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  2. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    time for me to get exact quotes and add context to words you have misrepresented. Norv quote - sounds more like Norv is talking about the lack of talent contributing to the fact he takes longer to get the ball out. Norv never said Cam can't read a defense, so that line is false. next up norv quote - conveniently left out 'keep a play alive' and 'there isn't a lot of room to step up so you have to throw it that way sometimes.' that means the play doesn't work, the receivers aren't getting open because of poor route running, or cam doesn't have enough room to throw. none of that is on cam. and to further emphasize that norv has been praising cam and literally laughs at all these criticisms of cam - please.
  3. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    None of what you posted actually follows your comments. And again stick to what I said. No one said he can't read defenses, isn't smart or can't go through progressions. Did you read Norv's comments about how to fix Cam? I did and some of what I am saying is the same stuff he said. Cam struggles to quickly read defenses and get the ball out. He holds the ball and tries to make plays because of his rocket arm and the confidence he has in it. And again could go on but honestly I want a discussion not a smack contest. At least you tried to use stats to prove your point but passing yardage doesn't prove anything and your little video while cute has nothing to do with his being consistent or having poor mechanics. Let's stick to the discussion and stop morphing things into something that wasn't said.
  4. the trade war has begun

    Trump doesn't care about the 50,000 or the 250,000, he cares about the three or four really rich dudes that this affects...
  5. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    Name those 10 QBs you’d take over Cam.
  6. Was about to post something similar. Thought I remembered that.
  7. Yep, should've let Batum walk. Jeremy Lamb has outplayed him by a long shot, and Malik and Bacon could be getting more minutes if he was gone. Terrible decision that stunted the growth of the team.
  8. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    I would meet with every QB in the draft if I could, especially if it wasn't counted as an official visit. QBs run the league. You need to know who might draft them. You need to know their strengths and weaknesses. You might be playing against them or scouting against them or coaching them 3 years from now. It only makes sense to get to know the next batch of QBs... so you can draft them or beat them.
  9. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    Try and reign in the drama queen diatribe. If you put as much thought into these posts as you do the panther analyses you wouldn't sound as if you are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde much of the time. Stick with what I said and stop making it up. No one said it was anyone's fault. I was simply pointing out the reality of the NFL which is Not For Long. Cam is too inconsistent and Norv and Scott we're brought in to fix the offense and fix Cam. Cam has to evolve as a quarterback just like the offense has to evolve. Cam is by far the single most highest paid guy on the team and it wouldn't be just my opinion as a pocket passer he isn't worth 25 million a year as he approaches 33 on a new contract and can't run like he did this year. So he has to become more of a pocket passer and right now he isn't a top 10 pocket passer. Why can't people be honest here and see it more realistically. Cam gets criticism because his ceiling is so high that he is expected to do more because he has so much talent and ability. As he said himself, to who much is given, much will be required.
  10. I agree with what you said, except letting Norwell go. The last thing we need is to get rid of the best o linemen on our inconsistent line. Honestly I wouldn't even restructure Kalil unless he went on a super team friendly deal. I would love to snag a center in this draft class, its full of center talent this is the time to replace Ryan Kalil
  11. First Pick Mock

    Forget the rankings system I like this draft here.
  12. check my edit, he seems to have had a falling out with Peppers
  13. I've been looking for something on that because I vaguely remember it but don't remember the specifics.
  14. RR has been pretty quick to fill coaching vacancies. Maybe he hasn't already named Mills because he thought this might be an option.
  15. am i mistaken or didn't Buckner do a lot of poo talking about the Panthers after his playing career was done? edit: found something. he apparently was specifically poo talking Peppers. probably don't bode well for him coaching the man.
  16. Voth trolls Mel Kiper

    Well, to be fair, in that particular instance Kiper was right. Used to get together with two friends to watch the draft. First year we did was the year that happened. Every year after that, whenever they'd introduce him, we'd say "Who in the hell is Mel Kiper, Jr?"
  17. If Ridley makes it to 24 I'll eat my hat.
  18. So you seriously think all the players/coaches are in on it too? Really? If the Saints were given a SB because of Katrina and not because Payton is a piece of poo who launched a bounty program to hurt Brett favre- among others- then why were they not given it the year after, when they were in the NFCCG with the Chicago Bears? Why wait three more years? People who believe the NFL nudges things a bit, I understand. I disagree with them, but its not unfeasible. People like you I don't get at all. It's like you can't comprehend basic math. You can't keep a secret with that many people involved, its simply not possible. There is a storyline EVERY single fuging year, you just cherry pick which ones you like. What about the Raiders? Lynch goes back to his hometown team... and the Raiders utterly suck.
  19. How valuable is Cody Zeller?

    Made of glass sadly.
  20. And here's your answer... Cardinals to hire Don Johnson as DL Coach Johnson was with Wilks back in San Diego.
  21. I’d love to get Hyde or Hill or even the guy up in Cleveland (his name escapes me atm, but he’s been talked about here recently). I’m all for drafting one, but if we can get one of those guys and spend the pick elsewhere, that’s more efficient use of cap + draft if you ask me.
  22. It was Brandin freaking Cooks he could have made it there. I do agree it wasn't DPI imo, though. Just great coverage. A bad call by a ref does not equal intentionally trying to screw the Jaguars.
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