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  2. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    screw the Pats and screw the NFCE So would like Vikings-Jags with Vikings coming out on top - one of my favorite non-Panthers fanbases to interact with and a a team with a great story this year.
  3. We had two chances to win a SB. We blew it both times.
  4. They need to get someone with actual DC experience, not try to "promote from within".
  5. Today
  6. Olga bitches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2NGqI6FqeQ
  7. I think that was the day the Cardiac Cats name came to be. I was so pissed that they scored and we were going to lose that game.
  8. Survive and Advance is also the best 30 for 30. Absolutely epic. Nothing will come close to that moment.
  9. Offseason NFL News

    Speculation that Hue Jackson may hire Ben McAdoo to be the browns new OC. (because of course)
  10. Damn dude....you're old.... JK I remember watching that.
  11. I wasn’t at the Cota INT game. I was 17 and at my girlfriend’s house for lunch after church. Her dad and I were watching the game and went nuts when Cora intercepted that pass. I would have loved to have been at the stadium for that. I was at the stadium for the first game of the Cardiac Cats. The crowd was pretty intense at the end of that one as well. Really great memories, all of these things.
  12. Physically witnessing is tough. Right place at the right time. The only one I was phyically there for was the Chad Cota interception against the Steelers (in fact I was in the endzone seats damn near could have caught pass myself). I truly thought the stadium was going to collapse because everyone was jumping up and down. You could feel the vibration. I have never heard crowd noise so loud.
  13. If I was Wilks and somebody ask me about Mike Shula. I would say ''I never heard of him. Is he Don Shula's son?''
  14. This thread has turned from completely improbable happenings that won a game for your favorite team to cool moments in sports history, regardless of fandom. There are many great moments over the last half century, but being a fan of the actual team/competitor in an improbable play like the Minneapolis Miracle adds so much more. For me, I witnessed X—Clown from one of the top rows in the upper level at the Edward Jones Dome. Awesome to witness. On the other end of the spectrum, I witnessed Vinatieri’s SB XXXVIII winning kick from the corner end zone section at Reliant Stadium. These two were the only two I witnessed live in-person. Taking it way back in Panthers history, Chad Cota’s interception against the Steelers to clinch the NFC West in 1996 is my first “improbable” Panthers outcome at the end of a game. As far as Bama goes, this past National Championship game was pretty improbable. I also suffered through the Kick Six during the 2013 season. As weird as it may sound, I’m also a Cleveland Indians fan (married a girl from the Akron, OH, area). Game 7 of the 2016 World Series was a complete swing in both directions from being down by 5+ runs early to tying it up in the 8th to losing in extra innings. I also suffered through Edgar Renteria’s two outs in the bottom of the 10th RBI single to win Game 7 of the 1997 World Series against the Tribe. Great thread. Fun to think about all those times.
  15. I think the regression was due more to WIlks style than talent. Both Worley and Bradberry had great 2nd half of the season in 2016 under McDermott and most on this forum were content with the future of these players. X's and O's aren't my forte but if you blitz shouldn't your DBs be closer than 10-15 yds to a receiver? Hell The Golden Calf of Bristol could diagnose a blitz and call for a short pass in front of the defenders.
  16. i was never much of a state fan, but that moment was absolutely magical, esp. Jimmy V running around looking for someone to hug. that was pretty much the first year i really got into watching the tournament and it got me hooked. couldn't ask for a better ending to it.
  17. Munchank turned down a second interview there, although I think it's an appealing organization, just not currently as a personnel group. AZ has some good defensive players in Peterson, Mathieu, Budda, & Bucannon but their DL is severely lacking. Interesting take is that if Wilks goes there, they may make a full-on defensive scheme change. This could leave room to ship Buccanon who would be a mighty fine SS here. He's undersized for a Shaq role and has been too vital to that front, however Budda and Mathieu are cemented in the d-backfield. Deon Buccanon anyone??
  18. All the above as far as football is concerned. Music City Miracle, Staubach hail mary to D. Pearson. X-Clown, Auburn's tip pass to keep National Championship hopes alive. And of course our own Jake to D. Rosario against SD. The "Miracle On Ice" The Soviets hockey team was such a dominating and intimidating team. The USA team was supposed to have no chance. I remember watching that game on TV. Very special. Still hear Al Michael's voice. "Do you believe in Miracles". Cal Ripken's record breaking game when he surpassed Lou Gehrig as the all time Iron Man. He had home runs in both games. The one he tied and the one when he surpassed him. And also has a Home Run in the All Star game that was in Baltimore. Was also MVP of that game. OMG, almost forget Michael Jordan's jump shot to beat Georgetown for Carolina's first NCAA title since the 1956 team. And Lattenar turn around jump shot to beat Kentucky.
  19. If Jags win a SB Before Us, Will You Be Happy?

    Hell No, but I think it is very possible. Jags got a swag about them and I think they will beat New England. Unless Billicheat somehow gets ahold of their gameplan like he has so many times before. Somehow, someway the Cheatriots always find a way to cheat. That or it will be 18 on 11. Gotta have those refs in their back pocket.
  20. Panthers Related: I somewhat remember Burelien (sp?) sneak vs. Green Bay back in the day to win X-Clown of course Delhomme to Rosario in San Diego in '08 Cam to Ginn in '13 against New England (one of my favorites) Seattle in '15 with Olsen's game-winning catch Non-Panther related Rivers' Shot against UNC (last game I attended as a student....I drank myself to sleep that night) Marcus Paige's shot against Villanova (and the subsequent game winning 3 by Villanova) Luke May against Kentucky Lawson against FSU when he hit the half-court shot Boise St. against Oklahoma
  21. The browns have 0 expectations since 1999, and have turned through coaches as much as their QBs
  22. Yes would prove how awful Richardson was. That felt amazing writing was and not is.
  23. That would send Larry Fitzgerald straight to retirement. They’d probably trade us a ton of picks for Derek Anderson as long as he agrees to take poo seriously this time around.
  24. Hornets vs Wizards Center court

    Helluva win!
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