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  2. It will be the biggest test all year. The team that makes it to the Super Bowl this year will be the team with the best offense. Every playoff team sans the Rams has a legit defense.
  3. #MeToo women that refuse to speak out

    Sounds about right. Can't have the upstarts living by the same rules as the nobility class
  4. Jeremy WTF?

    With Saha supposedly gone, it won't be long before you guys are piling on Nanuq and calling him a racist, Nazi, rapist-sympathizer or whatever else is en vogue for the day. When you've effectively driven everyone else out of your echo chamber, it will then devolve into you guys violently agreeing with each other only to devolve further into turning onto each other with the same tactics. When all is said and done, it will be Googly raging at the abyss as he will have shouted rodeo down for the "last man standing" honor.
  5. A Tip of the Cap to Dickson

    He played well above expectations in the passing game and showed flashes. He sucks at blocking still, but he’s improved as a pass catcher. That’s all you can ask for.
  6. Cam Coming Up On SVP

    Yeah but didn't admit he was 100% now either. But that hat man...
  7. A Tip of the Cap to Dickson

    Can't complain. Just the Lions game alone was fantastic.
  8. "I just wanted to come relax and watch the hornets play and now I got negan bothering me for a picture...."
  9. A Tip of the Cap to Dickson

    Imagine if Cam didn’t miss him at least 4 or 5 times I remember Dickson wide open for a 20+ yard game. I think two of them were potential long TDs. He has 25-382 1TD and he should have had 30-500 3TDs which is a very good stat line for a TE for 9 games.
  10. Video games are dead *rant*

    I've now played the game a bit. Finished the campaign which was too short but very enjoyable. The online gameplay is awesome and the game plays great. There's a ton of things I need to do and still don't have a solid feel for what the best way to progress is, so I'm holding off. Overall I'd say the game is great. I haven't played a FPS in a long time so I naturally suck at it. The space battles are straight awesome.
  11. Work place drug test question

    This a lot of times true. The fact is, most companies realize these tests are worthless. The only thing that stays in longer than a couple days is weed and, big deal. It's not worth the money invested to have them done to thousands of employees. The best tests cost a good bit as well. I could see a company that is smaller doing it for insurance reasons maybe, but big ones it's not as big of a deal. Anyway, if they never signed anything, I would guess they are given a "test or fire" choice, depending on which state. Unless they started work there like 30 years ago I have a hard time believing they didn't agree to tests when signing for the job, as even if a company doesn't do it they want to have the choice if they want. My company (albeit a very large one) doesn't test but you have to agree to the fact that they can if they want to. And right to work doesn't mean companies have a 100% all encompassing reason to fire someone. There are still tons of cases being made against wrongful termination in states that support this.
  12. This is the problem. As many have stated before the Draft, they were worried that Shula would ruin McCaffrey. Looks like he almost did.
  13. Jeremy WTF?

    So... Twylyght is Saha? Would make a certain amount of sense.
  14. Yeah, I met him at the Military event he was at earlier in the night. He seemed super happy compared to that pic.
  15. Movie Recommendation: Wind River

    Rented it. It was On Demand. Excellent movie. Both leads do a great job...and it didn't have any of the expected nonsense formulas that movies often have.
  16. #MeToo women that refuse to speak out

    Congress has different rules vs. "normal" workplaces. Makes it a difficult process for women (and men) to file harassment complaints / lawsuits. Who would want to go through this just to file a complaint? If you didn't file a complaint and choose to name people now, you are setting yourself up lawsuits and scrutiny. Bottom line is it needs to change. This article explains it well. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/how-congress-plays-by-different-rules-on-sexual-harassment-and-misconduct/2017/10/26/2b9a8412-b80c-11e7-9e58-e6288544af98_story.html?utm_term=.16cf1b74791e The law gives victims 180 days after the offending incident to initiate complaints. Victims must agree to go through counseling, which take typically takes 30 days. After that, victims who want to continue begin 30 days of mediation, which is handled by a neutral mediator. If the problem is still unresolved, they can pursue an OOC administrative hearing or file a federal lawsuit against their harasser. The confidential dispute resolution process can be made public only if the case is ruled in the victim’s favor, after it goes through administrative or judicial proceedings.
  17. A Tip of the Cap to Dickson

    He is certified hater along with many other huddlers
  18. Remember that time we won the division at 7-8-1? Yea... those days are gone. And it's impossible for me to understand how TB can continue to have so much talent and be below average. If we make it through our schedule and into the playoffs, we will have definitely been battle tested.
  19. A Tip of the Cap to Dickson

    Thats what she said
  20. Today
  21. A Tip of the Cap to Dickson

    Just the tip
  22. I really couldn't decide who to root for. But with a win Seattle would have been 7-3 so tied with us in the NFC playoff race. In some ways it seems better for them to be at 6-4. But I realize a lot depends on which team is more likely to fade. In any case, for now Panthers control our own destiny. So we need to just.win.baby! And then win again.. and again.
  23. The Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers when Brett Favre was 35 years old. Cam is 28. Using a first round pick on a QB shouldn't even be a thought for the Panthers right now. Cam is still in his prime and will be for several years.
  24. Absolutely. Remember the founder of this place trying to drum up hate for Rivera when he said he wanted to see more of him? He did well.
  25. I called the possibility of 3 NFC South teams in the playoffs in August. I think I had Panthers at 11-5 Falcons at 10-6 and Bucs at 9-7. Certainly didn't see the Saints playing this well.. and 11-5 might not win the division at this rate.
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