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  2. Things that trump says

    Last week the the quick statement from Trump's doctor saying he is in excellent health misspelled the doctors name. The release had the statement coming from Dr. Ronnie Jackson. Trumps doctor is Dr. Ronny Jackson.
  3. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    Both are possible. I'd like for us to find better than Anderson because he's looked awful in his last few, but I know that doesn't always happen here.
  4. That's actually relevant when your plays are designed by Mike Shula.
  5. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    I agree, that would be a perfect situation.
  6. Raleigh in running for Amazon Hub

    the giveaways to companies like amazon dwarf the handouts to sports teams for stadiums. illinois/chicago offered a multi-billion dollar package that includes allowing amazon to pocket the income taxes paid by its workers lol. paying income taxes to your boss is the future libertarians want. meanwhile chris christie wants to use public money to pay amazon's wages holy poo fresno: mayor mussolini explains: anyone have any idea how many billions raleigh is prepared to hand to amazon? quick google suggests the city is being pretty secretive about it.
  7. These "formulas" aren't that complex, and all the players are judged by the same stat. NextGen stats looks at all kinds of things, and separation from the DBs by the receiver when the QB releases the ball is pretty cut-and-dried. There is no ulterior motive, and Matt Harmon, etc. isn't conspiring to make anyone look good or bad.
  8. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    I wish we had picked up Brissett
  9. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    DA's still on the roster until March, and I bet he comes back. I also expect that we draft a QB this year.
  10. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    My feeling is we'll probably still go for a veteran option on a one or two year contract while Gilbert develops some more. Mind you, I will be kind of interested to see what Norv Turner can do with Gilbert.
  11. Things that trump says

    Melania's team is straight up the laziest out there. They don't even care. But there is a clear overall theme about how incompetent the press shops are for all the Trump Admin. I mean it is so so bad.....at this point I legitimately think they are just trolling the world. I mean I am really getting to the point that there are dudes that literally say, "whoa, that sounds too good. Let's randomly misspell Norwary to give it that little something extra. I mean they are too consistently bad at their jobs. Same here, I mean it is like there mission now to rip off Michelle Obama intentionally now. Just for the fun of denying it and watching people get upset.
  12. I like Funchess, but I still see him as more of an Alvin Harper than a Michael Irvin. the effort to make him a number one by trading Benjamin didn't really bear enough fruit to call it successful.
  13. Raw is probably not the right word for Sutton. He needs refinement, but he definitely has the production which is what I love to see from a high draft pick. I wouldn't be totally against him. If Norwell is signed, there would be no need to think about G/C in the 1st round. But if it does occur, I wouldn't be against taking Billy Price at all. Can't miss in my opinion.
  14. Also, the 2015 NFC divisional playoff against the Seahawks when Luke picked off Wilson and took it back for a touchdown was the loudest I've ever heard BoA. The ground was shaking hardcore
  15. Still the greatest sports moment of my life, even though I don't even watch hockey anymore. Bobby Nystrom OT Winner
  16. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    I feel almost certain he will be the guy. Not that I agree with it but I think that's what will happen. Getting bridgewater would be great but he likely sees himself as a starter and won't want to go where is is destined to be a backup.
  17. Today's NFL isn't really built around a #1, you have a couple teams with studs as the #1 (ATL/PIT/CIN/NYG) and maybe a few others, the game is spreading the ball and finding the mismatches. That wasn't a DC order either, it was a list that I think is a quality rotation of WR's that can all be threats after the catch, minimize the risk, increase the reward -- that is something CMC also provides. IMO that group with Olsen, and hopefully more 2 TE sets would help take this offense's passing attack to the levels it achieved in Cam's first two seasons.
  18. my #1 is easily, Deshaun Watson beating Bama. I see the Rosario Dawson game getting a lot of love. I'd actually put Delhomme's debut here above that one. Delhomme's debut over time has rose in the ranks for me. We had no emotional attachement to him at the time tough. But that was the debut of Jake's crazy and often unexplained magic that he had for a good window. I think Tommy Jone ate his magic though. Never had it after that Tommy Jone got him.
  19. Brees is insanely accurate and a future hall of famer. Only a troll or a fool would argue otherwise. But it's a shame this fanbase continually goes out of it's way to minimize Newton's accomplishments though. I'm sick of it, and I will call people out when I see it.
  20. This mock is trash. Derrius Guice isn't even in his first round, he's definitely one of the top 20-30 prospects in the draft.
  21. Things that trump says

  22. Wasn't Rucker. It was a CBS graphics guy who screwed it up in that game. Part of me still thinks that was deliberate, some idiot in the graphics department just being a bunghole,
  23. X-Clown The Camback (2010 Iron Bowl, which was even more amazing watching with The Auburn Club after having dumped a girl who was a Bama fan and having started dating an Auburn fan) 2014 Daytona 500 and 2004 Daytona 500 2015 vs. Seahawks, both in the regular season and the divisional playoff 2013 World Series 2010 Duke vs Butler national championship game Jake's 85-yard TD pass to Moose in SB38 Cam's TD pass to Ginn to beat the Patriots in 2013 2014 fall Martinsville race 2010 BCS national championship when Wes Byrum made that chip-shot to win it all Kemba's buzzer beater to beat the Bucks in the first game back as the Hornets Hornets/Heat Game 4 of the playoffs 2016 when Kemba took over 2006 Stanley Cup Game 7
  24. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    Not unless the answer is Garrett Gilbert. He's had his moments but is he ready to be a full time backup? I'd be iffy on that idea.
  25. He did, but it's fair to say that Brees throws a more catchable pass than Newton. Brett Favre's passes weren't exactly easy to catch either (he broke at least one receiver's fingers). Not every receiver is gonna work well with a fireball throwing quarterback. We have to look for receivers with tough enough hands to handle what Newton gives them.
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