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  2. Benjamin

    Hurney has made plenty of mistakes, but he was integral in bringing Stephen Davis, Ricky Proehl, and Jake Delhomme in 2003. I know that's a long time ago now but to your point, I do think Hurney recognizes the importance. He also brought in Ken Lucas in 2005 and brought Moose back in 2008. I think he has always been better in FA than doling out contracts and/or drafting after the first round.
  3. Chief's to trade Peter....T. Johnson available FA

    You learn something new everyday.
  4. Marcus Peters to the Rams?! I had no idea!
  5. 3rd round pick for Norman

    Yeah, OP obviously didn’t take that into consideration.
  6. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000917336/article/kansas-city-chiefs-trading-marcus-peters-to-la-rams Well the Rams will take this headache. I guess time will tell if he blows up again. I am sure we won't be in the bidding for Trumaine Johnson but an interested development.
  7. How about those Cheating Dookies

    So...Marvin Bagley chose Duke over Arizona and USC (both had assistants paying players) because of the #Brotherhood? Bull f'in poo. Capel is going down!!
  8. Today
  9. Norwell & Star

    Dude cleaned out his locker. He was gone after the 5th year.
  10. 3rd round pick for Norman

    Um yes but with a contract restructuring.
  11. 3rd round pick for Norman

    He has proven he isn't good without a front 7 the caliber of ours.
  12. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    "All of the sudden, from the west. . .a rider on a pale Pegasus emerges from the fog. Katana in one hand, Smith & Wesson in the other. The students mouth to each other what they dare not speak out loud. . ."good guy with a gun." He strides towards the black mexican muslim assailant, like a Spartan warrior teleported 2000 years into the future. Every pussy in the high school is sopping wet. His neckbeard glistens like the wings of the archangel Gabriel. The illegal immigrant turns and sprays a hail of bullets towards our hero - but every shot is skillfully deflected off his katana. After all, the gun is 500 years old, but the katana has been around for millennia. With one well placed shot, he drops the filthy minority scum in his tracks. Black clouds roll back to reveal sunlight. Obama admits his Muslim and Kenyan origins. All the girls get in an orderly line to suck our hero's ENORMOUS cock. Black people stop blaming white privilege and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. God himself looks down and smiles 'This is why I created you, good guy with a gun.'"
  13. He wore #21 in college. I'm sure he wouldn't mind Norman writing him a check for the number. That's how these things usually work out.
  14. Voth: Time to draft a mid-round QB

    You are really worried about replacing 3.4 ypc? Even if we don’t sign or draft a RB I would think you could get that out of CAP.
  15. Bulled NFL lineman forces high school to close

    calling a right winger a dumbass is the kind of bullying that leads to mass shootings but it's just making excuses when you point to years of hellish war and ever-present weaponized drones as maybe having something to do with radicalization in the middle east
  16. Dem think tank pushing Medicaire for Everyone

  17. Bulled NFL lineman forces high school to close

    Lots more of these dorks are gonna lash out like Cruz did. Mean old liberals keep cyberbullying them online, and then when they wanna march around in a cool confederate soldier uniform and eat tendies, they get punched in the face! Of course, being punched in the face for being a racist incel neckbeard is much more difficult than what minorities face in the US, so I can understand how it makes them come unhinged so easily.
  18. So.... does Bradberry have to give up #24 if this happens?
  19. HRC was SoS, while Stein had no job when she was invited to Russia to meet Putin (she's never had an elected position higher than a city council that it took her 2 tries to get on), it's a completely different context. she has absolutely 0 leftist credentials and is an utter fraud and not someone any self respecting leftist should take seriously.
  20. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    is being in a picture with putin all it takes now?
  21. Ok? Still doesn’t mean DG should’ve removed the tag. The “events” aren’t much of anything abnormal for a guy looking to cash in. Keep him for a year and move on then.
  22. Jill Stein Smacks Down MSNBC Host Over Russian Propaganda

    I mean they were essentially paid Twitter/Facebook trolls that had very little if any on the election per indictment. Honestly whats the different between this and Correct the Record?
  23. Got 2 tix for tomorrow

    Half court upper deck anyone interested?
  24. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    OK, since you still do not understand it, let me break this down entirely. Could a white guy write that joke or some joke like it? Yes. However, just saying that wouldn't be funny. Could there be a setup where a joke like that could work? I'm no joke writer, but sure, I can see that being a possibility within comedy. Now, if a poor joke was written, setup, and executed poorly and a comedian got backlash, it was either a joke that didn't work OR it was intentionally offensive for no reason other than to be edgy and thus got rejected as being in poor taste OR it wasn't intended to be precisely that, but that was the perception made by the crowd. Unfortunately, perception is important and this is why some comedians have had to come out and apologize for jokes that they didn't intend to sound ill-spirited or in poor taste but were perceived as such. The central issue with your joke is that it is tone deaf. White people owned, beat, and killed black people for hundreds of years, then continued to beat, oppress, and kill black people for years after slavery ended due to white nationalism and only relatively recently in American history did they stop being oppressed by white people. It doesn't mean that jokes on the subject matter are off limits, but it better be a flawless joke that just works well as a joke because if it is not, it comes off as hateful due to the subject matter being as divisive as it is. But I think you took exception to Rock's joke being about killing "white children" and that gaining laughs from the crowd while he smiled (as he smiles throughout every special he has ever done). That line by itself is not funny. The setup, delivery, and entirety of that whole bit was funny and well done. It got laughs because they knew he was telling a joke. Sure, some there may hate whitey and take him sincerely, just as some take some white comedians jokes as sincere and start shouting agreement while the comedian looks confused and has to remind them that he is telling a joke (Bill Burr does this ALL the time). Also, yes, there is a tad bit of a double standard. That's reality. Not everything gets to be truly, 100% equal. Deal with it.
  25. I think he considered retirement every other day.
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