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  2. I hate these threads year after year. We won't have to bargain basement FA if we let Norwell and Star walk, which is going to happen. Franchise a Kicker doesn't help. Either way, I didn't realize Crowell was a FA and would be a stellar addition. He had a good year in Cleveland if that's a thing and has been the one positive thing about their offense. Like him better than Duke. Cleveland would be wise to hold on to him though.
  3. Did a little rap song about the life of a QB ...

    huddle diss track in the making. this poo is going to be epic i picked the hardest beat too. prepare to all burn in hell.
  4. Well, for the first three or four weeks, teams were throwing stacked boxes at us all the time because nobody was afraid of Cam Newton being able to throw it very far.
  5. I’m not disagreeing with that but we already made our decision there when we kept Gano over Butker
  6. fuging stupid coulda had Butker fir cheap next few years. Tried to get cute and it bit you in the ass. NOW SLEEP IN THE BED U MADE AND GIVE HIM A LONG TERM CONTRACT
  7. Within the past week I have. We were supposed to hear something after the Super Bowl. Honestly I think he wants someone as a figurehead. Especially since his decision for GM was still a thing, which it shouldn't have been if he truly stepped down from his position. He hasn't lost anything from this team. I bet he wants an owner that will make his decisions happen. He's that egotistical I'm very positive this is happening.
  8. Richardson could certainly ask "are you willing to do X or Y" but he can't put anything like that in writing and expect the league to approve it. And as mentioned, even if someone says yes they can turn around and say "screw you" later. Given the buzz that the league seems to be favoring Tepper though (added to the fact that they have Richardson over a barrel given his allegations) I get the feeling that's where we're headed.
  9. Either don't give Hurney ideas or Hurney get off this board.
  10. or should I say "and Hurney we go"
  11. BUT BUT BUT HURNEYMAGIC. This will be #1 of the bumbling ideas.
  12. We're stuck with Captain for another year. Ugh, our secondary is such a mess.
  13. I'm not convinced of that. I still see the biggest issue as the secondary going from being coached directly by Wilks to being coached by Curtis Fuller and Richard Rodgers. The one thing I'll concede on that front though is that we have been concentrating on zone corners as far as our personnel, and Wilks used more man coverage than McDermott did.
  14. Things that trump says

    "I'm hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people's thoughts. And you go one further step and that's the movies. ... maybe they have to put a rating system for that," - donald Trump 2.22.18
  15. I'm just posting this again because it makes me laugh
  16. Props to Rubio

    billions in profit for gun manufacturers
  17. They also couldn't sign free agents like we can, so the only players they could really spend on were their own draft picks. That's a big disadvantage. Kevin Colbert talked about it in the video from the Steelers. He said the reason that the Steelers made sure they drafted well in the 70s was because that was really their only option. They also didn't get as many extra picks in their first draft as we did (four each in the second to fifth round only) and the league didn't require other teams to submit medical information on players they put up in the expansion draft. Say what you will about Tampa, but they definitely had a harder start than we did. It's one of the reasons why the league gave us and the Jags the advantages that it did. They wanted us to be competitive immediately instead of going 0-26 to start out.
  18. Gano was great last year, but this is just seems like more evidence to the Panthers' plans to move on from Norwell. Shoulda coulda woulda Buttkicker would still be on his rookie deal. While he wasn't a pro bowler it was a promising season for the young kicker in KC
  19. Hell no, wasting money on STs is stupid when you need it for DL & OL.
  20. Hurney's biggest mistake since returning.
  21. I thought this was a joke thread at first.
  22. Just sign him to a 3-4 year deal. We've already committed to him at this point, no use franchise tagging him.
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