earn it.
  3. Hoenheim

    What Bengals fans are saying

    after our defense shat the bed the last game, I'm guessing at the very least they aren't going to be able to run the ball or lots of time to throw If we have defensive problems again for the 2nd time in a row and lose this game, its probably going to be a 8-8 ish season. We've already seen what happens when we have an offense that can score but a defense that can't stop anything
  4. bababoey

    Marvin Lewis talks about Luke

    So does that make Tom Brady the John Daily of quarterbacks??? Or maybe Peppers is the Donald Trump of the NBA???
  5. Pup McBarky

    What Bengals fans are saying

    Looking at his entire career doesn't really count.
  6. top dawg

    What Bengals fans are saying

    A "fairly easy win" against the Panthers is not really within the realm of reality.
  7. uncfan888

    What Bengals fans are saying

    Fans picking their team to win a game.. Disgusting
  8. This week I stopped by The Bengals Board to see what Bengals fans are thinking about this game. On CMC Pretty accurate here. Checking down to CMC seems to be the bread and butter of the offense this far. Problem is, if you try to take away a check down that means a throw higher up on Cam's progression is going to be open. So yeah, go ahead and worry about taking away a check down. Please do. On Carolina's offensive tackles I really don't think the Panthers tackles are poo. Taylor Moton has looked like an honest to god legitimate starter and Clark has looked like an upgrade over Kalil (I know that isn't saying much). Am I still concerned about the offensive line? For sure. But I am far more concerned about other areas right now such as corner and safety. On containing Cam Newton I mean, this is pretty accurate and was for the most part how Atlanta was able to succeed. Contain Cam, cover the sub par wideouts, and tackle McCaffrey when he gets the ball. Sure, the Panthers will get yards, but not necessarily points and perhaps there will be a turnover or two that will swing the game. On the outcome This is the consensus on the Bengals Board. They feel this is a fairly easy win for Cinci. Yes, Kuechly has had a less than stellar game, but not a couple of bad games. Most of these fans seem to think the Carolina Panthers are 0-2.
  9. Little Goody Two Shoes

    Marvin Lewis talks about Luke

    Luke is the DeShone Kizer of linebackers. (remember Kizer is Brady's intellect with Cam's physical attributes)
  10. Oh, so you're one of those. Can't discuss an OPINION without resorting to insults. Far too many like you around nowadays. Peace out
  11. Way to go Leroy Jenkins. I saw his response on the post. Cool he followed up on his show. I agree that if Moore gets more touches he'll be out leading TD maker. It is like getting a RB in the second level. I also think his presence will open things up for Funchess.
  12. Your challenge was "Find a single YouTube video of a quarterback taking a killshot that didn't lead to retaliation from his teammates to the guy that did it." No mention of disregarding some teams etc. Like I said, you made that challenge like it would be difficult. It was the first video my search returned. There are a few on that video. The first mentions the Texans bench coming on the field of play but taking no action for back to back roughing penalties.
  13. Today
  14. Browns QB is legit but not amazing. People are raving because the expectations were so damn low for the browns.
  15. Leroy made the news thanks to the power of the Huddle and NBC Charlotte.
  16. Chop blocking, and no holding calls?
  17. My sincerest apologies for your troubles. I will try to remain sensitive but objective with this. As someone who has endured great hardship in my life and has watched those around me that I love go through some terrible things—no one owes you or anyone else a thing. If he donated $5 he is doing more than the vast majority of folks, including myself. I will most likely donate in the near future but hell, I’m just a new graduate with 185k in school debt that I obtained with the sole purpose of helping others through my career path. The government nor anyone else thought that was enough to cut me some slack and I will be paying off my debt for the next 25 years. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I would encourage you to focus your energy on what elevates you and your family. Best wishes, my friend.
  18. luke nukem

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 3 (READ ME)

    that feel when 0-1
  19. Too bad this aint a primetime game.
  20. panthers_fan_in_tx

    Kicking Off Week 3 : Jets vs Browns Thread

    Cleveland's defense is pretty damn good. They should've beaten the saints. Could easily be 3-0 right now. Won't be an easy game later this year.
  21. Marquis

    Brett Kavanaugh Can't be Bothered

    I haven't followed this story at all. Why don't you believe it was Kavanaugh, but somebody else with him?
  22. Smith was supposed to be that speed guy that would put some fear into defenses and open things up for Funchess. Smith is not bringing to the table what we need him for. Relying on Funchess to be the #1 receiver is a mistake. He needs someone to force the defense to pay more attention to them (Smith, Byrd, Samuel). This is where Moore can help. If Moore can cause disruption and force defenses to pay attention to him. Funchess will have more opportunities to be effective. Right now they are doubling Funchess and we aren't scaring them. If Samuel/Byrd comes back you'll see Funchess numbers improve, if not we have to add Moore in there or Funchess will remain getting pedestrian numbers.
  23. Guy known for his incredible dedication to philanthropy has as his INITIAL effort to help a group in need 1million dollars and paa criticizes Tepper's pointy elbows. Oye.
  24. DaveThePanther2008

    Marvin Lewis talks about Luke

    Multiple teams have said Luke is calling out the play before the snap has ever occurred. Add the ability to diagnose a play before it happens with his speed and amazing tackling skills it is not a wonder he is the best in the league. A good portion of his interceptions are because he knows the route the player he is covering is running and is just there. You can argue that some might be better at certain areas than Luke but none of them have the entire package that Luke brings to the game every week.
  25. L-TownCat

    Marvin Lewis talks about Luke

    pfffft... look at this Luke Stan! A Lukan? Stuke? Cankley? j/k Luke is a generational talent. Undeniable.
  26. I like Thompson, but I would have liked to have seen Davis between Matt Ryan and the goal line on those 2 TD runs.
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