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  2. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    True, most blacks can't even prove if their ancestors were actually slaves, but they all cry we were slaves...many were actually not, there were black slave holders to...seem to forget about that little bit of history huh?
  3. Moton plus 3rd round comp pick all day long instead of Norwell and the contract he will demand. And I love Norwell We spent a 2nd rounder on Moton for a reason, and having him only as depth is a waste. We will only have him 3 more years now on a rookie deal. If Moton is as good as coaches think he can be, then it's a risk worth taking. With the Norwell money we can sign a starting caliber WR and safety (and a power back probably) Same with Star. We can give a comp 5th, sign a decent NT that could start, and add to CB depth. We can t break the bank now when Cam is going to need another contract in a couple of years. Add to that we will have even more potential needs next off-season with Pep, R Kalil, and TD hanging them up. Absolutely Can t mortgage future this off-season
  4. Protesters

    so drunk driving should be legal?
  5. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    @Mr. Scot I apologize for that, it was unnecessary and uncharacteristic of me. 100% sincere and I’m ready to go back to discussing football (though I’m going to take it easy on the forums these week as I suspect it will be mayhem when Hurney is named GM...).
  6. Protesters

    Thank you!! Proves my point, bans don't prevent nothing...including guns...thanks bud!!
  7. Ownership options so far

    You are a disgrace to humanity.
  8. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    Where's White History Month? Which month is specifically named "White History Month". Oh that's right that would be racist...So who's racist again?
  9. Hi there

    I don't have a cat but my grandma and her girlfriend own 3 cats, my grandma is crazy about pussy
  10. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    yeah but now throw in some subtle irony and absurdity instead of just your actual stream of consciousness
  11. I realize this isn't the FIFA thread but I'm having fun with this Arsenal run lol In my second season after swapping Lacazette for Griezman I just won the Premiere League, Champions League, and Carabao Cup. Couldn't quite get the FA cup to complete the run, Spurs knocked me out. This was my squad: Sold Xhaka and Czech and signed Alaba, and I plan to use the left over money from that to sign Fekir for next year to replace Ozil. He's starting to decline in his stats fast. Chiellini was 88 rated when I signed him on a pre-contract, but he dropped fast cause he's like 36. My main goal this offseason is revamping the CBs. I plan to target Umtiti and Laporte. I have a lot of money after winning the league. I really should just be the manager irl
  12. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    OP is a Steve Urkel doppelganger.
  13. Hi there

    Wife just said she's pregnant. My first. Hers too, lol. Work is going good. Writing for Amex this month. That's about it.
  14. Hi there

    Where'd you play. I was at Cherokee this weekend.
  15. And that team will not be us.
  16. statistics show that there's no difference if you run before you pass or any of that non-sense. that's a fact. film and superbowl 52 also shows that you don't have to run before you pass. nick foles also dumps off the idea that you need an elite qb to be able to pass before you run. yes, balance is also good. however, stop with the nonsense coaches from 1985 spout about needing to 'establish the run' or 'ground and pound' nonsense their granddaddies whine about. this is 2018. not 1985.
  17. Gym help

    Trying to use the rowing machine at the gym at least 3 times per week as well as core work.
  18. They should go all in to try to get Sarri from Napoli. He's the second best manager in the world, imo.
  19. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    This seems like the right thread for this.
  20. Somebody is going to give Landry a bad contract. Landry runs about 75% of his snaps from the slot, so some team is basically about to give a slot wr top tier outside wr money.
  21. Ownership options so far

    You are right...we don’t want one of “them”...a militant racist more concerned with “righting” all his wrongs that running a football team
  22. Today
  23. At some point you are going to have to explain who are less risky options because the guys I have named have all produced Crabtree, Pryor, Wallace, E.Sanders.
  24. Ownership options so far

    Kind of like the observer showing pictures of those loser militants every article about ownership cream day or pea daddy or whatever his name is not ever gonna get owners approval and Kap is a disgrace to America
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