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  2. Can't watch
  3. On the offensive line, yes. Weapons, hell no. TY, Allen, Fleener, Gore, Andre, Dorsett, moncrief, Trent Richardson
  4. One of my victims would be you. After I destroy your argumentation
  5. Peat would and as a bust. Ramczyk won't bc he won't find the way to get on the field: hips injury. One year starter. Another bust
  6. He's more explosive than Garett first step wise Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  7. @Panthro Proving Medical Malpractice Based on Diagnostic Errors The law does not hold doctors legally responsible for all diagnostic errors. Instead, patients usually must prove three things in order to prevail in a medical malpractice lawsuit based on a wrong diagnosis: A doctor-patient relationship existed. The doctor was negligent -- that is, did not provide treatment in a reasonably skillful and competent manner. The doctor's negligence caused actual injury to the patient. Most medical malpractice cases hinge on either the second or third element (or both) -- was the doctor negligent and did that negligence harm the patient? Easily provable 1. ER dr saw mom and had all the records. Mom was healthy prior, no issues besides a murmur she was born with. 2. Motrin does dot fix the flu especially if you one has A and B. Greenville drs from ICU would testify against New Bern ER doc. No tamiflu prescribed nor any other treatment besides Motrin. (Anybody can take Tylenol/asprin but tamiflu is prescribed) 3. Without x raying or running further test, mom went from early caught flu to both pneumonia that now developed 3rd stage ARDS and now pulmonary fibrosis is setting in. Due this negligence, mom will live at most 5 years in poor quality will my dad ends bankrupt. I just proved how not properly treating mom has lead to a snowball effect due to incompetence which lead to where we are now. Dad was not given a course of action, he does not have a M.D. at the end of his name, and the hippocratic oath has been tarnished. I am in the settle or I will find out how he will lose his license. I will file a complaint with the hospital and board. Publish in the newspaper about his care and online. My mom will never be the same.
  8. Grigson put in a lot of effort to try and stack the receiving corps. Not all of it was smart effort, but it was effort. O-Line, on the other hand...
  9. we don't value secondary players, see josh norman incident. also cb is in need of more improvement then S Imo, pryor would be nice but i think that ship has sail with the signing of adams and the draft ending, low risk high reward move IMO but doubt it happens
  10. as of right now i think Fred Ross stands a better chance of making the team as an UDFA rather than Boulware...just my 2 cents
  11. save the apologies for your victims
  12. FACEBOOK has come under fire over revelations it is targeting potentially vulnerable youths who “need a confidence boost” to facilitate predatory advertising practices. The allegation was revealed this morning by The Australian which obtained internal documents from the social media giant which reportedly show how Facebook can exploit the moods and insecurities of teenagers using the platform for the potential benefit of advertisers. whoa capitalism rules
  13. Colts are the only team that gave their franchise QB less to work with than we did.
  14. Andrew Luck isn't bad, but it is a bit concerning that he hasn't been able to produce with the stupid amount of talent they've given him on offense. People forget that the year we went 15-1, people were expecting the COLTS to do that instead.
  16. I think that post was a tad... metaphorical.
  17. Bolded is why I seldom apologize to leftists. Even if they've got me dead to rights wrong. Because the apology isn't good enough. The acknowledgment of a mistake isn't enough.
  18. Call me crazy, but I'm fairly sure that's the kind of thing that often happens after you replace your GM with someone from outside the program.
  19. Luck is overrated, not bad. He's a good kid too.
  20. Peat and Ramczyk would start at LT and RT for the Panthers.
  21. BigTenNetwork was at his home
  22. Gonna eat Adrian Peterson up.
  23. When has it not been bad? Y'all spent a 1st rounder on the bust Andres Peat and now Ramczyk
  24. NTs most definitely. A good FB for a power run team can make a huge difference. Interior guys on the oline have never gotten enough credit. I think the Saints, during Brees tenure, have valued interior lineman more than any team in football. For years we got by with HOF guards, good centers, and decent tackles.
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