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  2. Proves Cam can create when not forced to feed to certain players. Throwing 4 TDs and not one to your #1 WR (Funch) is great for him going forward
  3. Adams calls TD “Head Hunter”

    fug the cry baby. It was a bad angle, nothing more. It wasn't a crack back block because they were beside each other. It was a crappy hit but to say he threw his helmet at him ON PURPOSE is ridiculous.
  4. Culturally, what will change?

    Well yeah if we went 1-15 that would require some serious change. Not saying it couldn’t happen, but it would take some serious collapse to fall that far next season.
  5. 5-1, 1,509 total yards (1,121 passing, 388 rushing), 13 TDs (11 passing, 2 rushing), 1 INT Only areas he's worse are passing yards per game and completion percentage, but he's been much more efficient passing in terms of TD-INT ratio and is averaging 65 rushing yards a game. Safe to say the KB trade has, at this point, if anything been a positive for Cam?
  6. Culturally, what will change?

    i do hope we keep that kind of down home feeling at least as much as possible when running a billion dollar business
  7. Culturally, what will change?

    and rename the team the Carolina Bad Boys with Biggie as the new logo
  8. Culturally, what will change?

    Not really. Hurney is the GM at least through this offseason. It will take at least that long to get new owners in place, and then after that the owners will take a look at the structure and decide what changes they want to make. All of this likely takes place over the course of next season. Now suppose for a moment that next season is a disaster and we finish 1-15 or something like that. The offseason following that, the new GM takes over. At that point, all options are open. The team could move on from Newton, Kuechly, Rivera, anybody.
  9. None of them can catch. That's a problem for a receiver no matter how young or old they are. Bersin isn't a ideal WR but he can catch. That's the difference.
  10. Don't you think that it's a good chance that Hurney won't be around for the 2018 season when the new ownership takes over the team?
  11. Clay is a decent return man (which we really haven't had in years). I wouldn't mind getting rid of him if we get someone else who is legit. I heard that Shepard is a special teams ace. He's made a few plays, but I haven't seen the ace status. I'm OK with deep-sixing him. We should have never signed him as far as I'm concerned. Manhertz is still young. Might be a tad early to cut him, but not a big loss if we do. I have to assume that they kept our human penalty machine around for a reason.
  12. I know one thing there will be no gimme games in the playoffs this year. Facing a 5th seed Panthers would be a tall order.
  13. Culturally, what will change?

    I heard p Diddy plans to bring in Snoop dog as gm.
  14. We also need to look at the ongoing sexual harassment issues in the entertainment industry and political arena. More people feel empowered to speak out now. A female, or a male who was privy to JR's behavior, could have leaked this.
  15. Yeah like all the rugby players that go through this despite it being an equally violent sport. Oh. Wait.
  16. This was just a joke. Maybe in poor taste. But still just a joke.
  17. Woman mauled to death by her dogs

    People that get dogs like this should have to pass ownership qualifications and register them.
  18. Whether JR is bad or not...Im glad Gman is gone...
  19. The firing was reactionary and we know partly why now. It's probably why TD and Olsen were pushing for contract extensions. They knew it was likely JR wouldn't be around long.
  20. Adams calls TD “Head Hunter”

    Typical BS. IT'S FOOTBALL. sometimes you're going to hit somebody in the head. Anybody on this board would swap places with them in a minute. Go to your safe place and cry me a river.
  21. The only send off this fraud deserves in the middle finger slaute. Hopefully he doesn't even show up.
  22. Hurneys still here correct? Charles ain't goin nowhere. He will be here as long as Hurney is.
  23. I say leave the two Panthers that flank him. They are a representation of the two Carolinas and have never said a cross word to anyone.
  24. Culturally, what will change?

    Cmon man. you’re poking the bear here
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