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  2. Me to brb off to vote for Frankenstein, known groper with pictures...lol
  3. Jeremy WTF?

    The lib braintrust has and does...but just to make a point...
  4. lol falcons waste timeouts faster than rivera.
  5. That was easy. Falcons blow.
  6. Jeremy WTF?

    Really? Who's made racial slurs on hear like stormfront assholes...
  7. First and goal at the one.. Line up and punch it in with your big qb. Oh wait.. Russell is a midget
  8. NVM he's short. They need to go for it sneak Wilson up the middle easily.
  9. That's not even close to a TD.
  10. These 2 teams are just embarrassing in a prime time game. Pathetic display of ineptitude.
  11. That might be the shittiest fade attempt ever right there.
  12. We must make sure Sharia law doesn't take hold in America. Anyway brb off to vote for Roy Moore.
  13. you cant run east west against the falcons on the goal line. LOL
  14. Neal is dropping some bombs on Jimmy Graham tonight.
  15. Jeremy WTF?

    absolutely nowhere in this post does he say anything remotely close to what you're accusing him of saying
  16. half the time he just immidately starts scrambling , he knows the oline is trash
  17. HAhahahaha these teams both are just flat out terrible.
  18. Hornets v Timberwolves 11/20

    Nice win tonight, and Dwight was balling. Hardly any Monk doe. Oh well win isa win.
  19. Falcons are imploading quickly
  20. Lol and the Falcons implosion begins.
  21. I've never seen a QB have to scramble for his life more than Wilson.
  22. If the falcons win at least we play them again.....so that's something
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