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  2. This appears to be an apple and oranges debate. We are not arguing the same thing. I said that the guaranteed amount of the contract is the most important because it gets paid no matter what happens. It can't be altered changed or renegotiated unless the amount goes up. Versus nonguaranteed money which can be voided for any reason. What determines how long we keep a player before we can cut them. Dead cap money which is your guaranteed money not yet accounted for in the cap. Your point seems to relate more to whether a total contract outlay of money for a player is usually composed more of guaranteed money or the remaining contract. Or in others words is the guaranteed money more than 50% of the total contract. That is a totally different question more related to whether players play out their contracts or based on how long they can stay productive. If CJ got most of his contract then he earned it but we only had the option to cut him when his dead cap space went down. Not necessarily the minute it went down but it certainly increased the cap savings and made it easier to sign him back . If guaranteed money weren't most important then it wouldn't be the sticking point that holds up most contracts. This shouldn't even be a debate.
  3. Beat me to it, I was scrolling the thread like wait NOONES mentioned Carlos Henderson. He's about to put everyone on notice.
  4. ban incoming in 3...2...1...
  5. lol 3/4 players named were TEs? Certainly agree with ruben foster. Also do not want S thomas in the devision but i feel like the saints might take him
  6. If its illegal don't mess with it. All I'm saying. If you have to have it so bad you can't live without then move to a state where it's legal. In addition if the stats are not showing in your favor, all the more reason to play it smarter. If my doc goes if you eat or drink x because of your ethnicity, your are x times more likely to develop disease Y, then I'm gonna find a way to reduce odds of padding a negative stat. And yes the cops need/should enforce correctly.
  7. Sessions can dictate laws. This all started when you claimed he merely was an enforcer of current law. That just isn't accurate assement IMO He dictates based on his agenda. He isn't just an blind enforcer of written laws....but an enforcer of his agenda. A difference. The agenda of those around Trump simply matter. Trump is an incompetent fool. While bad, not that big of deal with good people around him. Getting Flynn out was a major win for us. But his inner circle and decision makers still isn't composed of the good guys. Bannon/Sessions/Miller/etc....they matter. Mattis and McMaster don't trump that currently.
  8. so is it possible for you to swim through your bigotry for a moment and read his tweet, saying that he will fight for LGBT, and see that it makes him a liar and you naive for believing that he was pro-LGBT.
  9. Okung literally lost games with holding penalties last year. Not even joking. He would hold on game winning plays.
  10. Yet why didn't Cam do well this year if our o-line was real bad? We had a top 3 o-line in 2015. Many on the Huddle did predict we'd have one of our best lines in a while as well, and we certainly did. That's part of the success Cam had with the long-developing plays Shula loves to call. 2016, we saw our line crumble with injuries. Of course we're going to look like poo, but nowhere near as bad as the Broncos starters are. I'd rather take our practice squad RT than the Broncos starting RT anyday.
  11. Unfortunately not but I honestly do appreciate the hospitality
  12. Peyton Manning doesn't have mobility, but scheme did force him to make the quick passes. Siemian had mobility, so one could argue he should've been able to evade the pressure way better than Manning ever could. Yet that never occurred, as his o-line crumbled before his eyes. How about you accept their o-line is pretty darn bad?
  13. Lol I seriously doubt that. Our oline is really bad hidden by a great QB.
  14. Meh. I am whining about the lives destroyed over a stupid law. If he was interested in legalizing marijuana he would have continued current programs. He could continue current enforcement procedure and still work to legalize marijuana. Let states be in charge of own enforcement until then. Like they have been doing. So this along with continuing with private prisons that incentivizes arresting the poor and minorities is a sign he is committed to exact opposite. Everything about this is stupid, so I didn't really expect less from a stupid president.
  15. I think we need a beast mode FA DE to take our pass rush to the next level, as good as Allen, S.Thomas, or Barnett may be . Would be perfect complement to drafting a DE high , with getting a high caliber FA DE. Charles Johnson and Kony Ealy are eating up roster space just like Funchess is from an offensive perspective. Axe both the chumps and get someone who is consistently good in Free Agency. Start Mario Addison on one side and start the FA guy on the other side. Barnett/S.Thomas/T.Kappasagnon/whatever highest drafted DE we get subs in for Mario when needed and if he's good enough start HIM. I think Rivera and company severely limit themselves starting under performing veterans instead of better talent on the roster, and them just liking dudes impacts their decisions on whether or not to bring in high caliber FAs to replace them. If they were cut throat like Bellicheck and NE we'd have an absolutely nasty Dline now give how good it already is on the inside.
  16. Lololol pigs can suck a dick. Straight knife!!!!! This thread for me pumped
  17. To the average fan they were worse but in reality Payton Manning was just getting the ball out quick. When you take away the future HOF QB and add a avg Joe QB it looks real bad.
  18. hell, let them keep pouring resources into offense while their defense looks like they're playing Tecmo Bowl against Bo Jackson
  19. The law is the law, if obama chooses not to enforce and Trump chooses to enforce, then whining by each side is all you get. Get the law changed and then no whining. I guess whining, sitting out of all meetings, "resist" will reap you nothing but subjects to whine about. Smart people would recognize that a Pub president, who somehow got evangelicals to vote for him even though he stood for nothing they stand for, is their best chance at getting the laws changed. But, run to your bullhorns, call names and yell a lot. At the end of the day, Sessions can enforce the law and all the yelling won't do a thing.
  20. You can legally do it in Colorado pending you follow the guidelines. Now there can be Federal consequences but the government has allowed it to be a state issue. so again, Sessions will take the states out of play and make it a federal decision. He will take the states out of it. That isn't simply him enforcing the law. It is him dictating the law. That is my point. Your claim of Sessions is one of merely doing his duty....Sessions will steer where the law goes so that he gets his agenda.
  21. no use debating with you idiot trumpsters, you're never going to get it. hey trump said something in a campaign speech one time so let's not worry about what he's actually DOING lol yeah great point let me come up with a counter argument real quick
  22. Another debate team captain I see
  23. OJ Howard will be a Saint if we don't take him.
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