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  2. 6.39

    My old PE teacher showed us how to use a track stance and shave time. Went from a 5.5 to a 4.9 hand clock. 40 is about practice and form.
  3. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    I am a pretty non violent guy. I am not going to punch a nazi i am not going to encourage others to punch Nazis. But it if a nazi gets punched I am going to go the puncher and say I get where you come from. I support you desire. Let's talk about the best ways to destroy nazis and assess if punching them is the best tactic right now.
  4. Voted, good luck! Teachers are helping shape our future.
  5. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    Thanks for informing us, i agree with him and hope cam does improve along with oline, i hope d doesnt get complacent and focuses on getting some turnovers. Not at the expense of tackling though
  6. You and many others are setting yourselves up for disappointment and more drunken, hate posts. We're capable, but wpuld be a fool to expect it.
  7. The question is do right to work laws fix this? The goal of them is to reduce power of the workers. The power needs to stay with the workers and union reform is the answer. Not abandoning power to the owners.
  8. No progreessive can support right to work laws. The sole goal is to reduce power to the workers.
  9. Breakout Players vs Saints

    I agree but with cam's arm being how it is i think those stats would be a big day lol.
  10. Thanks jayflip. I am am an advocate for free speech. Sympathetic to non violent means of change. I see someone as an ally and want to foster that. But have grown frustrated that if they can't understand the viewpoint of white nationalism is wrong and the view point of anti oppression is right and that sets the table. Discussion of best technique comes next but we can't get there if you won't acknowledge which side is wrong. I want to get there and am punishing myself that I can't. Thanks for letting me know it's not me.
  11. As far as Funchess goes...

    It's time that you learn the old saying, "Numbers never lie, but they also never tell the full story." Let's take this constant stat that you're fluffing your opinion with, the ole "HE HAD 14 SNAPS BUT DIDN'T PRODUCE AS MUCH!" Let's analyze those snaps and see if that stat supports your argument, or if you're desperately trying to save your ego from admitting that you don't know poo about football. 11:59 - 1st Quarter - 3rd & 7 @ BUF 46 Panthers are in the shotgun with Olsen and CMC in the backfield, Byrd & Shepherd lined up on the left side of the formation while Funchess is to the right. Bills show double-A gap pressure pre-snap but bail. Shepherd runs a curl, Byrd a corner route, Funchess a fly route, Olsen stays in to block, CMC looks to chip but then releases up just past the line of scrimmage. Bills are in cover 2 zone, but DWill gets beat bad off the snap bad and as Byrd and Shepherd make their moves, Cam has to fend off the defender and then scrambles to his right. Funchess is open, but Cam is too busy having to scramble (looks like he was wanting to hit Byrd, as the easier read was to the left side of the field). CMC blocks as Cam scrambles, Shepherd runs across the field but is double covered. Funchess comes back, but Cam ends up scrambling for 15yds to the BUF 31 for a first down. Funchess did nothing wrong on this play and was open between the zones but due to DWill getting beat had no chance of the ball being thrown his way. Cam made a spectacular play with his legs. 9:01 - 1st Quarter - 3rd & 6 @ BUF 16 Shotgun with CMC in the backfield, Funchess to the left, Olsen, Shepherd, and Byrd to the right. This is the play after KB was hit. Kalil doesn't block the DE nor does CMC chip him, giving the defender a free release at Cam. He's looking Funchess' way who is running an out route and open. Cam is forced to roll out to the left to avoid the sack and ends up throwing it away in order to preserve the opportunity for a FG rather than force a possible INT. Once again, poor protection results in the play having no time to develop and forcing Cam to scramble. This has nothing to do with Funchess not being able to capitalize on a snap without KB and everything to do with poo protection just like the first snap without KB. 6:29 - 1st Quarter - 3rd & 3 @ CAR 21 Shotgun with CMC in the backfield, Byrd + Olsen to the left, Shep + Funch to the right. Funchess releases inside the CB while Shep leaks to the right. Williams drops back into coverage in front of Olsen who is covered by both the DL + LB. Funchess is wide open when Cam looks his way and gets ready to fire, but pressure from the right side forces him to pull the ball down and scramble. He throws it to Funchess while on the move who comes down with it on the CAR 36 for 15yds and a first down. This is Funchess' 3rd snap without KB and for a 3rd time pressure gets to Cam from the edge and forces him off his spot. However, Funchess still gets the ball and makes the catch. We are already 3 snaps in and Funchess has already made something out of it despite the consistent pressure on Cam. 5:41 - 1st Quarter - 1st & 10 @ CAR 36 No KB again. Cam throws it to Funchess who is WIDE OPEN but Tre'Davious White makes a great athletic play and is able to leap & deflect the ball. Did I mention that Kalil was almost back-to-back with Cam when he threw it like an old Batman episode? 4 snaps without KB, pressure on Cam all 4 snaps. Funchess would have caught the ball at the BUF 45 with just Poyer to beat who was coming in from back and to the left (back... and to the left... back... and to the left... back... ok sorry, my spectrum is showing). 3:12 - 1st Quarter - 3rd & 3 @ BUF 37 Read option with CMC who takes it left side. Funchess is to the right. Running play. On a positive note, this is the first time Funchess was in on a play without KB on the field where there wasn't pressure on Cam. CMC gets 2 yards and the team punts on the next play. 5 snaps. 15:00 - 2nd Quarter - 1st & 10 @ BUF 47 I-formation with Funchess in the slot and Olsen wide ride, Byrd wide left, Dickson at FB and JStew dotting the I. The result of the play? A 24yd completion to Funchess to the BUF 23. No pressure on Cam. This is looking really bad for you. 12:54 - 2nd Quarter - 3rd & 19 @ BUF 32 Cam was sacked the previous play and Olsen broke his foot. Cam gets sacked again before the routes can develop and loses 7 yards. 7 snaps, 1 of them a run play, 5 of them with Cam under duress. The one passing play he wasn't getting molested he connected with Funchess for 24yds (and caught another one for 15yds despite Cam being chased). We're halfway thru those snaps and your claims that he did nothing with them is beginning to look really, really fuging stupid. 5:28 - 2nd Quarter - 1st & 15 @ BUF 40 Cam connects with Funchess for 21yds to the BUF 19 on the left side, but the play is called back on a holding penalty against DWill. 8 snaps, 3 of those where he isn't under pressure (and 1 of those was a run). Funchess has made 3 catches for a total of 60yds, but is only going to be credited with 2 for 45yds. Before we start shitting on DWill too, the holding call against him was SUPER ticky tacky imo. 5:04 - 2nd Quarter - 1st & 25 @ 50 Cam has plenty of time and hits Funchess who makes a spectacular leaping catch for 21yds to the BUF 29. 9 snaps (1 running play, 1 negated by a holding penalty, pressure on all but 2 of the rest of those). 4 catches for 81 yds (only credited with 3 for 66 due to the DWill hold). 1:30 - 2nd Quarter - 1st & 10 @ CAR 38 Funchess part of the bunch formation to the left. Buffalo blitzes a CB. Funchess gets behind the S and the CB, but Cam gets rid of the ball in 3sec to CMC as the blitz gets picked up for 10yds and a first down. 10 snaps. Play looks like it was designed to go to CMC the whole way because Cam stared him down and hit him despite LB being tight in coverage. 1:13 - 2nd Quarter - 1st & 10 @ CAR 48 Funchess is open the entire route, but Cam goes to hit Byrd though who is to the left of him. Byrd gets swallowed up by the CB and can't make the catch. 11 snaps. 0:19 - 2nd Quarter - 3rd & 25 @ CAR 33 Hand-off to Stew. 12 snaps, 2 of which are runs, 2 plays where it looks like they were designed to go to other players (CMC + Byrd), 1 play negated by a hold, pressure on Cam for 6 of the 7 remaining plays (1 of them being a sack). Despite this, Funchess has 3 for 66 (which could've been 4 for 81 w/o the hold). 8:22 - 3rd Quarter - 1st & 10 @ CAR 30 Hand-off to Stew. 13 snaps. 7:45 - 3rd Quarter - 2nd & 5 @ CAR 35 Funchess SHITS on his man with a stutter move at the top of his route and breaks inside. Unfortunately, Cam is already getting hit by Shaq Lawson just as Cam looks his way and gets ready to throw to him for what would have been at LEAST a 15yd gain and a first down. 14 snaps. So... to recap... -14 snaps -3 of which were run plays. -1 penalty negated a play -2 plays designed to go to other players -2 sacks -5 snaps with pressure on Cam (not including the sacks) Despite all of this, Funchess had 3 of his 4 catches for 61 of his 68yds (which should have been 5 catches for 88yds without the holding penalty). Now wipe your mouth.
  12. Shula needs to fuging adjust once in his life already no Olsen, Kalil in and out, Cams surgery, no Oline, NO long developing plays. Is it me or does it feel like Shula is just being lazy and refusing to change despite desperate signs telling him he needs to do so? Short passes taking what the defense gives you was the theme of the 2015 Panthers. I feel it had to do more with Cam making much better decisions but Shula needs to help him out. Clearly the Panthers don't give two shits about the oline so they need to adjust their play calling to match that sentiment.
  13. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    Finally, a media pundit acknowledged we played a good defensive tean and Mcd knew us well.
  14. 6.39

    That's as impressive as @Jase on the bball court
  15. Steve Wilks Presser Is A Must Watch

    For once said without sarcasm! It was friggin awesome. I actually tried to get my non panther fan friends to watch it. They declined.
  16. At the very least he is genetically incapable of honest discourse.
  17. Today
  18. Ugh and now we have Hurney again. Just puked in my mouth.
  19. Get your bottled water

    Yea, looked terrible. 100% power lose on whole island. Maria projected to shift north tonight.
  20. Just spoke with Gil Brandt

    I agree with you. The offense will be fine as we go. I have faith in Matso to fix this line. Look what he has done with what he was given. Cam is improving and you know this is killing him more than anyone. He needs to stop relying on CMC all the time and use him more as a decoy. I think he is best as a receiver more than a running back. Unless it is on screens and short passes.
  21. Just the endless parade of space filling content generators.
  22. Will Armah Be Active On Sunday?

    I really like what the future holds for this kid especially the way he blocks and opens up wholes. As long as he keeps learning the playbook I think everything will work out.
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