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  2. We are leaving the city at 11a parking in the charter bus lot.
  3. Hornets vs Wizards Game Day Thread

    Batum is infuriating to watch. He looks like he plays with zero confidence.
  4. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    Get your riot gear ready then, all 3 Republicans on the FCC have already said they will vote to end net neutrality. December 14th it's happening unless one of them changes their mind.
  5. Well if Trump gets his way we may just find out if this poll accurately reflects public opinion. Sadly it probably does. Most here and in general society lack any real perspective when it comes to American imperialism/warmongering.
  6. Top Panthers things to be thankful for?

    Christian McCaffrey's massive penis
  7. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    I’d riot if this poo actually happened. Don’t fugs wit muh internet’
  8. Ginn finally put together a season with a high catch percentage.....good for him. However those on here somehow blaming Cams accuracy is absolutely absurd. I watched stone hands drop balls laid up to him right in the bread basket on many occasions. I still think Ginn is a good receiver and won’t discredit him. Hell personally if the guy could just consistently catch the gb ball we may be discussing when he gets into the Hall of Fame.
  9. Not sure what section but it's in the 1st section as well
  10. Madden has really poo on the panthers the last couple years when it comes to ratings. They barely boost players for anything. When cam had that 2 game beast mode against pats and lions his rating only went up 1 point. Its not just star on D, bradberry has been solid all season but he gets no boost. Top d in the league and you wouldn't know it on the game. Its bs.
  11. Does white privilege exist?

    Shove it where the sun don't shine
  12. Does white privilege exist?

    LOL. Someone wake me up from this nightmare.
  13. All on gettleman Btw...anyone seen big Vern lately?....certainly wasn’t on the field making any plays
  14. it's hilarious that their solution is to awkwardly keep players inside instead of just not wasting time on the anthem in the first place
  15. Weren't DA and Gilbert out too? Guess Palardy will be qb Sunday
  16. I can see either one honestly.
  17. I guess Cam had his thumb amputated guys.
  18. Does white privilege exist?

    @HarambeLivesOn white privilege exists and there are more than 2 genders
  19. Lol, he’s actually been solid this year. So that’s incorrect. Matt Kalil maybe.
  20. Hornets vs Wizards Game Day Thread

    Nic Batum must get back to his drive game...no more 3s ever. Stop man. Damn we can be good if we play smart. Kemba calm down man. Play good smart ball. NBA is a trip...just dominate the boards and score and you win. Terrible basketball on this level.
  21. Just a reminder Clinton had consensual sex with an adult as we continue to compare him with pedos as a moral equivalency
  22. Trump and many of the “fans” want for Goodell to force the players to stand. Jerry Jones is trying to get a guy in there who’s going to do that.
  23. idk, didn't it happen to Cam during a game when Remmers was RT?
  24. Likely a turkey serving incident. He is just not used to that technique. Had more reps than expected Tues. Should not be a long term issue....trainers will work it out.
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