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  2. Work place drug test question

    As others have said I don't see anything illegal about this. Every company that has a drug testing program had to start it at sometime. As far as signing something, if that is required in his/her state I'm sure it would be a matter of "sign this or you are fired." Not a lawyer.
  3. If the chance presented itself, would you take Jones or Antonio Brown?
  4. The Jets are trash through and through. We're gonna whomp them as bad as we did the Dolphins.
  5. 10-14 against the sh!t teams. Talk defense when this team holds Brees or Brady to 10-14 this year. The Eagles, Rams and Vikes have all been able to provide their QB’s with help while maintaining legit talent on defense. This whole it has to be one of the other is dumb. The Panthers just aren’t good at identifying talent at the WR position.
  6. What about the best defense in the league? KB Olsen and Smitty left off the the list... Look you guys constatley want weapons for Cam then want to turn around and compare to Brees, Brady and Rodgers. Those are tier 1 qbs who do better without number 1s because they’re elite, they spread it around with ease. On the other hand QBs like Ryan need a Jones, game manager likes Smith need those weapons and true number 1s like megaton or aj green. Those are tier 2 qbs. Make up your minds...the fact Cam has the best defense in the league is a HUGE weapon. If he is tier one he simply does not need weapons like that. There was an entire year that proved it, 2015. All Cam needs is a serviceable Oline. He is talented enough to do the rest but appearently you guys think he’s a tier 2 qb. Once again Cam needs an oline and a scheme/coaching that embraces his talents. Seriously how many weapons do you need when your defense only gives 10-14 points a game and if they give up 21 they’re having a bad game. What would Brees and Brady do with a defense like that? How much does an elite, tier 1 qb have to do with a defense like that?
  7. The locking on to KB is such a BS story. Let’s look at targets in 2015 and 2016: 2015 Olsen 124 Ginn 97 Funchess 63 Cotchery 54 Brown 54 2016 Olsen 129 KB 118 Ginn 95 Funchess 58 Brown 53 We were less efficient, had to throw more but how is 2015 spreading the ball around more? People seem to forget that as WR2, Ginn has more yards in 2016 than he did in 2015. Also, Funchess and Brown had just about the same amount of targets in both years but their catch % was awful in 2016. Funchess had 5 less targets but he played so badly in 2016 (20% worse catch rate and 160 less yards) that the whole spread it around more theory gets regurgitated.
  8. Lol I think AJ Green would be begging to play with Cam at this point. The bungals are terrible.
  9. Correct, but only for about 20 games. They did put up some great stats together though.
  10. Robots

    Only a matter of time until they start killing us
  11. You have officially jumped the shark.
  12. Wait now we are complaining about WRs after everyone told me KB sucked and we’d be better off without him? He had 1000+ yards and 15 TDs his last year in college and made some clutch plays, I think. Almost 2500 yards in 2.5 years but he singlehandedly ruined the running game. I like Funchess and Samuel, but we've only got 1 of those guys left. The rest is below mediocre.
  13. Today
  14. Nice big pot of soup....still deciding what kind, and some fresh baked bread. Likely some Merlot....guess I need to pick a soup that goes with the wine.
  15. And Sheppard can’t catch worth poo. So right now we have two big targets in funchess and Olsen and no experienced speed guy Maybe we should use cmc in slot once in a while and send him deep
  16. Good morning ladies and gents. Watchu eating and drinking today?
  17. With hands like a running back.
  18. Panthers wide receivers from a college standpoint

    If we could grab a solid receiver in the 3rd or 4th round I'd be ecstatic. Not gonna happen with Hurndog drafting though. I think we have greater needs in the 1st and 2nd like safety and O-line. I guess it all depends on how the draft plays out though.
  19. Eagles would need a major collapse for us to pass them
  20. Why is Kuechly not wearing a Vicis Helmet?

    So the primary function of the helmet is to protect the skull from structural damage. Concussion prevention is a secondary and much less effective goal of wearing helmets. Loads of technical advances have been made recently by the top helmet manufacturers and they are all fairly similar in terms of protection. It all comes down to player preference in terms of comfort and the weight of the helmet. Also, Vicis has a great marketing campaign but lacks the infrastructure to keep up with orders which may play a factor as well. The helmets cost around $1400 each so they are almost exclusive to NFL players as of now. Source: I'm a PhD student who collaborates with Dr. Rowson at the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab.
  21. Robots

    that’s all, just AI. go pick one up at Target, and we’re good to go.
  22. The problem with Cam locking on to WRs only seemed to be a problem with KB. Probably because they are so close off the field. And if KB was the same talent level as Julio or AJ Green then I think that would've worked out pretty good. I don't remember 'locking on' being an issue with Steve Smith. Probably because Smitty could get open most of the time. But yes, this team needs to do a better job with identifying talent at WR.
  23. And that may not be a bad thing but for giggles I looked at some of the horrors McNabb got paired with and the similarities are striking Pinkston Thrash Fredex Avant Reggie Brown Kevin Curtis That is a VERY underwhelming list. Now with some of the amazing talents brought to Cam Avant-lol Bersin C. Brown Clay Edwards Gettis Lafell Pilares The list of mediocrity can keep going. I think Can just can't play with an alpha receiver (AJ Green, Julio, etc) he'll likely lock onto them. With sub par receivers, it's Cam making these guys look better than they are by using his own athletic ability to create time in the pocket and find the open man, smilar to McNabb back in the day
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