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  2. https://www.yahoo.com/news/judge-kansas-cannot-require-proof-citizenship-vote-230214987--election.html OK, so I get it why republicans are doing these things... they are in fact vote suppression efforts... Having said that, why is it not constitutional to require ID for voter REGISTRATION? That's the part I'm not getting here... the whole "show me your papers" thing when it's time to vote I get... but to register?
  3. Paa Langfart

    WTF have we become

  4. Paa Langfart

    WTF have we become

  5. Anybodyhome

    Space Force

  6. Davidson Deac II

    Steve Smith bullied Cam Newton his rookie season?

    Still have yet to see a single person post anything other than rumour and innuendo. Basically, its been that I heard from a friend that he did something bad. In my experience, these heard it from friends stories almost always get it wrong, or they exaggerate things.
  7. Today
  8. Werewolves control the tides? Who knew?
  9. steven8989

    DJ Moore finally signs his contract

    Yeah and everyone on here said oh after all the rookies sign we have like a 1 million in cap space. Can't never tell how the cap truly is.
  10. Glad he left and yes....he was an asshole. Don't care how many passes he caught or the size cajones he had on the field. Leave that on the field and be a decent person in real life. Football is not real life.
  11. stirs

    Trump and Trade

    You come here for a serious discussion? You will get pubtard, libtard, dotard, etc. Good luck
  12. Future of the Funchise

    DJ Moore finally signs his contract

    +1 for Bayley... She needs a win where ever she can get one nowadays, and as the Ambassador of Booty I must say she has a nice one.
  13. Maybe, but Beason was rookiie too and played a different position, so I doubt it was as bad. I saw Smitty berating Jarrett so loud every player on the field could hear it--and it went on all day, it seemed. I was standing in the shade drinking a bottle of water with Mike Craft (nice guy), and we commented on it. He smiled worriedly and started shaking his head. Jarrett was a kid then--maybe 21--and I wonder to this day if he did not take some big role in Jarrett's demise.
  14. Race Bannon

    Space Force

    Thank you Trump!! Keeps on winning!!.....
  15. Al Capone gave millions to charities. Hitler strongly promoted animal rights.
  16. Exactly. Most here have known the Smith was a huge poo-talker, and fiery as all hell. The only thing that is different now is this report or article uses the word "bullying". I don't buy for a second Smith "bullied" Cam in the sense many here think of as bullying. I do believe however that he talked a lot of poo, and likely made a lot of snide comments and such. That is simply an asshole! (ironically nearly everyone is coming down on Smith in this thread, but all wanted him to get a statue a few weeks ago)
  17. to make a nice trilogy....
  18. The Pieyed Piper

    This is the worst time of the year

  19. The Pieyed Piper

    Scary movies

    but hey, I've always loved Halloween, I can't wait for the DVD of the new retelling ..... that's sarcasm for the slow witted @Mr. Scot
  20. The Pieyed Piper

    Scary movies

    Oujia boards are nothing to f-around with.... Parker Bro. capitalized through the dark side, (Monopoly not excluded....) but it can and will bring sh!t onto your life you don't want.
  21. I was high, I don't even remember this thread.
  22. The Pieyed Piper

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    more children need to be berated in public.
  23. TheRumGone

    Space Force

    the United States of space bitches
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