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  2. Only A Twisted Mind

    I like how the right wing narrative is "how disgusting Jim Carey would attack a woman for her looks". Um, Jim Carey attacked her for being lying for a living and being an American Baghdad Bob.
  3. Only A Twisted Mind

    The painting is better looking than reality in this case.
  4. Another school shooting this am

    Second that.
  5. I enjoyed watching this team last night..

    Past few games, I have fast forwarded it when the starters are in and watched when the rookies came in. I love the Hornets, but it is extremely hard to watch the team. Also, the offense looked great last night when Monk was at PG. I thought he ran that 2nd unit great. When teamed with Kemba, he never even touched the ball. They do not look compatible playing together yet.
  6. Another school shooting this am

    This is so sad and so very discouraging.
  7. Byrd showed so much damn flash and big play making potential before the injury. I hope they give him a season to prove he can stay healthy
  8. No, we picked up a player with actual receiver skills like route running, catching, etc... that the rest of our receivers don't really have. Funchess is still a work in progress. Torrey Smith is a dude who can only run a fly route. Byrd has a lot of promise and athleticism and I do expect him to make progress this year. I don't know if Samuel ever becomes a contributor.
  9. Expect Hurney to double up in Draft

    Alabama has multiple DBs that could go in the first 3 rounds.
  10. Expect Hurney to double up in Draft

    I remember when he traded up for that superstar Armanti Edwards from that power house school App State
  11. My favorite McNutt hype: The sky is a brilliant shade of blue in Charlotte, North Carolina. The sun's rays smolder the skin with the coolness of a gentle breeze as your only relief. The smell of slow cooked pork permeates the air with a dominance only matched by fresh cut grass in the spring. All the signs were there. Football had awoken from its hybernative state. It was opening day 2014. Like a young child filled with eagerness and excitement on the first day of school, the fans filled the stadium. They scattered the corridors buying cold beer and 75% off Steve Smith jerseys, until they heard the staccato notes of snare drums. They then scurried to their seats in anticipation of the player introductions. Drummers, flag wavers, and cheer leaders dotted the field. The crowd roared with the intensity of a Boeing 757. The team, escorted by smoke and fire, ran onto the field. "And now, your starters!", exclaimed the PA announcer. He started with Ryan Khalil, and worked his way down the list to the ninth player, Cam Newton. A sense of bewilderment wafted through the air. What's going on? Why didn't the star QB come out last? Who was the last two players? The PA announcer could then be heard breathing heavily over the microphone. "This...This can't be right! It must be some kind of mistake!", he said in a rattled voice. "King McNuttatron" The skies turned pitch black. A lightning storm filled the sky with loud strikes of electricity. Out of the tunnel walked Marvin McNutt and Tavarres King. They had emotionless, almost robotic, faces. They stopped at center field, and stood back to back. The PA announcer came back on the microphone. "Gettleman told me I'm supposed to say this.", he said in a voice of disbelievement. "Fire, water, earth, and wind, let the powers from below, ascend." At that moment, their eyes started glowing green. Their bodies then began contorting and binding into one. When the spectacle was over, a sight that could be mistaken for the 8th wonder stood. A 7'0 350 pound receiver. It was built of solid muscle. It had hands the size of catcher's mitts, and shoulders as wide as the Mississippi. Cam Newton bravely walked up to this towering beast. "How fast do you run the 40?", Cam asked. "3.8 seconds", it replied. "How many bench reps can you do?", Cam asked. "All of them.", it replied. It was at that moment, that the whole free agency debacle made sense. While fans cheered for their new player, David Gettleman sat alone in a luxury suite, with a grin stretched across his face. "Who's laughing now?", he whispered "Who's laughing now?"
  12. He is Jericho Cotchery 2.0. I really don't understand why people don't get this.... Stop paying attention to stats and open your F eyes. You really think Samuel is going to be our 3rd down guy? A dude who didn't even really play receiver in college and will have missed roughly half of his development time since he's been a Panther? He has to get healthy before he can even THINK about getting better. Samuel was a project and about as raw as you can be as a college player, which is not an optimal pick in the 2nd round. I didn't say that his contract matches a vet min, but we've invested cap space that will be dead if we cut him. Reading between the lines that means we expect him to contribute or we wouldn't have wasted that money. Smith on the other hand can be cut today with no penalty. Does that help?
  13. Serial bomber in Austin TX

    I'm seeing it, I keep getting notifications from the NYT. Of course I read real news
  14. No everyone of you are morons to think this is such a great pickup. The guy was even hardly on the field because he sucked plain and simple. We picked another guy to score a TD the first game and go away for the other 15 games. Thanks Hurney!!!!
  15. I've found in my short time that this is the most unintelligent group of people on a message board that I've ever seen. I can't even read half of the replies.
  16. The Walking Dead season 8

    Baby Judith on some steroids and human growth hormones then.
  17. If he is our second best receiver (which I don't believe that he is), then we're screwed. Secondly, his contract is not indicative of a veteran starter's contract during this decade, much less this offseason. It is more a reflection of a team needing a receiver because of the present, somewhat tenuous, state of its wide receiving corps relative to the bottom of the barrel of free agency and availability of pro-ready viable playmaking receivers during the draft. Wright has been a serviceable backup for a half dozen years in the league, and sure he has completed some third downs, but he has been used rather scantly, and has basically fallen off a cliff for the past two seasons. If Samuel's health wasn't in question, I doubt that we would have even signed him. Let's not fool ourselves. There's absolutely no reason for the Huddle to go down the Brown-Shepard boulevard this year. Wright has had plenty of years to show the NFL what he is.
  18. Sheppard didn't even have that... And again stop telling me what happen in another teams system with sub par QB's most of his career.. If you can't see his hands, speed and ability to move the chains.. Not my fault .. Go take a class or something..
  19. TE2 is getting worrisome

    Yeah and he couldn't catch when he did have an opportunity except for Lions game.
  20. Serial bomber in Austin TX

    ditto now... i have family in austin, but they're in thailand right now and not where i'm getting the news from, but this has been far from ignored if someone like me, who doesn't really tune in to the news often knows about it
  21. TD gets personal fouls and penalties as well right?? I never seen you bring that up when discussing him.. All I know when Mitchell was here he had 66 tackles 4 sacks and 4 ints and a lot of WR heads were on a swivel .. That's pro bowl numbers and a intimidation factor we need at safety...
  22. 8 out of 11 drafts he conducted for the Panthers he selected 2 players from the same school. Other trends I noticed are that his first 3 rounds typically are players from big name schools. He doesn't mess with smaller schools in early rounds with a few exceptions. And, in almost every draft there has been a trade within the first 3 rounds, whether it's up or down, he makes moves. In conclusion, I could see a number of schools being double dipped by Hurney in the first 3 rounds, as well as potentially a trade to move up for a player he likes. What big namd schools out there have players that fit a need at multiple positions who could theoretically be on the board when the Panthers pick? Texas A&M? Stanford? Georgia?
  23. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    Thank god we dodged this bullet. The Colts are the most dysfunctional franchise in the league. Enjoy that headache, idiots!
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