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  2. Says the pinko commie who hasn’t ever posted a single thing from a credible source.
  3. Honestly, the season is not a failure if we finish above .500, though I doubt any of our players feel that way. I think we should make it to the NCFCG, but so many things have to break the right way it's tough to make that the bottom line. Basically, better than last year, which is one playoff win, is probably what most would consider successful.
  4. i don't have a source for these incredible things so i'm stuck making my own
  5. Yesterday
  6. I’d take Lowry off the top 6 especially when he plays the cavs & LeBron in the playoffs. never seen anyone go into a shell so bad against one team year after year
  7. Pup McBarky

    Trump Claims Russia No Longer Targeting US

    Sure, a country run by a mob boss who's political critics and adversaries routinely die is just an all-around decent human being.
  8. http://www.politifact.com/georgia/statements/2013/mar/18/julian-bond/no-concrete-evidence-support-claim/ No evidence to support claim about threats against Obama

    This type of crap is why people are #walkingaway from Demonicrat party

    this thread is going places
  10. why did you ask to see links if you're just going to "lol" at them? you're why people are leaving the gop and becoming democrats, because of this exactly reason
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