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  2. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    You are seriously mentally ill. I hate that we keep responding to your BS
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  4. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    Focusing on Russia is a losing play long term for liberals/dems. 2018 is a toss up at this stage when it should be a clean sweep for dems to get some control back.
  5. It looks like the Panthers opened the flood gates. Link: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.si.com/nba/2018/02/20/dallas-mavericks-sexual-misconduct-investigation-mark-cuban-response
  6. what's the goal with the trump/russia stuff?

    Dems have been politically bankrupt for decades. Crying "Russia, Russia, Russia" is pretty much all they've got left to campaign on. Democratic party leaders are pretty much out of ideas other than to imitate republicans. They've abandoned the working class and pledged fealty to the donor class just like the GOP. Too bad, because the fastest way back into power would be if the dems provided actual hope and change, rather than conspiracy theories and lip service to voters. They'd sweep the GOP out of power across this nation within a few years time, if they only gave a damn about the plight of the average voter. It would be sooooo easy. My god, we're talking about beating Trump of all people. But for some reason (personal enrichment/MONEY) the democratic leadership is doing everything in their power to fug things up again. These are the same stooges that lost over 1000 seats across this nation to the pubs from 2010-2016 and they still can't figure out why they're losing or simply don't care enough to change. Dems are doing the pubs a BIG favor. The Russia story is sucking up all the oxygen in the room. The distraction is allowing the GOP to continue to dismantle our social safety net, undo our nation's environmental policies, deregulate Wall Street, sell off federal assets to the highest bidder and give even bigger tax breaks to the rich and corporations. Nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. Remember when the democratic leadership said Bernie's idea to dedicate 70 billion towards education for our children was pie-in-the-sky thinking? Welp, the GOP just found an additional 160 billion for next year's war chest. We can afford more bombs, but can't afford to educate our own people? Democratic leaders are MIA yet again. Working Americans are getting screwed under Trump's administration, all the while, dems and corporate media remain transfixed on Russia's meddling to the exclusion of all these other important issues. And... don't even get me started on the dems sellout to big pharma and abandonment of seeking affordable medications for our most vulnerable citizens.
  7. This is a pretty cool and very realistic mock. I could see both Denver and Buffalo making this trade. I like the outcome as far as the Panthers are concerned. MARCUS DAVENPORT, DE, UTSA https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2018-nfl-mock-draft-2-0-bills-bold-with-top-five-trade-saints-shock-by-taking-qb/
  8. That’s because we haven’t begun to pay the price for Matt Kalil yet. He has a 14.7M Cap hit if we cut him after this year. And 9.8M after 2019. That’s if we pay him 12M in 2019 on top of that. Could you, or any of the others on here who make the statement “we have an out on Matt Kalil”, explain how this is a modest cap hit?
  9. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    it's funny seeing the same accounts pop up in these conspiracies. laguna beach antifa is the same account that was pushing nikolas cruz being a communist antifa with that photo of marcel fontaine. when that stopped working they had to find something else to trick the retarded lol
  10. If he bring 1% of the Pittsburgh Steeler mentality we'll be 100% better than we are now. I will never say anything bad about JR because he is why the Panthers are in Carolina. However, I have had it up to my eyeballs with the "take care of my buddy" mentality over getting the job done.
  11. LaCanfora: Ten value free agents

    Pass on Moncrief. He doesn't provide us with anything we don't already have on the roster. He's a speed wide out who body catches the majority of the balls thrown his way. The only difference between Moncrief and a player like Ginn (other than their production) is Moncreif's framr. The Panthers need a red zone threat, not another speed wide out (i.e. Byrd, Samuel, Clay, etc.). Go get a guy like Sammy Watkins who is a game changer in the red zone. Let. Cam build a raport with him and see what happens.
  12. Black Panther the movie

    I also thought his acting and dialogue was lacking. Shuri tchalla and Lupitas characters were my favorite.
  13. Said it in another thread... The NFL favors Tepper to be the next owner of the Panthers. The NFL wants the Panthers to stay in the Charlotte market. So basically, if they didn't believe Tepper would keep the team in Charlotte, why would they favor him?
  14. Based on your extensive knowledge of David Tepper? Yeah, sure I wouldn't actually expect Tepper to do that, but there is one very large factor that argues pretty strongly against Tepper wanting to move the team. That'd be the NFL. The league has specifically stated, and emphasized, that they do not want the Panthers to move out of the Charlotte market. Additionally, by all indications, Tepper is the guy that the NFL most desires to be the next owner of the Panthers. I'm pretty sure the NFL would be rather clear with him on that preference. And since moving a team requires league approval, well...
  15. Rank 'Em

    this is a difficult poll for me to answer bc what we do in FA will affect our draft. With pep rumored to return I would rank our needs WR( nothing against CS and byrd but they seem pretty injury prone and we have no one behind them and only Funch infant) and then DB (argument can be made for either S or CB, i would say a young tone setting SS is more important)
  16. Good thing Pittsburgh already has a team so we won't be moving to PA. Than again Scrantonburg doesn't have a team.
  17. Another potential owner: David Tepper

    Right. But he won't.
  18. elite player? Why, pray tell, does an elite wr always end up with such awful ypc numbers?
  19. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    If you read ECat conspiracy threads in an auto tune voice then it makes it slightly less unbearable.
  20. well he also went to poo since he left lol. If anything that just proves he needed our system to play well in and that our secondary obviously took a step back without him.
  21. so guy with a couple bad takes can only make bad takes now? Funchess seems like a solid wr2 going forward and landry is overrated af, seems like he was only wrong about RS. and btw, since you don't know what overrated means apparently. The player is worse than his stats indicate. So you just posting his 1100 yards on 1100 targets doesn't mean he isn't overrated, it means he is
  22. so basically he's the check down guy running a flat on 3rd and 6 and picking up 4 yards. defenses know he won't be running past 10 yards and thats a huge advantage. in fact, i think his average depth per target was just below 4 yards which was dead last among wrs.
  23. Also found this from Forbes, identifying Tepper as a potential owner as far as mid-December last year. Twelve potential contenders to buy the Panthers I don't know if I can give the author all that much credit though. He nailed Tepper, but almost nobody else he listed as a potential has been identified as being in the mix so far.
  24. Tepper apparently bought up a lot of BOA stock a little while back, but I believe he's sold it now.
  25. So lets talk about this David Hogg kid

    anyway you dumb poo that profile was created a week after the shooting by people who benefit from fooling retards like you
  26. Steve Smith's Take

    Exactly. First round busts can set a team back many years. That player you thought was going to be around a long time ends up out of the NFL in a couple years. Unfortunately the Combines is not going to show if he can get separation against top caliber DBs. I think Safety, OT, DE and C are probably higher on the list than RB and WR.
  27. Black Panther the movie

    Just saw it. Awesome movie. Shuri was great. Considering it wasn't the Panther against some super villains, they did a very good job with the story lines. I'm obviously watching it again and again.
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