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  2. I forgot this is pantherclaw I'm dealing with. He's basically Encino Man in real life.
  3. Good if Wilks is gone bring back John Fox or Jack Del Rio as the Defensive Coordinator.
  4. I wonder if Wilks went back to Bidwell's place afterward to "seal the deal" if you will.
  5. I could rightly accuse you of being on the internet at work though
  6. Thanks for accusing of being drunk while I'm at work. That is some great stuff red!
  7. And I'm going to co-sign with Doc and Red here that I don't agree with people pissing on Wilks. He did a good job for us this season. Is he getting head coach consideration a little too early? Perhaps, but that's not really something he can be blamed for. Neither is it unusual.
  8. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    Thank you to whoever merged this, by the way.
  9. That other guy with the last name Jordan is getting roasted pretty heavily right now too (over Kemba Walker).
  10. Well to be fair, the defensive scheme we run is called a Zone Blitz for a reason. McDermott looooved those double A gap blitzes (kust like Jim Johnson did). My sense with Steve Wilks is that he was more varied in his blitz selection. I won't claim to have stats to back that up though.
  11. I don't get the hate for Wilks. He's been a good coach for us, I wish him well. If you want the honest truth, homers here overrate our defense that we've poured so many resources into. People just ramble about DT's like that's all you need. We need real pass rush help.
  12. Red, I can't believe you even call yourself a fan. You can't even have an intelligent conversation about our quarterback. That's pathetic.
  13. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    Wtf did Ingram do? Lol. I lived in NC for a while. Living amongst the enemy breeds hate. Panthers. But fug the Falcons too.
  14. I’m honestly shocked by the amount of people that want Wilks gone. Do they even know that the reason he has been getting so many looks is because he turned our defense into a respectable unit his year with pretty much no substituve player changes? We went from 21st, to 7th and were top 5 for 90% of the season. That’s an amazing job. Goes to show how little some fans know
  15. 2018 NFL Draft

    Need freeagency to set up draft . Look I might get hate but I'd let both star and Norwell walk . We got butler and love to fill in and slide moton or even Larsen in at gaurd and we'll be ok . Free agency we need to get recovers get 2 speedsters like Wallace and and John brown . First round get secondary 2nd round pass rusher /secondary 3rd rb/wr 4th rb/wr
  16. Think about it like this. Cam Newton, while carrying the run game, somehow managed to guide this bottom ranked offense to 11 wins in a division that sent 3 teams to the playoffs. And he did it with Devin Funchess, no Greg Olsen half the season, and a bunch of practice squad receivers. Yet on a Friday night, there are Panthers fans who think it's a good time to bash him as one of the teams core issues holding this franchise back. What a crock of poo. If you ever need an example of how pitiful this fanbase is, look no further.
  17. Throw in Eric Reid & I like where your heads at. Personally outside RB I think this is a pretty weak draft. If we let Norwell & Stah walk depending on how FA we sign. Could get 2 extra 3 rounders for them in Next years draft that will be really deep. Just a thought.
  18. 2018 NFL Draft

    Not sure I would call that "reality." I'd call that the "hope" of what you get. Pretty sure the hit rate on 1st rounders is close to 50% and then it gets worse from there. Also, a lot of difference between a starter and a good player. Getting two solid starters and some depth is actually a decent draft.
  19. If I had to choose it would be McDermott by miles
  20. Now that I agree with you 100% on, I for one will step forward and say I was excited about otah,Jarrett, and clausen...all were highly rated coming out of college, can’t fault him for the picks at the time. The what if game is Garbo, we didn’t trade the first rounder and if clausen didn’t come in and stink up the place we don’t get cam, it’s pointless looking and what if scenarios I like hurney more than dg, but it’s like pulling teeth really.
  21. He's not bad but he's not great we have a lot of talent on defense other then dbs
  22. I think my 2 most hated people are Payton and cam Jordan I can't stand them
  23. You know nothing about football
  24. I mean I love how Wilks wanted this defense to be aggressive. I just think he did too much of a good thing. When blitzing becomes predictable, good QBs will eat that up. Most likely, it’s due to Wilks not having experience to understand when and how much he should blitz since it’s essentially his first year. I’m torn on this. I do think Wilks could get better, but I’m worried that he won’t. Who knows, maybe if he does stick around he’ll learn from his experience (he’s certainly intelligent on that front) and figure out the perfect formula on how to use his aggressive scheme with this team. Certainly not out of the ordinary either.
  25. There you have it folks. The reason Cam Newton has been an inconsistent passer his entire career.
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