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  2. Or...we can make them one dimensional, by stopping the run. Pin our ears back, and rush them into submission. If we get out to a 31-10 lead against the Jets. Do you really think they could come back? Against our Defense?
  3. Except, let's say you have the #3 rushing Defense. If teams can't run against you, they will try to pass against you. Which will skew your passing yards. But then again, who knows what will happen week to week?
  4. Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen?

    Sunni political support. Wahabi has power and pull.
  5. Mike McCoy (OC, Denver) fired

    IMO, Elway sold his soul for that team. Manning fell into his lap, and the Defense was already there. It was a great two year run. But that team is long gone. That team is in major trouble. No QB, Defense in shambles. Fired the OC. Yeah, I can see the emotion draining out of there. McCoy is one of those living off a prayer type OCs. Was there for a great QB, but seems to struggle else where. Cam seems to love Shula. For whatever reason. I see no reason to not tether my horse to that wagon.
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  7. Mike McCoy (OC, Denver) fired

    My goodness, you sure can spin a tale. Elway got lucky and Manning feel into his lap. He got a SuperB owl out of it. But that team, is gone. Denver is a long way from being a SB contender.
  8. Just the facts. Five futility filled decades and the Carolina Panthers beat the Vikings which allowed your heinous atrocities to commence under your dome before Favre chokes it away for good and OT rules are changed forever while riding into the sunset with a stained title. You’re welcome. Good luck in the next 3 games.
  9. Cam Coming Up On SVP

    SVP loves him some Cam. A whole lot of talking heads love them some Cam. I have sports on most of the day. And Cam gets him a whole lotta love. It is the Panthers that get the heat. At the beginning of the year when they did talk of the Panthers, the talk was, that Cam needed him some weapons. But the last few weeks, as we have been winning, the talk has turned into the Panthers are a team to fear. Analysts love them some Defense. And a Defense with a QB is always worth talking about. We have a Defense. And we have us some Cam. A lot of the talking heads love Cam. Yeah, you read that right. We have Luke, and a top flight Defense, and they get their props. We have Cam, and an improving Offense, and they get their props. All we have to do is continue to win. Everything else will work out.
  10. Cam Coming Up On SVP

    Scott Van Pelt! The longest running bald anchor in the history of sports television
  11. Bragging about division titles when the other team has a ring is laughably stupid
  12. Does white privilege exist?

    Bwaaahahahahahahahahahaha, FACTS BOYS AND GIRLS. Black privilege is being able to take pride in your race without fear of persecution. Black privilege is when people assume you are poor because of racism, not because you’re lazy. Black privilege is being wealthy without people assuming you wealth was all handed to you or that you exploited others. Black privilege is being able to commit violent crimes against another race without people assuming you are racist. Black privilege is being given ‘affirmative action’ which advantages you in jobs and colleges based on your skin tone. Black privilege is having the media cover up your race in the event of a black flash mob or gruesome murder Black privilege is being able to make insensitive comments about other races and not being called out on it Black privilege is when people assume that the police pulled you over because of racism. Black privilege is being able to blame your shortcoming on racism. Black privilege is when people consider you to be superior at sports or ‘better in bed’ without it being racist. Black privilege is not having to be fearful of offending minorities. Black privilege is having the establishment lie to cover up problems in your community or protect you from criticism. Black privilege is when you can be over-represented in a certain field without people trying to amend it Black privilege is having the government pander to your interests in order to ‘get the black vote’ Black privilege is having Hollywood alwayspresent you in a positive light There are no go zones for whites where they willlikely be beaten or murdered There aren't any no go zones for blacks. This is because of Black Privilege
  13. Trying to state your opinion as fact, does not change the facts. That run against the Phins was against a team that had quit. It happens, it is what we try to do to teams. Beat them up, and send them packing. It was "Garbage time" against a "Garbage Defense". Don't make it out to be more than it was. And I love me some Cap. So I hate that you make me have to defend the play, not the player.
  14. So much so, you inferred that Palardy had to QB practice today? Come on man. Most of us know DA is on his last legs. Most of us know we do need someone to groom. Gilbert looked good during preseason. And has stuck throughout the year. He does seem to be in the running. Other than that. All I can say is, most teams don't have a quality starter, let alone a quality backup. Trying to draft one, when you don't really need one? Could be a waste of resources. And leave your roster a player short. Your fear of losing Cam, who has missed a total of 4 games in his career, is blinding your judgement. Build the team first, then get your backup. We are close. But we are not there yet.
  15. Cam Coming Up On SVP

    idk what SVP means though, Assuming this thread was about the segment after the MNF game
  16. Does white privilege exist?

    LOL you think you're so smart, that's why Dr Quest just owned you on this subject bwahahahahahahaa
  17. Cam Coming Up On SVP

    We bout to roll through December. Just wait.
  18. Cam Coming Up On SVP

  19. Cam Coming Up On SVP

    admitted to not being 100%. Did say he's better now than he was at the start of the season though interesting.
  20. Barry Sanders would like to say hello... http://www.nfl.com/player/barrysanders/2502817/careerstats (Trust me, I watched that continuous garbage they called an OL his entire career. Swiss cheese had less holes in it for defenders to rush into. Btw, not debating anything but that there have not been any 1,000 yard backs with bad OLs before.)
  21. I put the need at backup QB, for the last time for now, much higher than you do. Perhaps not on a DE or safety level of need, but higher than you and apparently others. The reasons have been stated. We’ll see.
  22. So, what it comes down to is this. You like Allen, and want to figure out a way that we can draft him. Which is fine. IF, you think this team is set. That this team, as is, can compete for a SuperB owl. Because otherwise, using a 2nd round pick, on a QB, for future considerations. Is a huge gamble.
  23. That's why Greg took this pic with me...eirher this or meet Lucielle... So glad our DAWG is back
  24. I hate to pile on, because the last 3 responses pretty much sum it up. But...cuz you quoted me, I feel a responsibility to respond. DUDE? For someone who always uses the phrase "Garbage time stats" to downplay a player. Your use of the same for CAP is enlightening. You love you some Cap. Just admit it.
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