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  2. Peppers,... how old is he now? 25? Still playing better than guys half his age. Kalil was a pro bowler but 33 and he’s done,.. probably will limp through 6 games again and call it a day— thomas Davis deserves his own statue,.. perineal Panther, came back from all those ACL and MCL injuries to be devastating—he’s number 2.
  3. Keep doing your thing,don’t switch up now, you’ve actually done a good job pointing out the good and bad of players we’ve acquired this offseason.
  4. Watched to see how many times 75 got beat... o/u is 4..... thanks, good few minutes of entertainment.. some were a few years back, DWill was still here & Peppers in Chitown beating 75... hes included in the above 4... hope he’s a weapon here....
  5. Did. Cotchery ever run a 4.4? Wright is pretty dang fast or was anyway. Cotchery though had glue hands... then again, as someone else pointed out, Wright was always open, his quarterbacks left points on the field a lot. so we will see what happens with Cam throwing to him.
  6. Fox News North Korea Spin Obama vs Trump

    It is in the interests of the corporate news media to represent the establishment's message. How could it be otherwise? Media's life blood comes from advertising revenue. Advertising revenue comes from wealthy corporations. It is ridiculous to view MSM CEOs or those CEOs that advertise with these media giants as liberals, they are corporatists, the establishment. The MSM's job is to advance corporatist views as what is best for the nation and the general public. Don't believe me, listen to Mika Brzezinski (Morning Joe).
  7. I'm sorry but we are in for another long season on offense. I can't believe the way they treat Cam here. Nobody to throw to and make him run for his life because of the garbage oline.
  8. Only A Twisted Mind

    Not a big fan of Carrey, but his stock just went up in my estimation with this tweet. Sarah Huckabee Sanders represents everything that is wrong with our political system. How she sleeps at night is beyond me.
  9. Cambridge Analytica - Recorded Offering to Bribe or Entrap Politicians

    if this is dead kennedys james o'keefe is simple plan
  10. Mark it down now: Super Bowl LIII belongs to the Panthers

    Is he really a racist or are you exaggerating? Is this site strict or like facebook?
  11. Trump’s opioid crisis

    my former next door neighbor whose house i went to when i was a kid to play nintendo and shoot hoops in his driveway has had his life destroyed by heroin. frankly i'm glad that, instead of a long series of events that started when he was a teenager, it's all some outgroup's fault.
  12. Trump’s opioid crisis

    Might want to include the US Congress and President Trump in that statement.
  13. Trump’s opioid crisis

    Well you got the pharmaceutical part right, here is the rest of the story... So it was political shills like republican Tom Marino that did the heavy lifting for Big Pharma in congress to pass legislation tying the hands of the DEA and making an already historically bad national opioid crisis even worse. Predictably, President Donald Trump wanted Tom Marino to be this nation's next Drug Czar. So yeah, not only is our corrupt US Congress part of the problem, so is President Trump.
  14. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    Isn't Ebron a Cambells Soup commercial bust that the media tried to push on us? I am a CH grad and I don't want this guy. I don't think he is/was very good but I tend to be very picky. I just hope we can not let Greg go because he might be the real heart and soul of this team but nobody gets concussed in a booth calling games.
  15. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    This. Ebron is going to start in Indy. If we were going to throw that type of figure at a player in free agency, it should've been Mathieu.
  16. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    Kinda wish we could see what they offered him
  17. Mark it down now: Super Bowl LIII belongs to the Panthers

    Panthers will not win the SB with Jerry Hurney and Ron running the show. All 3 are terrible and bad. 10 years at the earliest once they're all history
  18. Trump’s opioid crisis

    So you are going to start executing the CEO s of pharma companies and doctors because they are really the root cause of the opioid problem ?
  19. Mock Draft Idea

    Round 1 Hayden Hurst - TE We get our HH this year. Guy looks legit as an athlete and can learn the mechanics from Greg. Sucks that he's older, but as a TE could still easily play for a decade. Round 2 Terrell Edmunds - S Great attitude, willing hitter, and he can play the ball. Would be a great get for us to fill in the FS spot. Round 3 Pick 1 Kalen Ballage - RB This guy looks like one of those players we wish we'd known to draft when he blows up for some other team. Has a nice shiftiness and gets in the open field fast and has decent speed. He's got some power too and could play off CMC. Round 3 Pick 2 Frank Ragnow - G/C Didn't allow a sack in two seasons as Center for Arkansas. He's a strong run blocker and is a technician. Should be the Norwell/Kalil replacement we need.
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  21. Unless we fix the secondary we ain’t winning a playoff game much less a super bowl.
  22. Better get a secondary,.. our dline looks good but it’s of no use if everyone can get the ball out in 1.5 seconds with no contest. Draft a whole secondary and then maybe,..
  23. Trump’s opioid crisis

    The War on Drugs is the most destructive form of socialism the US has ever engaged in.
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