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  2. Hurney and drafting receivers

    That's different from the usual around here?
  3. Hurney and drafting receivers

    So what all of you are saying, is that hurney is due to strike gold! Sweet!
  4. Comic book collectors

    I just got completely caught up on Saga. What a great series.
  5. Poll be honest...

    A lot. Most days I wish I didn't have to talk to anyone and could get some other poo done but its always meetings, meetings, meetings
  6. Then why do all of our defensive backs suck dick?
  7. First Pick Mock

    Heres a more BPA draft with no trades. I would love this, Washington, Michel, Hurst would add some serious firepower to our offense and we get some secondary help as well. ound 1 Pick 24: Washington, James, WR, Oklahoma State (B) Round 2 Pick 23: Michel, Sony, RB, Georgia (A) Round 3 Pick 21: Meeks, Quenton, CB, Stanford (A) Round 3 Pick 24: Hurst, Hayden, TE, South Carolina (A+) Round 5 Pick 24: Edmunds, Terrell, SS, Virginia Tech (A+) Round 6 Pick 23: Hill, Holton, CB, Texas (A+) Round 7 Pick 16: Ballage, Kalen, RB, Arizona State (A+) Round 7 Pick 24: Pineiro, Eddy, K, Florida (A+)
  8. It has been around forever, but the ability to take it to a 24/7 event is not. Extreme cases and trying to absolutely destroy someone has never been so easy. Add in that all this can be done now without having to actually confront someone, and it gives people who would never have had the courage to do it the ability to have power over someone's life. It's a recipe for disaster.
  9. Josh sucks. Anyone can become a great CB in Rivera’s system.
  10. First Pick Mock

    I could see something like this happening. Hurney trades our 1st, 2nd, and first 3rd rounder to move up and get Calvin Ridley if he falls out of the top 12 or so. Or he could keep our high picks from this year and trade pick 24, R6 pick, and a 2019 first rounder Round 1 Pick 16 (BALT): Ridley, Calvin, WR, Alabama (A) Round 3 Pick 24: Elliott, DeShon, SS, Texas (A) Round 5 Pick 24: Freeman, Royce, RB, Oregon (A+) Round 6 Pick 23: Lauletta, Kyle, QB, Richmond (A+) Round 7 Pick 16: Springs, Arrion, CB, Oregon (A+) Round 7 Pick 24: Aruna, Ade, DE, Tulane (A+)
  11. They’re two years in. Take a look where Josh was 2 years in.
  12. 5-7 come on. He could easily get $12M/yr or more on the open market. 10/yr here would be fantastic for us and reasonable for him. 5-7 would be a joke for him
  13. If he’s released and we sign him it wouldn’t count towards the comp pick formula.
  14. Benjamin

    Why do we have to bash KB? He was our number 1, simple as that. Amazing how we try to make him look like he sucked. In his two full seasons with us, 2014 and 2016, here’s some stats: KB: 263 targets 1949 yards and 16TDs Olsen: 252 targets 2082 yards and 9 TDs Landry: 243 targets 1894 yards and 9 TDs Let’s not act like he wasn’t our top WR and that he was awful. I don’t mind the trade now but with our unbelievably inexperienced and injured WRs, it was stupid timing and it had as much to do with us losing as Ganope. KB can make the end zone catch that Clay clearly couldn’t before the FG miss.
  15. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Lol. Cherry picking = looking at career stats or responding directly to your request. You asked me about first downs between KB and Landry and it showed KB was better. You asked @LinvilleGorge to show someone else and he provides you with a perfect example and somehow you try to spin it that you won the argument. You live in your own world man. I hope you enjoy it there. Just an FYI, there’s a big world of differing opinions out there and most of them are better than yours. Adios muchacho and enjoy your weekend.
  16. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    you don't have to be black to understand that, you just need to try to go down an aisle in any semi-crowded store in the south.
  17. Benjamin

    I would just want him back to screw the bills . I don't think kelvin has the talent outside of the end zone
  18. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    you're just illustrating the point about why there are no right wing comedians. if a white dude did this routine it would be "punching down" because it's a privileged person attacking under privileged people. that's not funny. yeah it's a double standard. get a better ideology if you don't like it.
  19. Agreed. I think the Luke pick 6 right after we just scored on the previous drive may be the loudest I ever was at a game. The Philly Brown long td against the cards in the nfcc is a play I will never forget as well.
  20. Today
  21. Fanspeak 7 Round Mock

    yeah its a bit of a pipe dream tho with Jackson and Key both dropping that far. Its very very likely we're getting at DE or WR with pick 24 unless someone major drops. I could see Hurney trading up with the Ravens or Cowboys if Ridley drops that far. His given up high picks before in trades, it would not surprise me. Something like a 1st rounder in 2019 and our 1st and 2nd from 2018.
  22. While we are at it.. Mike Mitchell?

    Mitchell getting burn ,taking bad angles and still talking trash. i would rather not
  23. While we are at it.. Mike Mitchell?

    Imagine getting him and Norman back
  24. Why aren’t Bradberry and Worley products of this great system?
  25. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

  26. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    louis ck said n-r live all the time, but what got him in trouble was masturbating in front of his ex girlfriend
  27. Benjamin

    I know its like beating a dead horse hear, but the eagles made major free agency moves on the offensive end and I think it played a gigantic role in their 2017 SB run. They picked up 2 WR (Jeffery, Smith) and got two RBs (Ajayi, Blount). You can change a team massively by adding key pieces, I'm just hoping Hurney realizes that.
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