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  2. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    Jeez, you're in Afghanistan? Didn't notice until I got on my laptop, thank you for your service.
  3. The guy who coached The Legion of Boom...

    Well when your fielding Gramps and Gramps Jr at safety then the corner have to do more or try too. Alot of times Worly and Bradberry were on a island bc their help was way off.
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  5. what is the official tinderbox opinion on cryptocurrency?

    cry about it some more snowflake
  6. Offseason NFL News

    Great find. That’s exactly what we need. Great size and a good pass rusher. Can rush from outside and inside.
  7. Offseason NFL News

    I should, shouldn’t I
  8. Offseason NFL News

    I was looking through YouTube the other night. A youtuber supposedly said that he has a buddy who has a source or some sources. Word is that there is something that will come out and hurt Arden Key’s draft stock. Do not know at this point what it is. He said that it could be a very similar situation like Shane Ray a couple years back. Expect Arden Key to fall into the late 1st or possibly even the 2nd. Take it for what it is worth. I do not know how much credibility this guy has. But it will be interesting to see. If it is true, Carolina Huddle heard it first from theballboy.
  9. Top 32 players

    Bottom line will be if management believes Matt "speed bump" Kalil is an effective LT. Most here think he is terrible and for me he has had some good games and than some terrible games. This decision will determine everything. Our draft strategy will be based on what we do in free agency. I think we can find a good WR that fits Turner's offense in Free Agency and address LT in the draft especially if one of the 1st round rated LT are available. Someone pointed out that our 2017 draft class was "redshirted" and will have to step up in 2018. Hall and Elder just to name a few. If Hall and Elder learned anything during their time on the IR we might be OK at DE and CB. Of course, we are always looking to improve those positions either through Free Agency or the draft. Like I said, it will be based on the front office mindset on how those players will perform going forward.
  10. Yeah I’m in agreement, if those guys sign for more I’d like to bring a guy in for a 2-3yr 8-10 a year range, incentive based contract.
  11. Hurney on WFNZ

    We have to nail this draft. We cannot have any projects in the first 3 rounds (since we don't have a 4th) Round 5-7 we need to look for contributors and if none are available then take a project. Hurney has a tendency to reach for players "with potential" way to early. He also needs to have success on UDFAs.
  12. Top 32 players

    I do not want an OT. Daryl is playing like a pro bowler at RT. We have bigger problems than a LT. If we dont get Peppers back and do nothing at DE, we are in for some big trouble.
  13. Top 32 players

    Rarely does a player rated in the top 32 fall into the 3rd round unless they have legal issues. Ragnow might make it to our selection at 56 but not even close to 88. There are 4 or 5 OTs on this list. With at least 5 (maybe even 6 according to some mocks) QBs possibly going before us the odds increase that one of them will be available.
  14. Speaking of stormy days

    More stormy days for dotards. A blue wave is on the way
  15. Speaking of stormy days

  16. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    I would say about 75% of these mock drafts are B.S. anyhow. IMO, Most of these guys write with a player they want to fall to a certain team and come up with some justifiable reason why those player get selected. Go down the list, find that one player that seems way out of place and that writer is probably close to that team. I post these just to create conversation.
  17. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week 16 Jan)

    This dude is an idiot, 6 QB’s taken ahead of us and we settle for that? If Ridley isn’t there, no other WR is worth reaching for in the first. BTW, GB sure as hell won’t choose him, their OL and defense is pathetic.
  18. Richard is 100x better than Wilks. Wilks need to go back and coach his DBs with “DIRTY EYES”!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently those guys still have the DIRTY EYES in the Saints game.
  19. The same like here in Carolina. This defense is wrong. Sometimes, I wish Ron would just take over calling the defense.
  20. you ppl are fuging retarded
  21. Top 32 players

    Kalil is one hell of a center. Night and day difference with him and Larsen. Larsen is starter material but Kalil is a pro bow/all pro. I hope that Kalil will take a pay cut to help us out. If he doesnt, Im not going to be mad. However if Kalil decides that it’s over, it would help us financially. But I will not cut Kalil this offseason. Cam needs Kalil more than anyone. Also, it’s looking like we are losing Norwell. I dont want to reshuffle the OL. Wont be good on Cam especially when he will already have to learn a new offense under Norv. I do like Ragnow a lot, but not sure I would take him 1st or 2nd unless we lose Kalil. If he’s somehow there in the 3rd, go all for it. Now for the top32, Derwin James was my favorite player in 2016. Still like him a ton. Would take him at 24. Taven Bryan is a guy that I keep hearing nothing but good stuffs about. If we lose Star, I would consider him too as a BPA. Of course he’s not a run stuffer but very very talented.
  22. Top 32 players

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2018-nfl-draft-prospect-rankings-oklahomas-okoronkwo-ready-for-major-rise/ I count out of these top 32 at least 14 maybe 15 players that can fit the bill for us. This list does not include Ridley. An interesting name is Frank Ragnow, Center, Arkansas. It depends on whether we think Kalil will be back. If we cut ties with him a top quality center is needed. Larsen is a good backup but IMO shouldn't be a regular starter. There was a clear difference between him and Kalil. I know the top 32 doesn't always equate to first round but I love the part where they say he is the Chubb of Centers. Checks all the boxes. Thought?
  23. Put Michael Barrow back in a uniform, please.
  24. That probably took an hour max, so it's not a big deal.....
  25. Mike Gesicki (3 rd) better long term prospect Mark Andrews will go before we can ever draft him. 1) Harrison, S 2) Watts, S (or Wynn, OL) 3) Ragnow, C 3) Gesicki, TE 5) BJ Hill, DT Sign RB Crowell, WR Moncrief Resign JP (SB farewell), Norwell Cut JStew (if he took a paycut then do not cut and not sign Crowell) Cut Fozzy Cut Russell Sheppard Extend Funchess, Shaq, Daryl Williams QB - Cam, Gilbert RB - Crowell, CMC, CAP FB - Armah TE - Olsen, Gesicki, Manhertz WR - Funchess, Moncrief, Samuel, Byrd, Bersin, (Clay as return specialist) T - Kalil, Williams, Moton G - Turner, Norwell, Larsen, Van Roten C - Kalil, Ragnow DE - JP, Horton, Addison, Hall, Obada, Cox Jr DT - KK, Love, Butler, Hill LB - Keuchly, TD, Shaq, Mayo, Jacobs S - Coleman, Harrison, Watts, Adams, Jones CB - Bradberry, Worley, Corn, Captain, Seymour, Gunter LS - Jansen K - OhNo P - Palardy
  26. DNA Kits

    took one a few years back. i knew where my family was from as far as ethnicity was concerned, but i was looking for more detailed information as to exactly where and if these ancestors had records. so it turned out that i had a third cousin who also took the 23andme test that i matched with. i never met her, but she ended up being my great grandfather’s sister’s granddaughter. she told me a lot about her grandmother’s background and sent me a bunch of pics including the one my great grandfather grew up in and a picture of her grandmother with my great grandmother. oddly enough, i look a lot like my great grandmother. same eyes and lips lol. it’s freaky but awesome at the same time. she also told me what village he was from and from there i kept doing research. it ended up being razed during world war II and it was rebuilt afterward. there’s a church with a memorial on the wall with all these names on it of civilians and soldiers that died in WWII and a lot of them have my last name. there’s also another memorial for residents who were lost during WWI, but that one takes up a lot less space. overall the information about that village is the most intriguing and i hope to visit it someday, but it’s kind of off the beaten path and not a destination attraction, so i’m going to have to figure out how i’m going to get around. then i got an ancestry membership for a short while and started looking at documented records of some of my ancestors. the men were bricklayers, carpenters, tailors, and the women went to work as seamtresses or cigar makers on an assembly line if they weren’t casalingas (homemakers). it’s my belief that ancestry is something that everybody should look into to get a better grasp of their family’s history and some of the history of the united states and wherever other country they are from. i mean one of my great great grandparents couldn’t read or write and here i am with a university degree 100 years later bc she decided to come over here.
  27. Case Keenum is having himself an MVP conversation year, obviously spreads the ball around and makes some really good throws. Hes not established but hes doing great. Bortles-- Bortles gets a lot of flak, deservedly so, but hes not having a bad year either. Foles did not throw a bad game either, cant say too much considering he started all of like 2 games before the playoffs-- again though he has guys around him that really help. These guys are surrounded by great defenses first, then offenses with guys who really help their quarterbacks. So maybe these guys havent been long term franchise quarterbacks, but they are playing good NOW. Now is all that matters really.
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