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  2. Any body feel me though??
  3. Like i said, fug stats. You watch star, the dude takes a Lineman or two and plows that imeman's back into the running back. A lot of you will be suprised as to Stars worth. Might nit rack stats, but he will rack up the 0's
  4. I think its a fair ranking, our offense has been way to inconsistent to be ranked as high as those other teams
  5. he was police at the time of the incident, genius, which makes him the local police. you should really research things before you just jump to defend pedophiles. he's not still a police officer now fuging 47 years later. now he's retired police. he was police at the time. which makes him the local police.
  6. PFF also had Star rated real low. Yet every time he's not on the field you can feel the impact
  7. local security guard who used to be police.. doesn't make him local police.. there were no police reports filed.. how dumb are you?
  8. Master plan to re-sign him for cheap. Great job Marty you sly dog you.
  9. coming from a guy who defends biden groping children on video.. how rich.
  10. was he local? yes. was he police? yes. local police confirmed that he was banned.
  11. Post a pic, any pic.

    the clinton foundation is the definition of an oxymoron. the clintons are so evil the cosmic forces almost killed them in 1992. If the lights would have finished them off, the world would be in such a better place today.
  12. Does white privilege exist?

    I love you my black brothers, let's all get along, it's nearly thanksgiving, cheers!
  13. This is why we're friends.
  14. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    yeah, I can, but it was the best I had on short notice
  15. Does white privilege exist?

    Racist much? LoL
  16. Does white privilege exist?

    I got a good laugh from this lol
  17. Does white privilege exist?

    Cool man, that's great, you are making a difference! I'm not being sarcastic.
  18. Hey guys, longtime reader, finally decided to make an account lol. I’ll be there with a jet buddy.
  19. 74 74 74 74 Dude. I play madden daily. How else am i supposed to feel relevant in the NFL. I kick the poo out of other fans in the small window i have to do so.. Star is a 74????? What the (F)UCK HE IS ONE OF THE BEST RUN STOPPERS IN THE GAME. IF NOT THE BEST. IDC IF HE DOESNT RECORD ONE (F)UCKIN STAT. THE GUY BLOWS UP TWO MOTHER (F)UCKERS IN THE BACKFEILD AND OUR DEFENSE SWARMS. MAJOR WEAPON ON DEFENSE. 74?!? HES NOT A SCRUB. you spend your life "bettering your life" and posturing yourself to look like you are worth a sshit. I skip that. I play madden after a hard day. STAR never needs to record one fugin stat. But when i play madden after a day if adulting, i better have a fugiin accurate representation of what star does.. .. which is blowing up the middle, taking on 2-3 guys, causing a (f)uckin log jam and making the running back run into a pile of painful sshits.
  20. I get the convincing fashion which we’ve won, our December stronghold, 2 All-Pros returning, all of that & then some.. But looking back at the 3 losses have kept me humble about the wins lately. Was really expecting a return to dominance this year, but losing the 3 the way we did is a much different fashion and has me convinced reality is real... And fug the 1 or 2 seed, if the team is winning then we need to keep momentum. History says a cool down period is detrimental... I don’t know what to think.. I was super chest pounding at 2-0, then smacked back to realty by the NO game. Was excited for the Philly game, then we got owned but not hangin my head on that loss, ‘‘twas a battle. Told my Bears fan Lil Bro that I felt sorry for what was fixin to happen to him before that game, then the game happened... Yeah, not so much.... Team is built to win now, could absolutely run the table & be playing in February.. But which team will show up? I’ll take it like I hope the team is, 1 game at a time... On to NYJ, can’t wait.....
  21. i'll take moral advice from someone not defending pedophiles.
  22. her view is that false accusations are a drop in the bucket in the scheme of sexual assault, yet people like you go out of your way to assert that every one is a lie and show no sympathy with actual rape victims like the children who roy moore attacked. if one or two men lose their careers because of a wrong accusation it's an absolutely microscopic impact compared to all of the women who have been victim to assault of all forms from men.
  23. There’s a reason it’s an unpopular opinion: It’s neither intelligent nor moral.
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