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    @Saha drinks wine coolers
  4. Like someone mentioned, in the postgame interview on ESPN Steve Young said to McCaffrey something along the lines of “Why don’t they run you out of the I?!”and McCaffrey responded “That’s a great question. Why don’t you tell coach that! We’ll both tell coach that!” and they had a good chuckle. I’m sure Shula and Rivera will get around to addressing this in July.
  5. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Anyone who feels they are incapable of traveling overseas for a week or two without committing multiple criminal acts should remain in the USA while their more trustworthy peers enjoy the rewards of a fully paid trip to China. That is about as lenient as it gets. Go overseas with criminal intent and you leave yourself open to prosecution by the local authorities, whatever that might entail. So folks, Nanuq doesn't hold any sway over Chinese Criminal Law.
  6. Does white privilege exist?

    Are you pretending black privilege doesn't exist? No? Good you're seeing the light
  7. It funny how you use PFF when it suits your narrative, but when it doesn’t you shrug them off as a joke. All I know is CAP is averaging 6.6 ypc with that same line Mccaffrey and Stewart are using.
  8. Well, when you start flagging and fining players for hitting anywhere from the chest up, this is what happens. Less concussions, but more lower body injuries.
  9. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Yeah, you are going to have to make a clearer case for whatever you are trying to connect here.
  10. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    What baffles me is seeing Nanuq awkwardly take this hardline authoritarian at all costs stance after everything he has had to say about the same sort of mindset from our government in all of our military operations across the globe over the past several decades.
  11. I still want him gone because I already know he is holding this offense back. This offense would be absolutely LETHAL with a competent OC. Think Eagles offense on steroids (yes, that good). I've said this for a while, this team would be an absolute juggernaut with a coaching staff worth a damn.
  12. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Holding people accountable for their actions = "treating everyone like dogshit" At what point are adults, that have been recently and repeatedly briefed on the simple rules of modern society, like don't take things that don't belong to you, held accountable for their actions?
  13. Shocking! No but seriously I still want Shula gone. I have since he's gotten here and I still believe he's terrible at his job. Honestly I don't think my opinion of him will change till I see a ability to adjust.
  14. Hornets v Timberwolves 11/20

    Watching the game will keep an eye out for you. Go Hornets!
  15. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    How about we strive to give fellow humans some leniency, second chances, and reformation instead of treating everyone like dogshit? LAW AND ORDAH is a very rightwing nut-job stance to take; see Jeff Sessions.
  16. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    I suspect any future shenanigans would be greatly curtailed once faculty shared a story about The Three Athletes Held Accountable for Their Criminal Behavior in China.
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  18. Huh pff got something right. Guess every blind dog finds a bone every once in a while.
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