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  2. So, who is at fault

    A GOP pledge well that sounds really promising
  3. Backfilling DL and LB coaches

    Yeah, Star was saying that losing Washington or Mills would be a huge loss.
  4. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    too early to predict until FA, draft, and the schedule is released. but no way i think we cannot win at least 8.
  5. Thank You Trump!!

  6. Damn them Saints for getting better finially. Damn them!!!!
  7. yes and yes! it’s gonna be an event in every sense of the word
  8. Backfilling DL and LB coaches

    That would be very cool.
  9. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    If Rivera is fired, then I might be less optimistic. But, man, he is the steadying presence holding all this poo together. Plus, we have a great locker room with enough quality vets to move things right along. Ask again in June, after our team has been put together.
  10. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    I think 4 games is about the median swing from one year to the next for most teams. I doubt we're going 15-1 but I can't see much worse than 7-9. I just want 9-7 at a minimum for back to back winning seasons.
  11. Backfilling DL and LB coaches

    One glaring omission on my part and a guy who could very easily be a candidate for our next DL coach... This guy. (and not necessarily just because of who his dad was)
  12. The turnover isn't as much as you'd think (with exception of the owner). Yes, it's a new DC but it's always been Rivera's defense (just more blitzing with Wilks). New OC is a positive because Shula is gone and the team has ran a version of Turner's offense all along. The biggest difference will be what happens with GM. If Hurney has a successful draft/FA period, then we are a playoff team. If not, it could be a .500 season.
  13. #Riveraknowshisshit
  14. Said it in the other thread. McDermott took nobody. Wilks looks to be taking half the staff.
  15. Hurney going to spend. Over! (don't ask about the cap issues the next few years, though)
  16. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    I think early vegas has us at 9.5 which is pretty good for the turnover we have coming.
  17. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    Apparently we are going to suck. Who knew? Not me!
  18. Backfilling DL and LB coaches

    Sounds like we're losing Ray Brown too. McDermott took nobody with him. Wilks might be taking half the staff.
  19. NFL throws interception I agree that the refs are poor. The problem is that there is no accountability in officiating across sports. This is the main contributor, in my opinion, to poor officiating. The reason they keep their jobs is the same reasons a lot of people who are not qualified keep their jobs, unions.
  20. Your basing this on the LT only. Turner and Norwell both became All-Pro. Daryl Williams is at least a solid RT. Ryan has been amazing for years. Larsen was a solid starter for many games as an UDFA.
  21. Yes, Norv is official. Scott isn't...yet.
  22. First thought I had was Russ Grimm. That'd be awesome if the Panthers hired him.
  23. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    over. Cam. Luke. With all the bitching about Shula around here, I'd have thought most everyone would expect a drastic improvement in out offense.
  24. Well that tends to happen when your line is anchored by a human turnstile.
  25. Over or Under 7 wins next year?!

    Under seven wins...? Da phuck outta here, man. LOL
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