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  2. Bulled NFL lineman forces high school to close

    you were complaining about bullies in the tinderbox under the guise of some concern for the victims of bullies again, right wingers are bullies. it's pretty much the foundation of your politics. from apologizing for police brutality to spreading transphobic nonsense, it's kind of your thing. im not gonna stop cyber bullying you stirs. im gonna give you an internet swirly. gonna stuff your stupid ass into an internet locker.
  3. Why not just pick one up in FA? Using a draft pick on a QB after watching receivers drop passes left and right on the road in the playoffs is a little absurd.
  4. Is he getting evaluated by the Panthers trainer. OMG...LOL, holy shet...just spit my drink all over the ipad. Fuggin hilarious.
  5. I also like Mike White. Kyle Lauletta looked pretty good in the senior bowl as well.
  6. Yep, agree. Now which QB? Gimme White. Mike White for the race crazies.
  7. Curling To anyone who understands curling, feel free to explain it to the rest of us.
  8. No, I meant to quote myself. Just trying to figure out why anyone would find it offensive enough to give it a shtpile reaction.
  9. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Again I disagree..Gman was better but not that much... But we will find out when he doesn't have the benefit of a great foundation and he has to build a team from the ground up...
  10. I already informed you that Gano is barely more clutch than Olindo Mare career numbers wise. I'm thinking it's possible to find a balance between kickers like Medlock/Mare and Gano without having to use a franchise tag. If we can't even agree on that, I guess there's nothing to discuss.
  11. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Good for you .. This is where we disagree.. I think Hurney had faults but he wasn't that bad until he got in the middle of JR and Fox's battle and became a yes man... Other than that for 8 to 9 years he was great with the cap and we hardly lost players during that time..
  12. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Gman wasn’t a god, but he was a 1000x better than Hurney. From 2009-2012, Carolina Huddle may as well been Firefox.com and FireHurney.com. At lease Shula was able to land another football gig and he is horrible
  13. Seems like this latest Florida shooter told everyone who would listen that he was planning on shooting the joint up. He was reported to the school and even the FBI. The cops had been called to his residence twenty some times. There were glaring red flags about virtually all of these mass shooters that were either overlooked or ignored. At the end of the day, most people get stuck in the "it won't happen here" mentality.
  14. Joe Person predicts what moves Hurney will make

    Charles Johnson - DL - Panthers The Charlotte Observer expects the Panthers to release DE Charles Johnson. It's an easy decision with Johnson coming off a zero-sack season. 31-year-old Johnson has no plans to retire but isn't going to be back with the Panthers. Carolina can create $3.25 million in cap savings from cutting Johnson. Source: Charlotte Observer Feb
  15. From the latest Grill Bill: "Mid-round" would generally mean third to fifth. My guess would be it's at least being discussed in the Panthers offices. I don't think this is just blind speculation.
  16. We're not trading for or signing Landry. As for replacing Norwell and Star, we spent a 2nd round pick on Moton and a 1st round pick on Butler. It's time to see what they can do as starters.
  17. Jesus Christ dude I've said since our whole disagreement.. That at "the right price" I like Landry over everybody after Gordon and Allen.. I wouldn't go over 12mil for him but I would like the team to try and get him... I know in your mind that means.. I love Landry, I want to have his kids, get him no matter what,.. But it really doesn't..
  18. Joe Person predicts what moves Hurney will make

    Absolutely ground breaking stuff. I'd expect no less from Joe Person.
  19. Hurney and drafting receivers

    I didn’t hate Hurney. I defended the double trouble contracts as a community service deal. I defended him when he let Peppers walk. I defended spintop Brown. After Edwards though, I knew Hurney was a horrible GM that had just gotten lucky. After 13 years, his firing was the second best day of the franchise
  20. Came just for the title. I mean, cmon. It would be more credible if published by The Onion.
  21. That said absolutely nothing.. Good job Joe..
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