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  2. I remember momma said uncle bob liked to dress as a woman, now he's running for governor.
  3. Uh, Curtis Samuel might be the second best receiver on our entire roster today. We don't even have a clear-cut number one right now, any one of Funchess, Moore or Samuel could emerge as our top playmaker on the outside. He's shown everything you want from a starting WR: route running, speed, hands, and position versatility. They would be insane to not to give a second round draft pick who's healthy and looking productive as many chances to succeed as possible.
  4. Funchess will see the field a LOT. Outside of that? I think playing time is largely an open competition. I mean I know Smith will start off the season as the guy....but 3 WR sets? Moore and Samuel likely should get equal time until proven otherwise. And also, Smith is great going deep but his overall game isn’t anything special IMO. Samuel and Moore could eat into his reps later on.
  5. I imagine the first black cheerleader had to deal with the same. Stupid people are plentiful.
  6. Too bad it's called freedom.
  7. Here's the reception data for the first 2 games of the preseason. If Samuel can keep up the kind of production he's had in these 2 games you won't have to worry about him making the field. More discussion of this table here:
  8. Ok, I'm back to number crunching and will start posting data for the DEFENSE soon... but first the unfinished business from last night. Here is the combined receiving data for Preseason Games 1 & 2. This includes all WRs, and also the TEs and RBs who have had passing targets. The colors for the names indicates the position played: blue for WR, beige for TE, purple for RB. I included Armah with the TEs... The table is sorted in descending order by % of targets, that is, of the 55 total passes thrown in these 2 games, what % of targets went to a particular player. As you can see, just over 50% of passing targets have gone to 4 players: Moore, Samuel, CMC & Ian Thomas. Clearly the focus is on getting these guys acclimated to this offense. Moore & Thomas are obviously rookies. Samuel had limited playing time last year due to injuries. CMC is a crucial piece of the offense... Not counting Fred Ross who is not listed as was injured and didn't play in either game (and was just waived), all the WRs but 2 have been targeted in the passing game. Neither Bailey or Howard have yet had a passing target. I was struck by Samuel & Moore's avg yards per reception. Very nice. They can definitely help the team if they can keep up this kind of explosiveness. CMC's & Samuel's completion % are both impressive at 86%. Moore's lower completion % is not necessarily his fault. The passing game was stuggling with the 1st team offense in game 2... What strikes you all from this data?
  9. Haven't seen Smith do a damn thing to and don't give me this he has veteran leadership. Cut him and save 5 million to go get u some more oline help. I don't care who gives me poo. He is not worth it to be sitting Samuel on the bench or bryd not making the 53. The people on here have gone crazy!
  10. I don't see an issue with this. I'm happy the NFL decided to have male cheerleaders. All they're doing is dancing and living their best life.
  11. good point, i have really reached the bottom of giving a damn.
  12. I don’t want to get used to it...and never will
  13. panthers_fan_in_tx

    Oh lawd this is not going to end well..

    Cheerleaders. Who cares!
  14. It would be foolish not to try. You all realize concussion protocols could last a long time. He might not be back soon.
  15. i'm going to have brighton fans chanting 'your city is blue' at united played in my headphones while i sleep for the next month
  16. Honestly (and excuse me ladies), my eyes gravitated to the other crotch.
  17. CarolinaSamurai

    4th camp confidential

    Did it air? Still not on Panthers.com
  18. If there's competition, I don't rate our chances being very high.
  19. Mr. Scot

    Annual Around the NFL Thread

    Would probably mean cutting somebody, and not necessarily just a scrub.
  20. Who gives a fug? Anyone that cares needs to find more important things to care about. I don’t care that Clemson has male cheerleaders....why would I care if NFL teams do? I barely notice the girls during an actual game anyway.
  21. rodeo

    Our Fearless Leader got a shoutout from Philly D today

    Philly D? let me know when he gets a shout out from Philly B
  22. Norv will be making the decision on playing time on offense.. Not Ron..
  23. Why do people even care about cheerleaders in tyool 2018
  24. rodeo


    the silver looks horrible, especially when they're in the black uniforms with silver helmets
  25. absolute bullshit. why is he in long pants instead of short shorts like the others?
  26. saints4lifeagain

    Oh lawd this is not going to end well..

    To be fair, Rams were first. The amount of men upset by this is truly astounding. Kind of like the whole "sanctity of marriage" argument. "Why the hell they got that dern homo dancin around while I'm tryna watch these damn skantily dressed women shake their asses! Damn libruls!!"
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