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  2. Wenger threw that game. Playing back 5 with 3 DMs? When D is your weakest link? I don’t get it. Basically inviting City into the box... Wenger is a master at failure.
  3. 5 wide

    Wow, you're calling Lee JAG already. I think he has some skills, but has been another one derailed by injuries. He has carried that team some Sunday's. That aside, I wouldn't pay him half of 9 mil. If some fool is willing to pay him 9 mil, I'd smile in amusement and pretty much know that that team won't be a serious contender. But, I've heard that teams have some relatively deep pockets this year, so you never know. My issue with Lee is his ability to stay on the field, and what would be the dynamic with him and Samuel on the corps. I mean, who would be the slot guy and who would be on the outside? To me, Samuel is at least a better version of Nelson Agholor waiting to happen. I want to see him in the slot. Honestly, at this point, I am not sold on any receiver in the first except for Ridley. Not for us. Now we can talk about receivers with all the other picks, especially if it comes down to paying grossly inflated prices for a vet in free agency.
  4. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    As oppose to you and your infinite bias? oh ok
  5. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    No he didn’t. “Rosenstein repeatedly emphasized that in this particular indictment, there is no allegation that these operatives had any effect on the outcome of the election.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/02/16/deputy-ag-rod-rosenstein-on-grand-jury-indictment-of-russians.html he literally said these indictments didn’t have an impact on the election. Nice try though
  6. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    still getting that correct the record money huh?
  7. 5 wide

    Hurney 2nd rounders might as well be treated like UDFAs.
  8. For some reason, he makes me think of Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket.
  9. While we are at it.. Mike Mitchell?

    He has always been a JAG. Glad he peaked with us and 2013 and got paid. Do not want anymore, we gotta get closer to 25 not 35 in our secondary.
  10. What if ...

    I would be happy if we spent our entire draft on defense, but aside from DBs we need some fresh legs at DE. Peppers, if he comes back, is 38. Addison is going to be 31 when the season starts. Horton is 28 and scares no one. Johnson is done. Hall is an unknown. We need speed off the edge more than we need a DB, and more than we need a WR.
  11. 5 wide

    After Landry got tagged, don’t be surprised if other GMs are trying to elicit a trade. Why not say you might keep them to see if someone is willing to toss you a pick instead of getting nothing from a release. We’ll know soon enough if the FA WRs are crap or OK. That said if it’s thin then I’d rather draft a Kirk at 24 than pay a JAG like Lee $9M per year, which he could easily get if the FA pool is very shallow.
  12. 5 wide

    I agree, but the reality is that virtually every team in the NFL will struggle if they get down to the 5/6 receiver spot, we are no different in that regard than any other team.
  13. While we are at it.. Mike Mitchell?

    It means ... That unless Gman is signing the over hill safeties It's a bad move.. And you are a young girl if you are for Hurney doing it .. While supporting Gman doing it makes you a mature rationale thinking Man's man... That's my interpretation..smh
  14. 3rd round pick for Norman

    Man you know damn well the saints didn't go 7-9 due to them not paying two elite guards. That was all on the defenses that they just got turned around in 1 draft. You have potential depth at multiple positions for situations like this, of course there will be a drop-off. But you live with that in order to build the most complete roster possible. And tying up 39 mil(tagging Norwell) plus whatever Matt Kalil makes is not conducive to building a more complete roster. Simple as that. These things happen, you deal scout and move on.
  15. 5 wide

    It's really not. Most of the starting receivers in this league were drafted in the first three rounds. Of course there are always those that aren't, but generally the further away you get from days one and two, the numbers for these guys playing any appreciable amount of time decreases. Lucking up on a UDFA receiver that plays a good amount of snaps is few and far and between, and they don't usually last long and give way to the more talented guys. I've seen this all before and can almost predict how it's going to turn out.
  16. Absolutely yes...got to get him to take a restructure though time for Marty to earn his $$
  17. What if ...

    maybe there will be 6 gronks we can draft, because, you know, guys like him are everywhere. while we’re at it, we can pick up a pro bowl LT in free agency. bet we can find one working at applebee’s
  18. How about those Cheating Dookies

    Maybe Duke isn't as blatantly stupid as UNC. Because as of yet they haven't been hit with any major violations. Fyi I could give a flying rats ass what these kids do. They should be paid, they should be able to hire an agent if one wants to throw a ton of cash at them. Why should the schools get all the benefit especially if they have no desire to use the free education they are being given.
  19. Jake beating the jags...beating the cowboys in playoffs but hands down....Rolling Stones concert was the best ever
  20. How about those Cheating Dookies

    Has anything come out? Ok then. Take your dumbass speculations elsewhere.
  21. How about those Cheating Dookies

    Please don't tell me you're this dense.
  22. How about those Cheating Dookies

    Duke is clearly fuged too. Capel consistently got caught cheating at OU on a consistent basis. This is ridiculous.
  23. 3rd round pick for Norman

    Sanjay needs a fugin time out.. Dude is getting ridiculous even for him
  24. 3rd round pick for Norman

    OK Marty...time to prove your worth id give up a 3rd in a heartbeat, but got to get josh to restructure his contract
  25. 5 wide

    I'm not against the idea of him being a dedicated returner if that's how it ends up, I'm just not so sure that there aren't better options in Byrd and Samuel even on that front. Honestly, I don't know if it's enough to justify KC's roster spot. And, If last season didn't teach us anything else, there will be instances where that 5th or 6th receiver will come into play.
  26. 3rd round pick for Norman

    Look what happened to the Saints after that .. they preceded to go on 7-9 runs. It's simple do you think Panthers will run the ball 50% of time this season? Yes? If so I rather have 2 All Pro Guards than iffy FA WR or long term Matt kalil. Norwell > Any FA or Draft OL prospect or Moton
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