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  2. QB2 - who's our backup?

    Honestly kaep would be the best option.
  3. QB2 - who's our backup?

    And then I'll quickly let him know we made a bet and the loser was to never return... I don't remember what the bet was.
  4. Morgan Roof shows us Dylann was taught to hate black people

    do you think people only inherit money? again, we're talking about N-E-T W-O-R-T-H you're dumb as hell lol stop quoting my posts if this is how it's going to go
  5. https://247sports.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/Bolt/Remaining-free-agent-cornerbacks-for-the-Panthers-116399356
  6. QB2 - who's our backup?

    And I was saying that all the QBs currently on the market are hot trash and Cam Newton basically IS our offense.
  7. Most people don't inherit tons of money, they have to work for it. Yes, my below-poverty-level ass has just as many votes as your multi-million dollar ass. Does that make us equal?
  8. Position and need factor into the BPA big board....... Such as QBs always seaming to have higher grades due to team needs and importance to a team vs OG Unfortunately I think that's what got Hurney 1.0 to draft pickles.
  9. Maybe we are, maybe we have him in the team facility today. But with our poor team insiders (Person, Rodrigue) we wouldn't know because they suck.
  10. I bought a half gallon of bourbon Friday night. I'm good for a few days.
  11. My plan is to whine and bitch constantly....
  12. Bene was a great nickel for a year... but clearly is an unproven outside corner. We aren't looking for more nickels. But if he wants to sign a vet minimum and come into camp.... I'm all for it. Let's see what he has. But first lets look to get Cromartie or any other legit corner that is cut
  13. Hm where have I seen this before...? Oh that’s right, every offseason EVER 0 Super Bowls
  14. I don't know why we're not targeting EJ Gaines. He was in McD's system, and is getting brought in by Wilks in AZ. Seems like he should be targeted by us. The unsavory ideas: Tramon Williams - Played great last season, is 35 y/o but we just need a solid starter for 2018 even if it's a stop gap. Darqueze Dennard - Has been pretty meh but in a contract year last year was really solid for Cincinatti. Definitely better than Seymour/Worley. The why nots: Davon House & Corey Graham - Both guys could start here
  15. QB2 - who's our backup?

    Already on the roster
  16. 1. Sign Ebron and wrap it up for major offensive weapons. I know people will be like Fug no. We have major holes elsewhere that needs attention. Ebron has the upside and with the new offensive staff, he can be useful. Olsen, Ebron, Smith, Funchess, Bryd, Samuel is better than Rookie Funch, Brown, Ginn, Olsen, and Dickson which Cam had in his MVP season. You spend the money on Ebron too. Dont be afraid to get too tight in cap space. You know TD and Ryan Kalil are retiring afer the season plus Matt Kalil will be cut, which will open a ton of money following the season Biggest needs are at DB. Bradberry took a major step back and looks like a good #2 CB not a #1. And he is all we have besides Captain and a unproven Corn Elder who are nickelbacks Safety, all we have is a Old Adams. Who played about as well as Roman Harper his last season here. With TD not being able to cover like he once could, and Shaq not being to cover up to his hype. The center fielders ak the Safeties are HUGE for our D. Without them, we are going to have to bring the house blitzing getting pressure to cover up the msssive holes. Draft 1. Josh Jackson- dude is a JNo clone. Big athleitc. Shuts guys down in the zone, and reads the QB better the other teams own WRs. His ball skills are right there with the elite and outs fear in QBs shutting that side of the field down. One hole down 2. Justin Reid- he will fall, Deep draft at Safety. Reid is your new centerfielder. 3a. Billy Price or Ragnow- one will fall. Price's stock has fallen some with the injury. Either one can come in and start at LG this season then slide to C next year with Kalil gone. 3b. Kyzir White- again deep safety class. White is a solid SS. Trade up! 6th rounder, 7th rounder, and a 2019 3rd. Duke Ejiofor. The 3rd for next year was easy to give up with getting comp picks for Norwell, Star, and Dickson. Ejiofor is a Athletic DE who can redshirt this season unless needed. 5. Kalen Ballege or Bo Scarborough- trying for Chubb in the 2nd is nice. But not going down this road again investing too heavy at RB when only one on the field at once. It got Hurney in trouble last time with DWill and Stew, leaving too big of holes elsewhere. CMC is your guy. Your just looking for a big back to come in and compliment CMC. A Ballage or Scarborough is Perfect for this, later allowing other major holes to be fixed
  17. No thanks . I want a damn corner that's good . Something we lack since Norman left and before Norman the last good cb was gamble . We need to get with the program and build a secoundary . We have the worst secoundary in the NFL . If not name one worse then ours ?
  18. QB2 - who's our backup?

    Whoever is the funniest, I'd like to keep Cam happy. Also, if Cam goes down, the season is over anyway.
  19. QB2 - who's our backup?

    buddy I was not saying to get nick foles I was just responding to the guy saying that back up quarterbacks make zero impact on team success
  20. QB2 - who's our backup?

    The answer is on the team
  21. Sign Ron Parker and a cheap CB like Bene. Draft one in the 3rd round to compete for the starting job with Seymour and Bene (with that competition they should win easily) draft a young safety in the first or second and you have Parker and early round rookie with Adams as depth to help cover up the cornerback weaknesses. Bradberry holds down one spot with Elder or Captain in the nickel, plus much better safety play. The CB2 will either be Seymour, 3rd round rookie or cheap veteran but have much better safeties to help. This leaves the other 1st or 2nd round and the other 3rd to help o-line and rb issue.
  22. Today
  23. This is my dream scenario. Send a third to Philly for Darby, he is on the last year of his deal but will only cost 1 million against the cap this year. Then go pick up the best free agent safety. It would give us much more flexibility come draft time.
  24. QB2 - who's our backup?

    If I were wagering on it, I'd say our backup is going to be Derek Anderson.
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