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  2. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    God this game is ZZZZzzzzz
  3. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Gotdamn, Rivers has EIGHT kids?!?
  4. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Jeromes the head ref so....
  5. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Chargers are fairly solid. I could see them making a run to steal that afc wildcard spot. Dallas is bad without zeke.
  6. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Its been a long time since I have seen a boring game, but, this is one.....I really hoped for more out of this
  7. Eh. He sticks out. I only think of him whenever Funchess proves him wrong lol
  8. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    I don't like it.. Comes off as a late penalty and giving the cowboys some home cooking
  9. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    He's been playing well for the Chargers this year.
  10. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    I actually appreciate that. Keep the game moving when we can.
  11. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Yep. Tre is basically a poor man's Godfrey. Has a knack for making splash plays, but makes way too many errors. Can't afford safeties that blow coverages. It's almost always a big play if not a TD.
  12. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    That ref saw the hands to the face and waited to see that the pass was incomplete before throwing the flag
  13. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Nah. The play vs our biggest rival in the Falcons was enough. A change was necessary for both sides.
  14. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    No clue. I've lived in the Charlotte area for a whole six months of my life and that was about 12 years ago.
  15. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    This is just plain bad football.
  16. He got banned dude. Lol. THats interesting he’s on your mind though.
  17. @Saca312 great right up man. Somewhere @nctarheel0619 is lurking avoiding his Thanksgiving crow lmao. For what it’s worth, it seems nctarheel was right about Worley. But I’m winning to give him one more season to perform before I give up completely.
  18. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    Hi friend, We at Comcast know these comments are important to you, that's why we have locked the ability to read and write them behind a paywall. Luckily our Comments Package is on sale for a low price of $19.99* per month. Please upgrade your current internet package to include our Comments Package to proceed. Thanks again, your pal, Comcast *$99.99 activation fee, $59.99 yearly surcharge, other fees may apply. We reserve the right to change terms at any time.
  19. The Bucs record isn’t Jackson’s fault so I don’t understand this part of your post. I agree ownership would never sign DJax but to argue he’s not exactly what this offense/Cam is missing would be tough.
  20. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    two terrible teams, Dallas is garbage and the Chargers are hot garbage
  21. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    Wish we still had Tre Boston.
  22. Having a great time in NYC

  23. Turkey Day Game Day Thread

    How do we treat people who move to Charlotte and keep their fandom vs becoming a panther fan?
  24. The Benching of Monk if very frustrating

    I feel like a large part of Monk not getting any playing time is our record. Clifford is scared to put a defensive liability on the floor (especially a rookie) while we're sub .500
  25. Justice League

    Too bad they fuged Green Lantern up about as badly as they could have. He's probably on par with Cap as far as name recognition/popularity.
  26. Justice League

    Ant Man is still an afterthought, and came after the first Avengers film, right? He's not even remarkable enough to make fun of like Aqauaman.
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