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  2. Blind fools.. this narrative is oh so reminiscent
  3. You're 100% correct. At the end of the day, we're still 2-0, just would have liked to see more out of this team on offense, it's like... as fans. .. we wait all off season to see what we can do with the new toys, and to be let down with this crap that we've seen so far this year... it's frustrating haha
  4. Ha. It's like "I want to win a Super Bowl" means something entirely different to him than anyone else.
  5. Lets just keep winning and build some momentum, similar to 2015. Those first four weeks of 15 we improved a little bit each week and at 4-0 shocked the world at Seattle.
  6. You refuse to look at the numbers, why should we explain anything to you? The contract is almost exactly what Whitworth got...stop looking at the overall number, only Skip Bayless and Co. do that. He was signed as a hope, a gamble. If he becomes above average, the contract will look great, if he fails, we can cut him with very little damage. It's not rocket science.
  7. just as single payer is to reduce power to the patient...
  8. I'm not sure if the national media realizes how good our defense is yet. Everyone wants more from our "O" but historically I wonder how many national reporters watch our team until they actually have to.
  9. It's like hearing JR say he wants to win a Superbowl but at every opportunity he has hindered that goal.
  10. So explain to me why Oher got a contract like he did, which was very appropriate, and Kalil got the contract that he did (and how all of a sudden exponentially millions more is a deal). I'm not buying it. Kalil should have gotten a contract more in line with what Oher received, and I don't see how anyone can say anything different with a straight face.
  11. Same. Was a breath of fresh air...especially considering how bland most coach and GM pressers are.
  12. Changing the Launch Point

    People keep saying that but it's not enough time. Most QB's get 20 and yes that extra 5 matters. We also do a bunch of motions so you need time for that as well. Its why people say Cam is better in the hurry up. All it does is give him time to survey more.
  13. I agree 100%. I'd take a 2-0 win every single game. It'd be mind-numbingly boring but wins are wins
  14. Austin Duke is back

    Austin Duke's the man. He was more than willing to help some of us understand one certain play from week one based on his knowledge of the playbook: Really cool dude. Rooting for him!
  15. Big news on the Hubby front.

    i don't even want to fathom how he earned those mardi gras beads.
  16. Changing the Launch Point

    Shula has been with Cam his whole entire NFL career. I have not seen much improvement. To me he has held Cam back him and Rivera. You would think 6yrs he has been with this regime and we still are in the same talk each yr. To me the type of game Rivera wants to call negates Cam. he really does not fit what Rivera wants to do. Rivera needs a game manager at QB not Cam. 2016 was great bc the defense gifted Cam alot of opportunities but even then we still were somewhat stagnant at times on offense with leads and teams came back to make it a game...Cam is a fast pace QB at least he was who enjoyed playing fast..its the one reason we had the record in 2015. It is one reason why he was so good at Auburn fast pace. This conservative game running down the clock is a gift and curse all in one. He can do that but it is not his strength.
  17. Well, I'm not saying that you are wrong, or at least won't be wrong, but I think that the jury is still out. At the end of the day, we're 2-0 against some good defenses. The offense may not have evolved as much as we had liked, if at all, but coming off injury Cam did leave some meat on the bone both games. I have seen Cam play better, so I choose to believe that his mistakes were more an aonomaly due to rust than the norm. So, I haven't given up all hope just yet. It's still early.
  18. Big news on the Hubby front.

    @iamhubby1 Cool I share a birthday with you, Happy Birthday to us!
  19. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Troll Hunter was fuging amazing. Totally unexpected gem on Netflix.
  20. Did not overlook anything. If he's cut after year two, the only number that matters is the $7.2m in dead cap. If we wish to keep him, we will probably re-negotiate prior to 2019. If he is a stud, we'll gladly pay those numbers. That's what makes it a great contract - fairly small signing bonus and little risk during the first two years - then re-evaluate.
  21. Eddie Cain (Ed Dickson)

    Nights like this.......
  22. Austin Duke is back

    This is why I laugh at the end of preseason when huddlers rage because their player get cut. Most of them make it back to us throughout the season. Cool for Austin though, I liked his play.
  23. Eddie Cain (Ed Dickson)

    Manhertz FTW
  24. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    I don't believe citizenship status should be determined along racial lines. If you're not here legally, let's fix INS and the root issue. If you want to peruse my views on the building of the wall, have at it. You won't find what you're expecting. Rather than asking what my personal views on Arpaio's pardon, you just assumed I thought it was okay because it was to persecute brown people. Once again, you are flatly wrong with some back-handed remark to create this straw man for me harboring racist intent. A lot of what is happening on the border is having citizenship and race conflated for political purposes. I get that there's a reason to associate the two in many cases, but to project that motivation onto anyone trying to have the discussion lends a lot of light as to why these conversations ultimately fail. Arpaio has been a lightning rod for a number of things. In addition to racial profiling and pursuit of illegal immigrants, he also has faced scrutiny regarding his jail conditions, work programs, all manner of investigative methods, etc. The presumption that you put forward was that Arpaio's pardon was strictly due to his persecution of brown people and nothing more. Given Trump's campaign rhetoric regarding illegal immigration continuing into his presidency, I had assumed this was some token gesture to that aim rather than some strictly racial bias. For me, this pardon was one of many pardons throughout history that was some political ploy or back-scratching rather than the original purpose for why the presidential pardon was instituted. Like so many other institutions that had noble intent at the beginning, it now almost exclusively defeats the purpose for which it was originally designed. If you want to continue on this derail for this discourse, then fine. If you want to circle back to why AntiFa as it exists in the US is a misnomer, we can do that as well. Your call.
  25. Eddie Cain (Ed Dickson)

    You have to see the movie The Five Heart Beats to understand the nickname.
  26. The Klein Factor

    We know him too...
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