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  2. Vicious Circle

    I had a dream last night that he was going off in a game. Maybe it's this week.
  3. *turns a blind eye* I said NEVER misses!
  4. New to Soccer

    Why the hell would you want to hear the commentators? They're some of the most blindly biased people around futbol that you will ever hear, and if it's not their team, they just go full snarky for an hour and a half. Personally, I love hearing the singing, noise, etc. It's no different to me than our "Keep Pounding" heard sometimes on the TV. Every time I hear both, I get a huge sense of pride in my fanbase knowing that, even though I can't be there, we're still representing. I think it's awesome.
  5. That massive black ego hole can never be filled
  6. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Everyone is welcome to have different opinions. You don't have to be defensive if they disagree. Cam getting sacked 5 times and hit many more tells me they should be getting the ball out of his hand more quickly. Maybe that's on Cam maybe it's on Shula... It just reminded me of the Super Bowl when Shula refused to give Remmers any extra help, because that would be an adjustment. Like you said though it was just two games, so it's hard to really tell. It didn't help him that his offensive line was struggling and Cam was still rusty on some throws. I hope he starts making adjustments and this offense starts clicking as any fan should...
  7. Vicious Circle

    We already do that. We've been doing that. Pay attention.
  8. Actually he did. That next play was a brutal tackle. I felt bad for the guy
  9. I haven't missed a Panthers game in just over a decade, I go to BWW every Sunday to watch. However I just had shoulder surgery yesterday and I'm couch bound and not going to be in any shape to go to a bar tomorrow. Wondering if anyone can help a fellow fan out with some streaming suggestions that won't fill my computer with viruses?
  10. Trump calls black NFL players son of a bitch

    Yea, just saw this. Funny thing is Steph had said he didn't want to go and would vote no when the team voted on if they were going or not. There was or is no hesitation on his part. Trump just trying to look good to his followers.
  11. I was watching a WW2 documentary the other day and thought my god it's an early version of Trump.
  12. New to Soccer

    I've watched since the last world cup. It's not going to change
  13. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Actually you analysis is pretty off. If a team is getting pressure up the middle we tend to run around the edges. We have checkdowns and dumpoffs on most plays, the problem is delayed blitzes where the protections werent called presnap and the linemen dont rub off their initial blocks and pick up the blitzer and Cam backs up into pressure and takes a sack instead of throwing into the pressure. Remember there is more than one type of playcalling. There is what is called in the huddle and what is called at the line. In our system it is designed to be flexible and is largely adjusted at the line since we run and pass out of the same formations. But again look at the numbers and then comment instead of the same old stuff and ignoring the numbers.
  14. Pooped on for spelling and sentence structure.
  15. New to Soccer

    Lots of American channels don't have the blend quite right. And anyways, once you watch enough, it's kind of pleasant white noise.
  16. New to Soccer

    I wish they'd stop fuging singing or digitally remove it. It's tough to hear the commentators
  17. yeah, but that was game planning not tendencies, so it can be overlooked.
  18. On the Menu

    Ban OP
  19. Trump is the POTUS. It isn't "cool" for him to routinely stick his nose in what specific private businesses are doing. Again, Trump continues to be the most unAmerican POTUS in history. And yeah, Trumpers will get blinded by the flag being in the topic and miss the point more than anything it is just an unpopular POTUS playing to his racist fan base. And no; everyone against the kneeling isn't a racist....but Trump is playing to his base here
  20. Is our offense predictable or not?

    The first play of the first game of the season was a carry by Stewart up the middle. I knew it was hopeless to change
  21. So me and my family (family of 4) are (knock on wood) healthy and NEVER go to the doctor, on top of that, BOTH of our families have no history of illness and are in good health. Well, open enrollment just started at my job and I got the new rates.. It is now $411 per month for me and my family with a $6000 deductible! INSANE. So, I have made the decision to completely "cut the cord" on health insurance and I refuse to buy it. There has to be millions more like me out there.. So my question is, if all these healthy people drop out, and the only ones signing up for health insurance are sick people, surely this will lead to a huge collapse right?! Much like the 2008 financial crisis. I dont get why catastrophic plans dont exist.. There should be plans with like a $25,000 deductiblw for like $75.00 per month, why dont these exist?! I REFUSE to pay the price of a Mercedes car payment for inaurance when we all have a completely clean bill of health
  22. Is our offense predictable or not?

    I did break it down. if you want more of a breakdown just look at the site I referenced. There is everything you could want to find and more. The problem is that with only 2 games in the books there isnt that enough of any one situation to get too specific as the n is pretty low.
  23. okay, nothing has nothing to do with nothing.
  24. Is our offense predictable or not?

    As long as we win it doesnt matter by how much. You dont get extra points for reaching certain point or yard goals
  25. Is our offense predictable or not?

    I think a lot of the calls are more questionable than predictable. Like if a team is getting constant pressure up the middle with some really good DTs he will try to run it up the middle with CMC, or call a long developing play when Cam is getting sacked constantly, or call a qb bootleg a few plays after Cam hurt his ankle. I just feel like he has plays he is going to run no matter what is happening during the game. I didn't see many attempts at making adjustments until he called those quick passes down the field during our last drive that actually worked. So the play calling may not be predictable, but seems questionable to me. Hopefully he will correct this as the season goes on.
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