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  2. QB's are currency we should start and keep drafting QBs like the best teams do and trade them away for steals. NE been doing this and others keep trying so yea we should draft a QB in this draft since it's the best QB draft in a while....could turn a profit. There was a great write up on this(or show i forget). If you knew football you'd realize the value of it....hardly any QB's can play these days and if you got 2 you got value, premium value.
  3. Curtis Samuel earned his Panther card

    He has 7 months until camp...let's hope that he heals up completely in that time and is ready to kick some ass next year.
  4. Steve Smith played on bad nfl teams, so what? You automatically discredit him too. And yes Amendola got 5 years 28 million, go do some research Greg Olsen plays wide receiver now? I could of swore he was pro bowl TIGHT END. Nice try trying manipulate stats to win the argument. Our front is cheap, even with cap space they have refused to spend money on free agents. And it’s not about signing a 5th or 6th option it was about signing a second legit receiver. I guess you forgot the SB where we had 6 drops, or are you forgetting this season? Sheppard, Samuel and Clay combined have barely done squat. Who cares about winning seasons? Everyone with half a brain. Maybe you have a loser mentality, and that loser mentality has given our front office a pass for decades.
  5. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Depends on where you live...
  6. #MeToo women that refuse to speak out

    Thought this was a good comment from the latter of those two articles. Most of those articles are indeed, ridiculous. The mixing of the moral and the political is confusing to the author, let alone the reader. "Right now it seems as if where in a "no woman's land" of immoral equivalence" when it comes to the Washington political elite and sexual harassment. Too many like Alabama Republican Governor, Kay Ivey, are making a political calculation over a moral one. It's OK to have a pedophile in the Senate if he's voting the way I want. This is what is troubling here and in the liberal Democratic community which I also identify with. If Democrats are going to make the same calculation as Republicans, then we all have to stop talking about Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Roy Moore, and Donald Trump. I find this lack of morality or it's imMoore-ality unacceptable, We must draw the line. In my view we need to recognize that just about every other outed sexual offender (see the list of 30 in today's Times) has either been fired or resigned with the singular exception of the elite political class. Why should they who we elect and assume will protect us instead be allowed to protect themselves? If women and men who have been victimized by sexual misconduct see that there is no justice, no "rule of law," no consequences, then what do we have left of our democracy? We must place morality above political party and partisanship and say "No" to any and all sexual misbehavior. We cannot have a "double standard" where politicians are above the law. As much as I join you in admiring Al Franken, your original conclusion was right. He must bear the consequences of his imperfection and resign."
  7. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    What baffles me is how you are able to dress yourself in the mornings...
  8. Potential NFC PLAYOFF TEAMS

    The Eagles were cursed the day they beat up Santa,.. they going down,... all the way down sir. If no one else takes them out I guess I will have to pull for Brady again in the Super Bowl,... dang it. for Atlanta, they may be coming on strong now that they righted their ship with the Seahawks,.. or they may have played their Super Bowl and fall down,.. we will see. for us the Saints are our nemesis at the moment and the Vikings are strong too. Its a nose at the finish line for sure.
  9. The QB class has been a disappointment, but if there is a surefire, true franchise guy at 32...we should trade back to the desperate QB needy team. Cam is our QB for another decade. But would much rather invest a late 2nd on quality than crap away a day 3 pick on $hit. Backup is a major need.
  10. That's bold. I'm not ready to go there yet (JJ is special), but FunFun still is a legit receiver who has a lot of potential that he has yet to reach.
  11. Welp looks like we got another one

    Lol...yeah ...ok...i love the dots...
  12. Welp looks like we got another one

    deflection of a straightforward question and descent into unintelligible nonsense noted as usual
  13. Going to be in NYC for thanks giving so I'm going to the game . Going to get drunk as anything and go crazy!!!
  14. Does white privilege exist?

    Ball with "boots on the ground"...lol!
  15. The Last Jedi

    Thats just crazy talk, I present Ep 1,2 and 3 as evidence. The Star Wars Holiday Special was not a movie, and the Ewok TV movie was the worst Star Wars movie. The SWHS came out when I was a freshman in high school and I had to decide to stay home and watch it or go to the weekly HS dance - went to the dance thinking that the special was going to be on every year like Rudolph, and this was before VCRs were mainstream, so I didn't get to see it until a couple of years later when a friend had a VHS of it. Oh it was awful watching Chewies grandpa get all excited for Diahann Carroll.
  16. THAT’S MY QB

  17. Welp looks like we got another one

    No. That's a symptom. Here's all you ever need to know about the current state of politics in the US. We've grown increasingly insular politically as a nation. Media, politics, and social outrage all stem from our lack of will to listen to each other: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEczkhfLwqM
  18. Welp looks like we got another one

    Yes so far no proof ...he said they let him...so who was he talking about and bring them forth to dispute...
  19. Welp looks like we got another one

    There's a very real danger of simply wiping away the things Franken definitely did and what he is accused of. There's a mentality, that many of us are guilty of, and even Trump used as his ET audio defense. It's the same mentality (albeit to different levels) that go from trying to be funny (what? it's just a joke) like in the Franken picture to trying to sound cool by bragging about sexual assault, all the way to actually committing sexual assault. It's all on the spectrum if you will. While you're right that there are varying degrees, in essence, they do stem from the same culture or mentality. We have to change as a culture to say wait a second...that's not funny and attempting to make that funny by touching someone else is wrong. It's easy and obvious to say that's illegal and you should be prosecuted. And I thought Franken would ride this all out and just be admonished, if anything at all. Then a second accuser came forward with a different but credible story. Is grabbing someone's @ss the same as grabbing them by the pssy? Legally I'm not sure...but probably. It's unwanted sexual touching. That's sexual assault. So that's 2 times he's been accused of sexual assault. Doesn't seem like either victim wants to legally prosecute (if they even can). So legally he's fine. But the picture is a result of a mentality. Of what might be funny. And I'm all for comics pushing that limit all the way...until they touch someone else. He now has 2 (in my view credible) accusations of assault. One before the Senate and one while a Senator. Personally, I think he should resign. But that doesn't matter. I also think Moore should drop out and Trump should resign. Doesn't matter. So the Senate will do it's investigation and whatever happens happens. There's no reason to view all of these accusations the same. View each one individually and I think we will get close to the right answer each time.
  20. Ding dong the prick is gone

    maybe dylann roof won't be "the last rhodesian" after all
  21. The Last Jedi

    Star Wars Holiday Special saved Rogue One from being worst Star Wars movie of all time.
  22. #MeToo women that refuse to speak out

    So much harder to grapple with the issue then to just say hey our guy targeted minors but we need the tax vote so vote for him anyways...huh.
  23. Welp looks like we got another one

    Well by no proof I assume you mean the President is full of poo about everything he says and "grabbing them by the hoo ha because they just let you do it" is just his wishful thinking. So is Trump full of poo whenever he opens his mouth, or did he describe his actions accurately? Dozens of women say it's the latter, everyone with an ounce of intelligence knows the former is true, which one, or both, do you think is true?
  24. New York Jets Season Stats Thus Far

    Panthers stat guy did this. Good stuff
  25. Yes....I understand that. What Im saying now is Im curious as to how our offensive rank is for the past 2 games vs. our average.
  26. I doubt it. Most teams aren't going to waste a first rounder when they feel they have a good qb for at least 5 more years. Besides, how good of a qb would we get with the 32nd pick in the draft?
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