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  2. Dale Jr Center Cuts a Tree

    I used to sell Dale Jr Yeti coolers on the regular. Pretty nice guy. His daddy would be dissapointed in him though
  3. Damn, I feel just as old as Scot. Wait! I am just as old as Scot (give a few months).
  4. I wont be mad. We've had more total success and 2 chances already woulda been 3 if we had any RBs with a heartbeat on the roster in Seattle 05'
  5. Daeshon Hall

  6. Back when both were just starting, Tom Coughlin wanted to beat the Panthers to everything: first playoffs, first Super Bowl, you name it. Coughlin's back with the Jags now, so if they win a Super Bowl before we do, he'll get his wish.
  7. Damn. I saw Nadia Comaneci's perfect 10 live also.
  8. Dont give an eff. They play in the easiest division in football while we play in the toughest. They have always had top picks for over a decade so in my opinion they are behind where they should be after so many miserable years. But good for them. I hope they embarrass the Cheatriots
  9. The Austin Rivers three against UNC was pretty high up there for me
  10. I saw most of those. I would add Valvano's NC State team defeating Houston's Phi Slamma Jamma for the national championship when Lorenzo Charles made the improbable game winning shot off an air ball.
  11. Would rather the Jags than the Pats or Eagles
  12. They can stay sucking S*it for all I care. Definitely don't want them to have greater success then Carolina. If they do reach the SB then they must suffer as we have. with a Loss
  13. it's not like we haven't had the chance to do it first. wouldn't bother me one bit if the Jags won the Superbowl.
  14. I want them to succeed cause they sucked so long, but damn if they win a SB before us, I don't know if I'll be happy
  15. Panthers Related: X-Clown: Actually, that entire game was something special. It's worth watching just to remember all the craziness that happened. https://youtu.be/2Pe_O8eNn5A 2008 Season Opener Last Second Win: Strangely, this one sticks out a lot. I think it was because Jake was back from Tommy John and delivered in yet another clutch moment. Gave us hope after suffering through a season of David Carr. https://youtu.be/Yh3QKHchBXM 2015 Seahawks: A signature win against a hated opponent that made us realize that it was going to be a special season. https://youtu.be/dymUtuAVeW8 Other: 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: The underdog slaying the giant with a Statue of Liberty trick play and a proposal afterwards. 2010 World Cup - US vs Algeria: Kinda sad this is the best US soccer can do but I went insane nonetheless. 2007 Super Bowl: I'm not sure what was the bigger miracle, the Tyree helmet catch or witnessing the Giants make the game winning touchdown against the unstoppable Patriots.
  16. Rivera has all but directly stated that if Wilks gets a new job, Eric Washington replaces him. The only other option would be Al Holcomb if Washington followed Wilks to his new team. If something happened and both were gone, Rivera has a preference for people he knows well so you're probably looking at someone like Bob Babich.
  17. Dale Jr Center Cuts a Tree

    forward this to my boss
  18. Daeshon Hall

    Did Gettleman draft the most injured class of all time?
  19. Take him, bring back Del Rio, upgrade, profit.
  20. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    stopped reading at the NFL is not scripted.
  21. Well, any time you're going to a team that's changing coaches, chances are there's some retooling needed. Positives though? Arians retired, so you're not following a firing. And people have generally had a positive opinion of Steve Keim's performance.
  22. David whupping on Goliath was pretty special. Damn I'm old.
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