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  2. Gruden following up his stupid of last week saying Worley is our best corner by saying Seahawks' Wright and Wagner are better than Luke and TD....
  3. Theres an interview with Cam coming up on the post game
  4. Ginn-esque Now they're gonna throw away a challenge on this? LOL!
  5. Announcers go out of their way to comment on how in flux the Seattle offensive line has been the last couple of years (and it is true) but glossed over all the injuries Cam had to deal with in the line last year and in years past
  6. Keep in mind the core audience... P.S. Hope you are well.
  7. What a retarded challenege
  8. All time then? We have more division titles, conference titles, own the overall head-to-head, and head-to-head in their place. The worst national disaster in US history gave them the sympathy needed to top us in the 2005 opener which allowed Tampa to win the South (and left us gassed in Seattle in the NFCCG), and to win the whole thing in 2009. The waste of another of the league’s biggest all time jokes, the Chargers, gave them a HOF QB who may be in his last year there and is certainly in the twilight of his career. They haven’t won the division in 6 years and their brain trust has racked up a calvacade of moronic decisions since then.
  9. I love your optimism. Thinking this team could get by with using a 2nd round pick on a developmental, back up, QB. I mean, most folks would never dream of not using that pick on say a WR, or DE. Or maybe a S, or CB. Not you. You believe this team is good enough to get away with it. Man, that is optimism.
  10. Awful challenge... Carroll has made some bad coaching decisions tonight
  11. Wilson is 18-29 for under 200 yards. Bugs me how if this was Cam people would be clowning but since it's Russ, he's "fantastic".
  12. Work place drug test question

    Or work in big corps, they don’t drug test.
  13. hopefully wilson bring them back
  14. I just want this game to end with the Falcons blowing a lead.
  15. That's my thoughts hope Falcons lose every game including tonight except the two Aints games.
  16. Savagery

    That's going to get them wayyyyy more publicity than the actual video would have.
  17. I'm not so sure a first round QB is off the table next year. At some point you have to start grooming a replacement, and the Packers did it the right way with Aaron Rodgers. Mind you, I'm not necessarily advocating this notion, but I do see it as a legitimate possibility.
  18. Lol Falcons -2 yards back to back plays and a false start to push them way out of FG range. Seahawks suck though so they probably give up a firsts here.
  19. Savagery

    This is savage lol
  20. That's why I think it's got to be Seahawks... I think they are going to fade down the stretch. Giving Falcons another loss will be huge... And then hope the Falcons sweep the Saints lol
  21. That should've been another DPI on Alford.
  22. Heard an analyst say you could count the number of good left tackles currently in the NFL on one hand and have fingers to spare. Hate to say it, but he may be right.
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