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  2. You can't cut free agents? Why didn't somebody say something?
  3. More from Panthers.com: Vernon Butler

    White has a big arm and a prototypical NFL QB build big arms and prototypical builds almost always get over-drafted. I think he'll be gone before we're willing to consider a QB.
  4. And then Gano went out on the field and kicked one from that length just to show he could have done it. Wouldn't try long kicks with a guy, and now we might be franchising him? Yeah...
  5. tagging a kicker... i can't even laugh at these decisions anymore.
  6. More from Panthers.com: Vernon Butler

    Just take the comp picks and the financial flexibility afforded by not signing these two, as great as they may be. I think we are capable roster-wise of picking up the slack. Maybe a drop-off, but what is the cost of squeezing up too close to the cap ceiling. That lack of flexibility can hamstring you sometimes. You can't pay everyone top dollar.
  7. I like Mike White. The Richmond guy whose name escapes me was good too but I don't know where he's projected to go.
  8. Benjamin

    You know Cam would be all on board if that option is available...but we really didn't get to see how the offense could gel with all the injuries after he left. Never know who'd be left out of they did bring him back.
  9. Benjamin

    Beane was actually the one who initiated the deal.
  10. So what other sites/apps do (((actively))) you use?

    reddit’s upvoting/downvoting system is more visibility based than merit based and is why i tend to avoid commenting. that’s part of the reason why you have guys like gallowboob ripping off other ppl’s posts and getting 20x the upvotes in general if your post initially nets 10 upvotes it’s more likely that it’ll net 50 upvotes than end up netting -10
  11. Benjamin

    For the future, maybe. Though we all know he's likely to draft someone who will be out of the league within three years with that pick. But, for last season, it was a disaster given the injury bug we were hit with at WR.
  12. Props to Rubio

    i agree with you. Because nothing has happened that would cause them to do so. But things can change quickly in this world. And government has a history of being a serial killer
  13. I never was either, though I don't know about tagging Norwell. Norwell is well worth tagging, and trying to get a long term contract worked out of course, but looking at the cap room it might mean not finding a receiver in free agency. I personally think the Panthers need a proven deep threat to make the best of Norv's system. I'm very wary about going into the draft needing that player. I also have hopes that Moton could do well at guard if Norwell leaves. I was reading his draft profiles, and professional takes on him, and it seems like a lot of them projected him to play guard in the NFL.
  14. More from Panthers.com: Vernon Butler

    I think we may already have one in Kyle Love.
  15. Props to Rubio

    Tell me the last time you actually read the constitution.
  16. Benjamin

    Gotta give Hurney credit there (and lord knows I am not a Hurney fan) he really did a good job with the KB trade
  17. The Observer is saying they can't verify that Tepper is interested because they haven't been able to get a comment from him. My understanding is he'd be under a confidentiality agreement but okay. The NFL Network, has him as not only interested but the front runner, so I guess we'll see.
  18. It's my understanding that Butler does not play the NT like Star but is much better suited for the UT, which is where KK plays. They can both play on obvious passing downs but I don't think Butler will be able to fill Star's job on running downs. The good news is hopefully we can find a good stop gap at NT for this year and have a rotation of guys.
  19. yeah......every team needs a light hitting second baseman.
  20. Props to Rubio

    The united states and the indians were not apart of the same country. Two groups. One land. The indians stood in the way of manifest destiny. Well, not any more. Now there is only one group: the US. That's it. Any boots-on-the-ground body is made up of a cross section of america and any systematic targeting of US citizens by the US gov't would require the citizens themselves carrying out the targeting. I don't think the President and his cabinet members are going to start circling up everyone in SC for the gas chambers.
  21. I have decent hopes for him myself. If he was 2" taller and 10 pounds heavier he may have been a 1st round pick. No joke.
  22. Latest info on the team sale

    Granted, there still could be others we don't know about yet, but this cuts our pool of potential owners from eight down to four (Charlotte City Council had said there were six) and possibly three if Frank Fertitta is dropping out.
  23. I can't recall if it was top 5 kicking money but I agree I've never been a fan of Gano, this year is the outlier in his normal performance
  24. More from Panthers.com: Vernon Butler

    Sounds like we plan on making a legitimate attempt to keep Star. We're probably hoping that his particular skill set isn't going to command big money on the open market. We may be right, but I think a 3-4 team in particular will value him more than we will. I'm not even sure we're even going to bother negotiating with Norwell. Maybe tell him and Rosenhaus to bring us their best offer once free agency starts and see if we can match it, but I think we've simply accepted that given the weak OG FA class, he's gonna be gone and he's likely going to be the highest paid OG in the NFL. Good for him.
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