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  2. What about stewart getting stuffed on back to back goalline carries... No thread for that?
  3. You are telling me CMC is not a mean bulldozer RB who can grind out the hard fought yards while pushing two linebackers out of the way?
  4. CMC won't get you a hard earned run on 3rd and 1 D will smack him behind line every time What I've learned so far watching him. In the game last week towards the end of the game, 4th Q, we handed the ball to him twice on 1st and 2nd down and he did nothing. On 3rd down he runs a nice route and catches the pass for a 1st down .. but as far as running when the opponent knows were running, CMC won't do anything. Only backs like Stewart, and Artis-Payne can do stuff like that. So if we ever need short yardage on the ground, running CMC up in there is a waste. He isn't a true between the tackles runner no matter how much any of you want to believe it. Shula needs to run him up there enough just to keep it on tape though.
  5. Cam makes an amazing first down run, straddling sideline. You people.
  6. The first quarter of the game, Cam somehow escapes two pressures that would be sacks on any other QB
  7. Cam put a TD in the hands of Kelvin but he dropped it. Cam hit Funchess for a 24 yard gain. That gain was called back due to penalty. Next play ? Cam again hits Funchess for 24 yards
  8. Mike Shula has already cost us one Super Bowl

    Shula did not cost us a Super Bowl that's stupid Shula is a good offensive coordinator and if you think he's a problem you don't know football
  9. No excuses.

    Look...I get that people have anxiety about the offense's anemic start to the season. The SF game looked like a preseason snoozer and the Bills game looked like Jimmy Clausen was back at QB. I'm not happy with what I've seen so far and it doesn't bode well that the OL is already having injuries and some pretty glaring protection issues. I would like to see CMC break every run for a 70 yd. TD just like everyone else. However, Shula was only part of the problem and really, in my mind, lack of execution was more to blame last week. Cam is still rusty and I'm not entirely confident he will ever get back to his 2015 form. The important thing is we still won. This defense is on another level. The offense needs to do better and I think they will. But I'm not going to sit here and say I won't be satisfied until they put up 40+ points a game. If they can put up 20-24 points, we have a great chance of winning any game on the schedule. Yes, I want to see max value from our draft picks. Yes, I love it when we seal the win by halftime. Still, I'd rather win a game 9-3, than lose a game 41-38. Now, if they come out and only score 9 pts. against the Saints, then yes...we are fugged. But remember that McDermott knows our protections inside and out. He knows our playbook, plus the Bills have a great pass rushing LB and a pro bowl caliber safety. It wasn't pretty (nor was SF) but it was still a win and at this point 2-0 is the only stat that matters. I think the offense will have success this week, but there will never be a perfect performance. I look for growth, but if we only win by 10 instead of by 30, that won't be cause for panic. We only need to win by 1 to get the W.
  10. No excuses.

    Cam is great. Nobody throws deeper more routinely than he does so fug all the "oh his rating and % aren't good" and along with the fact he throws deeper more routinely than any other QB, he's also never had anybody good after the catch besides a 30+ Smith
  11. We could be 12-0 and it wouldn't matter dude. With some, it's always....
  12. No excuses.

    A white rb and a black QB. I guess there's no hope right?
  13. McCaffrey sucks I've always said that. He's just not good.
  14. Go back and watch the tape... What do u want him to do with those carries? If theres anyhing to be concerned about besides shula, its the blocking. Its not like stewart is running buck wild either... And he might be the best yards after contact back in the league
  15. No excuses.

    Alvin Kamara is better than Christian, it's sad we used the 8th pick on a fuging white RB
  16. Lets be honest its not just Shula, it's Cam. Cam is not and will never be a check down QB, that's why I wanted John Ross or Dede Westbrook, now both those guys are withering away on teams with bad QB's. Out off all teams in the NFL that would have been a bad fit for Mccaffrey Panthers were near the top. Mccaffrey is specialized player that would only really fit in teams like NE, New Orleans, the Chargers or KC. I still have hope he turns out to be at least Tevin Coleman light, but even Coleman had track speed at 210 pounds that Mccaffrey doesn't
  17. Mel Kiper was 100% right, he's not a RB he's a slot receiver/returner. All offseason I had to hear about his hype but I didn't buy it for one second. Just look what his replacement is doing at Stanford, Bryce Love is on pace for 1800 yards averaging a ridiculous 12 ypc. Alabama, Wisconsin and Stanford backs all have one thing in common in the NFL.
  18. No excuses.

    When you pat yourself on the back regarding statements predicting Newton having lingering shoulder concerns are you talking about excuses or reasons? They're really the same thing.
  19. Today
  20. If we did this there would be a week of threads regarding why we ran exact same formation on the goal line after Newton throws it 5ft over receivers head.
  21. No excuses.

    This is what it should feel like but this team feels shaky.
  22. Seriously... If not for a couple of great plays by the Bills safety, we would be talking about how Cam threaded the needle on TD passes to KB and Shep after orchestrating great time consuming drives. Funny how we only remember the bad throws (2) after he started to take a beating. We struggle adjusting to what the defense is doing - Cam and Shula are guilty here, and we can't seem to force/exploit mismatches - more Shula here. The team needs better blocking or better play calling.
  23. Shula unrest

    In other words, you want a pendantic argument. No. You're not getting it. Other teams strategies: Put pressure from the edges on Cam. Anyone who should be a quick outlet will be used in max pro. Then you will have 4 defensive players covering 3 offensive players deep down field, and only Olsen needed to be doubled, if he's not in protection. You want to argue terminology? Go argue it somewhere else. This thread is about how every team knows to beat us by following the preceding paragraph. How many times has this strategy been used against us? How many times have we tried to make that strategy not work against us?
  24. No excuses.

    I'm glad that Igo actually said it. Must have been a spiked latte. I've been pounding that drum for the last day. Not only is excuse time up against a Saints team that is historically bad on defense, excuse time is up period! Cam, Stew, CMC, Benjamin, Samuel and Funchess. Not to mention the O-line. That's a whole lotta draft stock right there. Don't be the pansies that can't score on one of the most inept defenses that has ever been assembled on an NFL gridiron!
  25. Ton rivers shoyld be offesnive codnatitor
  26. No excuses.

    i agree, but i also thought the same thing about KB going out a couple years ago. olsen > than KB, but with that said cam has shown a tendency to rely on those two guys almost too much. olsen being out might help cam spread the ball out even more. of course then it could be he just throws to KB more. i don't know. i'm hoping that with armah coming in to help protect cam we'll be better off and that we'll start seeing that we've got some other decent targets worth throwing to.
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