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  2. Can we be excited about CMC now?

    Hah, it was started by me the day he declared.
  3. tonight's nazi rally

    I have never seen them defend communism. They're socialists. Maybe they're just fuging with you
  4. Can we be excited about CMC now?

    I just threw up a little. We need all hands on deck.
  5. Joe P's Roster Projection

    Trying to figure out how Gano has earned a spot over Butker in these projections. Also, I'd like to see us develop Armah.
  6. its over there's no coming back

    Porn for the known tentacle enthusiast. Gross dude.
  7. tonight's nazi rally

    They deal with being a prop for the progressive movement now.... if they don't like it in this instance, then it truly is tribalism in the strictest sense of the word, is it not?
  8. I dont see the point in carrying 2 unless 1 can be usedin special teams. I imagine with armah playing defense in college that he could play special teams, but id rather him start
  9. tonight's nazi rally

    i wonder how the lgbt community would deal with being used as a prop by some dumbass right winger who's mad because his precious racist memorials are coming down
  10. tonight's nazi rally

    Wait... holy poo @Gazi are you being redpilled?
  11. tonight's nazi rally

    I wonder how progressives would deal with the LGBT community tearing down MLK statues?
  12. tonight's nazi rally

    That's a very fair statement and I would urge you to turn that logic to rodeo and GJBC as both have advocated strongly for Communism
  13. its over there's no coming back

  14. tonight's nazi rally

    Same goes for anyone who values comunists over fellow Amerocans Well, that used to be the case everywhere This small print for thjose that don't know the difference between communism and socialism
  15. tonight's nazi rally

    Counter protest is free speech. I did not attack them. I do attack people that commit assault. That includes counter protesters that do exactly that. The archives are not wiped, so we'll wait while you dig up me attacking counter protesting.
  16. tonight's nazi rally

    Isn't counterprotest free speech? Why do you attack them? If it's because of their perceived ideology than you found something worse than the Nazis?
  17. That's too bad

    Ok. I think it's fair to leave it as if that's trumps response hen that is pretty bad.
  18. That's too bad

    https://twitter.com/W7VOA/status/899438645576445952 I don't know why I can't embed anything anymore. They're doing me like Milton. I'm just gonna have to burn the TB one of these days
  19. its over there's no coming back

  20. Rick and Morty Season 3 July 30th

    Best episode of the season by far.
  21. Joe P's Roster Projection

    Punters are amphibious!
  22. its over there's no coming back

    Said the hentai enthusiast
  23. Venezuela on verge?

    This is absolute bullshit. Many deaths have been at the hands of the National Guard or the nacional police. The majority of the rest have been at the hands of government aligned paramilitaries known as colectivos. A few police/guardsmen have been killed by the opposition, no more than 10. They, on the other hand, have killed 130 plus. Where in the hell are you getting your information?
  24. tonight's nazi rally

    I would tell him to stop imitating Glenn Beck's tactics. I've been very clear about several things on this board. Didn't vote for Trump. I stand by the rights to free speech regardless of how abhorrent I personally see it. "...we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence. It has no place in America." Not being a fan of Trump, I fail to see how this is de facto siding with Nazis.
  25. its over there's no coming back

  26. Agree. Carrying two FBs is a waste. Young is nothing like Tolbert at all. He is a pure FB . I too want Armah to be the future but that is a bad comparison
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