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  2. do the same for star, plug in Vernon butler hes a first round pick for gods sake. We cut and restecture correctly, and dont sign star/norwell to unnessary expensive deals, we could be sitting on 40-50 mil in cap room for free agency. All up to Hurney whether he wants to be conservative and overpays his own guys or takes some risks to clear up some money to make great FA moves like the Jags and Eagles did last offseason. We can afford any two high priced FAs on the market if Hurney really wants to do it.
  3. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    No chance that’s true. We are mostly irrelevant in the minds of the average NFL fan, like it or not. Cam may be polarizing, but the team in general is off the radar for most.
  4. Post a pic, any pic.

  5. We should try to get Eifert on a 1 year prove it deal. Could be an amazing complementary piece and even future Olsen replacement if he can stay healthy.
  6. A Disgrace to the Uniform and the Country: But a Trump Hero

    arpaio is a twisted sort of folk hero to a disturbing number of people. i used to get emails gushing over "sherriff joe" and his death camps forwarded to me all the time from right wingers i knew. that and the crazy cowboy hat guy with all those trinkets pinned to his uniform who was actually a favorite of several posters here as recently as 2016. i get physically ill reading arpaio's wikipedia page. he would have been right at home in nazi germany.
  7. NFL in trouble with viewership? Nah

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/08/ncaa-deems-ucf-kicker-ineligible-after-he-refused-to-demonetize-youtube-videos/%3Famp%3D1 kids can’t even make money off of YouTube.
  8. Shinn level stupidity..

    Instead of firing the coach and GM 1st.. Doing this and letting these 2 dumbasses run the process is the definition of stupidity.
  9. Soooo... which RB will Hurney be selecting in round 1?

    Harris is returning to Bama so that's not happening. Also, Chubb has regressed somewhat since his injury so he'll be round 2+ which I'd be okay with I guess, but no way round 1. Honestly though, this RB class is absurdly deep so there is no reason to pick one in rounds 1 or 2. We need DE, S, and WR in 1 and 2.
  10. @PanthersLucas weighing in on possible FAs

    Brees counts $6 million against the cap now, which escalates to $18 million when he becomes a FA. One could realistically say the Saints have $22 million in cap space, with Brees counting $18 million against the cap. The Saints, for the first time in quite a while, have plenty of cap flexibility.
  11. Things that trump says

    It's an Obama policy
  12. None. At least not in the first round.
  13. Things that trump says

    damn it. My son was born from his mother's womb in the ninth month! Why does he want that to change.
  14. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    Hindsight being 20/20, yeah, your right, but person is also the one who put out a character hit piece on LaFell and TD refuses to talk to him because he just stirs up poo, no?
  15. Also need a tall & rangy FS
  16. Things that trump says

  17. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    Not all of us was like that. In reality, Olsen's agent likely shot Person an email saying a new contract sure would be splendid wink wink.
  18. I mean I get torn...I mean it could also be an example of his team being comically incompetent. I mean for the guy who talks about EXTREME VETTING....they do literally no vetting. Vetting in the Trump Admin seems to be "oh, that guy said something nice about me? What opening do we have we can give him". I mean just yesterday I was reading about the 24 year old campaign worker now in charge of US drug policy. I mean MAGA hat it all you want about liking some of Trump's vague bullshit "ideas". He can't hire even people "okay" for the job. His press shop can't even get through a week without making an error Microsoft Word spell check can solve. I mean that fraud Gorka was outed yesterday has having an arrest warrant his entire time in office.
  19. He's trading the next 3 years 1st round picks to move up and take Barkley. #vintage
  20. I want a RB/TE combo and the 2018 class is perfect for it.
  21. I really think we might. Several reasons why: Turner's offense needs one. Looks like there are several that might carry high enough grades to be considered where we are picking. Rookie RBs usually contribute quicker then other positions. Important when you might be on a one year interview.
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