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  2. Does white privilege exist?

    so ,very few...
  3. Time for some consistency.

    So we'd need them to drop 3 more games to get the 1 seed.... Damn we don't have the Seahawks luck from 2014 where they lost to a team they were in a 3 way tie with but got the 1 seed due to the three way tiebreakers. Big reason they wound up in Super Bowl that year and the Pats won. Packers probably win it all that year if not for that lucky seeding.
  4. Time for some consistency.

    I don’t think a lot of people on this board think we are a bad team, but our offense hasn’t shown it can score TDs on a regular basis. Like you said, “....our offense gets more in the swing.” That’s not a guarantee.
  5. Time for some consistency.

    First of all, i doubt the Eagles will drop two more games. they play the Bears, Seahawks, Rams, Giants, Raiders, and Cowboys. I could see the Rams beating them, but please point out to me the other loss. :/ they'd have to have a Carolina @ Chicago type of game to lose another. But assuming they did... (my guess would be vs a Zeke-assisted Dallas in the finale). If Philadelphia loses to Oakland and Los Angeles, and the Panthers and Vikings go 13-3, the seeding will be like so: Philly Carolina Minnesota If Philadelphia loses to LA and Dallas, the seeding will be like so: Minnesota Philadelphia Carolina at least, thats what playoff predictors says You would be correct sir.
  6. Cigar thread reborn

    You are right! I smoked the Opus X Belicoso last night and all though it was tasty it wasn’t any better than the $18 Opus Perfexion, or dare I say I’ve even had $5 sticks that were as good.
  7. Should I bang this guys ex wife

    You don't have 3k much less 16 grand so how could be rip you off?
  8. Time for some consistency.

    Yep. We need to show consistency on OFFENSE. I think that is what you are really eluding to. Our defense has done well regularly. We need to come out and put TDs on the board. If we can’t get in the end zone we won’t go far in playoffs.
  9. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    Hindsight makes everyone look like a genius. This is a ridiculous reactionary thread. Plus he's a 5th round rookie so who the knows what the hell we would have gotten.
  10. Should I bang this guys ex wife

    need pictures
  11. Do you even follow college football or just talk your ass about it?
  12. Goes straight up in the air, no branches at all.
  13. I would add PSU to that mix as well. i would fully support this. Norv Turner offense with a Wilks defense??? holy hell that would be nasty.
  14. Time for some consistency.

    Yes, we're fourth in the NFC and two of the three teams ahead of us are games coming up. We're going to find out who we are and who they are between now and then. I think we'll split with the Saints this year, and I think the Vikings will be one hell of a challenge. We're a better team than this board thinks and one that deserves the 7-3 record it now has. We're on pace for 11-5 and a solid run at the playoffs. That's good, that's mighty darned good as we get back Olsen and our offense gets more in the swing. Breathe, watch, enjoy. The best of the season is still ahead of us.
  15. Today
  16. Time for some consistency.

    Saints are losing to the Rams this week so we can all let the epic Skins collapse go.
  17. Carolina defenses since 2011: 2011 - 28th in yards surrendered, 27th in points surrendered 2012 - 10th, 18th 2013 - 2nd, 2nd 2014 - 10th, 21st 2015 - 6th, 6th 2016 - 21st, 26th So, not counting this year which isn't complete yet, by "always" you meant "once"? BTW, 2011-2016 defense overall averages - 13th in yards surrendered, 17th in points surrendered So, not counting this year which isn't complete yet, by "the very best" you meant "good to average"?
  18. Oh PLEASE, Please, please. I'm not getting my hopes up though.
  19. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    I can't argue that. I wish Butker would have given them more, but yeah you're right he was going to have to be much better for RR to cut Gano.
  20. Cam's thumb injury

    I might even put Atlanta as better and the soon to be opponent Vikings are way better. Needless to say Jets aren’t close to the best we’ve played.
  21. Time for some consistency.

    Nope if we win out, we win the NFCS regardless of what the Saints do. We control our division destiny. Lets say Panthers and Saints 13-3, both have same division record and split the season series. The next tie breaker is record vs common opponents. We would have lost to the Bears who the Saints beat but we would have beaten the Pats and the Vikings who beat the Saints.
  22. Cam's thumb injury

    #7 run D, I don’t think their pass rush was to p half so probably not 7 overall. That said we rolled them. The Jets are only an issue if we make it an issue.
  23. Putting Corn on IR was a mistake.

    I can understand that. But based on Rivera's comments, I think Gano was always gonna be our kicker.
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