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  2. If the D can't play any better than this, it's hard to see us having a chance today.
  3. This defense dictates not the other way around. sitting in that soft zone is not their identity. gotta attack to reach their potential
  4. Finally a good stop by the D on 3rd down. Hopefully this gets us going.
  5. hope the red zone issues are some part of a master genius plan Shula has to boost Gano's confidence
  6. Huge huge stop. Now we need a TD
  7. Finally we get off on 3rd down.
  8. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Brees can only accurately throw the ball 10 yards at most.
  9. Why didn't Gettleman sign Kelvin Beachum, Russell Okung, Andrew whitworth, Cam Robinson or Riley Reiff this offseason when they were free agents, or draft Cam Robinson in the 2nd round?
  10. This game is the huddles wet dream.
  11. hawt damn if Cam drops back and gets killed by pass rush its Shula's fault. If Shula tries to cover for bad line play with quick hitters underneath EFF SHULA....wtf do you want him to do? Our wide outs do not get seperation so keeping more people into block doesn't help. More routes=more chances of open receiver.... I mean at some point you gotta know that personnel and execution are killing us. And I am not a Shula apologist.. I just see wtf is going on.
  12. Dodged a bullet there. Defense just left Ginn wide open for a bomb. Rare mistake by Brees.
  13. Whole team, especially the def is flat. Worley got beat. Drew just missed him
  14. That last play is exactly what we should be calling for CMac or Samuel if lined up in the backfield.
  15. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Ginn open, Brees just missed him
  16. Ginn would have dropped it
  17. How was that not offensive holding just then?
  18. logic has never been Shulas strong suit...
  19. Worley lucky that pass was too long. Burned again. Worley needs to be replaced.
  20. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Worley getting beat deep. Big surprise there.
  21. Worley burned yet again
  22. Because there's about 6 guys on a message board who can play left tackle better than Matt Kalil
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