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  2. Kellyanne Conway

    But would you?
  3. Never forget THE Ed Dickson Edit: not as part of the WR corp which you pointed out, but another pass catcher
  4. Looking like KB won't play Sunday

    Funch is solid and so is Cmc, with our defense we should still play well.
  5. yep. NFL is largely about line play. If your OL and DL both play well? You generally win.
  6. Looking like KB won't play Sunday

    Still better than what NYG had Sunday night when they beat DEN.
  7. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    The people trying to justify the Mccaffrey pick are the same ones who called Reggie Bush a bust in NO. Some one on twitter broke down his Detroit tape and it wasn’t good, he missed many opportunities to make defenders miss. And his punt returning has been awful, he looks slow out there.
  8. “You’d have to ask someone in the personnel department about that,”
  9. Ron Rivera sometimes is has dumb Fox moments where things just stumble into good situations and conveniently work out for the best honestly lolz it is a TOSS UP AND I MEAN IT LOLZ I LEGIT DONT EXPECT ANYTHING ON SUNDAYS. I curved my enthusiasm and Will drink
  10. Some takeaways from the game

    I also just realized the game was not at the Palace!? It was back in the city of Detroit - the first time in 40 years.. They were gunna win that game regardless..
  11. hell I can tell you which knee. Left hand side of his left knee. I could evaluate that from sitting on my couch last Thursday night. Looked like someone cut his leg, stuffed a golf ball inside and sewed it back up. Camera actually did a close up for the knot on his knee.
  12. The time of Mose is upon us.
  13. If the Panthers can take advantage of the schedule for the next few weeks heading into the bye, coming back for the stretch run with Olsen back will be huge.
  14. Either RR doesn't ask Ryan, or he's lying to the media. Both are good ideas.
  15. Like Trumpers today, my real time discussions on Saddam and the whole WMD thing here were ignored by those who wanted revenge for 9/11 and it didn't matter who it was we went after, as long as they were brown and bad. After the fact people had to acknowledge the truth or cling to their notions that Saddam Hussein sent his bombs to Syria for safekeeping, which was really, really stupid. I will never forgive Powell for his hand in the sales job, and Dubya can go straight to hell even though I am sure I'd love to have a beer with him otherwise.
  16. Maybe because he doesn't consider Benjamin his number one receiver
  17. John Fox won last week rushing 40+ times to only a few passes. Since he won, he is probably giddy in the pants and wants to push it further and run 50+ times. He’s a lot Iike George Lucas, stubborn as hell. So we know Chicago is going to run 50 times in this game. It will be very disappointing if we lose knowing they will only run the ball.
  18. Looking like KB won't play Sunday

    When is that damn bye week?
  19. Looking like KB won't play Sunday

    This is bad news, Funchess struggles against opposing teams number 1 cb, Kelvin would usually get bracket coverage to take pressure off everybody.
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