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  2. I think "average" is an overstatement.
  3. 2015 super bowl broke me about not getting too high and not getting too low after games. The subsequent media trashing was unbearable I had to unglue from sports altogether for like 6 months. It physically and mentally made me sick which is fuging stupid. I had the same feelings after 2009/2010. Cam reinvigorated my fandom in 2011. 2015 was the peak of my fandom for sure. After that loss nothing hurts as bad. It's just a game, I'll root for the players because we have some great guys on this team who can make Sunday's fun but when they don't I just shrug my shoulders and just hang with my buddies with the game on in the background. Next up for entertainment, TWD!
  4. We can't talk about Tedd Ginn because apparently mentioning that we miss a deep threat is insinuating that is our biggest issue.
  5. Sad but true. Just a matter of time before Hurney starts throwing more guys on IR for that built in excuse. God I'm so done with this franchise. Until something major happens, I just don't see how anybody can be excited about our future.
  6. You're like a fly bro. You're irrelevant, but slightly annoying. Your post has been shot down repeatedly and your logic has already been shown to be completely flawed. Don't look at this from an emotional perspective like you are. Learn, most ITT have shot you down. Now again I say, go derail another thread with your emotional nonsensical drivel.
  7. Does white privilege exist?

    The reference was to the evolution of informational video...of course I have a heart, I love conjunction junction...
  8. Fire Shula Tell New OC to run a pass based offense on controlling the ball Tell Rivera he has no say on offense.
  9. World Series

    Astros vs Dodgers
  10. 1. Fire Shula 2. Tell JR to go fug himself 3. Resign
  11. I'm not convinced we even have to win nine games. Hate to say it, but we could go the rest of this season without winning another game and I'd still expect everyone back. Maybe some lower level assistant gets fired just so the team can say "see look, accountability" but in the end they'll probably go with the story that they just had too many injuries and the players didn't execute and nothing major will happen. I feel nauseous.
  12. At least we have walking dead tonight!

    Yeah I sure miss story lines about morning after pills and finding Sophia.
  13. I thought we had 3 turnovers. We didn’t execute. We have to do some self scouting.
  14. Its hard to tell what he is given how poo Shula is and the line.
  15. We did not have a chance to win this football game. We basically laid down for the Bears. We were like, want a win? Well here you go. And you know what? We'll make it extra sweet and your rookie QB will only need 4 completions to do so.
  16. I called all of this on draft night. We are finishing 4-12. Richardson wont fire anyone just let their contract run out.
  17. As said before getting rid of just Shula want help.
  18. He's the least of our worries at the moment.
  19. In all seriousness, as a GM there's not much you can do right now. I would first fire Shula during the bye week and promote Dorsey to interim OC (seriously, I find it hard to believe Dorsey could do much worse than Shula). Get a jump start on finding your replacement OC for next year. Give full reigns to Cam and let him call his own game from here on out. Bench Kalil for Moton. Give Armah more reps (a vicious lead blocker is exactly what this team needs in the running game). Get Samuel more involved (and no, I do not mean only screens, jet sweeps, and option plays). Send the man on some deep routes. We are in dire need of speed to spread the field. Just a few minor tweaks for now. Can't do anything major until after the season.
  20. He caught 7 for 147 today in a win against the packers at their place i would say we miss him a lot
  21. What a weird thing for Rivera to say

    Just watched the press conference. In context it I thought he was referring to the turnovers....as in the early takeaways.
  22. I don't really count on that. We have bigger problems than just a average offense vs a good defense.
  23. I hate to crap on your parade but the bears are not formidable. They are a good defense but not that great
  24. Thanks Dave...and thanks for Josh too...and Butler
  25. Yea I agree. The talent/skill level is so dam close in the NFL. When they say it’s a ”game of inches”, that’s literal. A game time speech can make a difference in the outcome of the game, as weird as that sounds. I’ve been ride or die with Rivera but at this point, I’m starting to get the vibe Rivera’s philosophy is a bit antiquated. To your point, I don’t feel as if we are properly prepared as a team . I’m not sure he’s “flying by the seat of his pants” as much as he has the philosophy of “impose our will”. Thats great when it works...but it’s a little old school and stubborn. You have to have the mindset, culture and ability to adjust if “imposing you’re game plan” isn’t working. Thats what he’s desperately missing IMHO.
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