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  2. Haha. That's just life. Sometimes if you don't describe exactly what you think the message gets misconstrued. I would like to see this place talk more about football than other bullshit that goes on in the NFL though. If women can talk about routes... then so can we guys!
  3. Hurney scouting?

    Shame he didn't trade a first round pick for a high quality defensive end like Everette Brown, right? Or maybe a high second rounder for a gamebreaking receiver like Armanti Edwards? And hey. he certainly never tried to trade up for a player as good as Jimmy Clausen. I mean, imagine how good a team we could be right now if that effort had succeeded. Aaaahhh, what could have been...
  4. It just couldn’t work. It sounds great, but our DL and the players on it are specifically 4-3. I don’t think Star would be as effective as a NT.
  5. Words that aren't nice together

    Boy, these are some fun reads...
  6. Hurney scouting?

    Funchess was a high second round pick that Gettleman traded up for. He traded quite a bit for a player that's been mediocre beyond a few games in his career. Klein was a dumb pick. Stacking the LBs yet again, great job, I hope he does great for a divisional rival because we had 0 room on the roster for him. Williams has been bad to mediocre, and again Dave TRADED UP for him. I don't even know why I'm bothering, I give up. You guys can take his horrendous tradeups, and first to late round wiffs as some great talent evaluation if you want. The guy was far below average in drafting and free agency. He caused Carolina to have the fewest draft picks in his tenure. He also caused the Panthers to overpay so many poo quality free agents that left half-way through the season or at the end.
  7. i think rivera hinted when he came here that there would be some 3-4 looks in the D based on his background in san diego. i believe people were expecting more of a hybrid defense than what we've got. aside from not wanting to get away from what we have been pretty near dominant at overall the past few years, i think we could pull it off or pull off using more 3/4 formations than we do...i just don't see a need for it.
  8. So Clinton is just as bad as Trump because you think she had some super secret tax plan that was just as bad or worse then what is currently being discussed. A super secret plan that goes against what democrats support and would have gone against what her allies in congress wanted. You can not read the GOP tax plan and then with a straight face look at me and say Clinton would have been worse...you just dont deal in reality.
  9. Hurney scouting?

    I can't ever recall being comforted over (yet another) losing record by the notion that at least we got a great first round pick in the prior draft. As has been repeated many times, GMs are judged by the entire roster, not by the highlights. If you've got 10 to 12 great players but your overall team is still consistently mediocre, you're not a good GM.
  10. Matt Ryan loves lemon pepper wings

    Yeah I’ve never seen that haha. That’s the thing about soju though. You can mix it with literally anything.
  11. Oh,so you need me to re-tell it?
  12. Matt Ryan loves lemon pepper wings

    nice, but to have it come out in a watermelon and a scoop to fill up the cup was pretty awesome
  13. I enjoyed the read, thanks! The responses in this thread is why it’s better to just come on the huddle and sh!t post than to even bother trying to generate any type of conversation.
  14. The NFL didn't go looking for this. It's on the internet. And let's be real here: If you're famous and you do something questionable in the age of the internet, smartphones and cameras everywhere. you're likely an absolute moron.
  15. Matt Ryan loves lemon pepper wings

    Black noodles? Yeah I can’t find that ish anywhere.
  16. Trump Org worth a fraction of what Trump claims

    that's some college level humor right there
  17. the "law in 1965" thing is not worth bringing up I see
  18. Good effort and intention. I liked the read. We actually do run a few “3-4” looks from time to time during certain situations, but by far and large this defense is most suited for a 4-3 concept.
  19. More or less. I'm acknowledging that we have some players that are not "prototypical 3-4 guys," but I don't think it really matters when you tell a probowl DT to attack a gap or shade one way or another. I understand that we have a good defense and that we would switch to it this year or every. BUT....If we wanted to it would be interesting. Say we got rid of Ron Rivera tomorrow because he had a sex scandal(totally hot right now) and we brought in some young gun to help our offense that wanted a 3-4 next year.
  20. I didn't know what it meant either.
  21. A very good read, but we have the #1 ranked defense right now, why would we switch. Granted i would like to have better secondary play, their have been quite a few plays that we were beat deep but the receiver either dropped it or it was a bad throw.
  22. Yeah instead of just drafting 1 pass rushing DE and signing a vet next year to keep our defense intact..
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