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  2. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Musculation
  3. fug it. Arm everyone.
  4. Oh here's that fuging post that saca fug jacked. another of a million.
  5. I mean there's nothing more to get excited about than russell shepherd and isaac byrd.
  6. They cannot afford to keep him. It is kind of like why we didn't resign AJ Klein. We'd love to have him but hat his street price he would have been 4 on the depth chart.
  7. Yes - Church shooting arm the ministers! Movie shooting - Arm the ushers! Concert shooting - arm the roadies! And trump will make sure everyone gets a bonus! Problem done. Presidenting is easy.
  8. And then martial law will have won.
  10. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    I do agree with what Stirs said about being an all or nothing argument. It's a numbers game and if it'll save 10 of the 17 lives then it's worth it. Teachers don't need guns, my wife has it hard enough as it is. Mental health reform, law enforcement training, universal background checks, illegal transfer of firearms, licences, insurance, capacity/fire rate restrictions, 2004 weapons ban etc. Every one of the those has been purposed and should be implemented in some aspect. People will bitch and moan but at this point I don't care. I want my kids safe. No one needs a semi-auto anything. It's nice, trust me, I know, but you don't NEED one.
  11. I hate that Hurney is our GM as much as the next guy, but I really wonder if he'd make any move like this without the request of Norv and Ron. I can't imagine either of them would sign off, and he seems to have a good relationship with Ron, and by extension I would assume, Norv.
  12. I'd take either Crowell or Hill. They make too much sense. I'd def lean towards Crowell
  13. More guns is not the fuging answer. Next thing you know on this model is let’s arm the students.
  14. Benjamin

    I take this back. We should just draft a guy in the first round that can play WR/TE/RB/LG. That'll solve our issues.
  15. Josh Gordon will be...

    To be fair though, him being in the position he's in is kind of his own fault. If you pay him big money and then he screws up again, you're on the hook for it.
  16. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    I'd like to see turdstache walk down Main Street America with an AR-15 and full riot gear and see how long his rights last.
  17. Round 2 Safety - Kyzir White - WVU

    Hurney met with him personally at the Senior Bowl fwiw https://twitter.com/TheJoeMarino/status/955942311644598272
  18. You don't depend on a punter for three points. I guess if you knew you could get Janikowski for half of that at this point since the Raiders have already either cut or will be cutting him i'd say take that. But it's the fact that every one of your posts, the multiple per day, are KEEP NORWELL AND STAR AND DRAFT ALLPROS IN THE DRAFT.
  19. Did you miss the fact he is a sprite flipping teams that will pay him the most? Look at the 6 patriot rings. Their business model works. That’s what gettleman was emulating. Hurney is just a good ol boy that does what ever JR tells him too. And he loves his nut kickers. Bet he would hire you for pennies on the dollar to kick his said nuts.
  20. I just wholeheartedly disagree. Henry was arguably the most complete prospect at TE talent-wise in the last decade, and many of us have been screaming for two-TE sets for years now, and have also said that not only the heir-apparent for Greg needs to be a focus, but also a backup in case of injury. Even if you didn't believe that, there was more than enough justification to take the other Henry as a power back of his calibre stature and talent was rare. As for our starting corners, don't make me laugh. There were plenty of people skeptical of Worley's play (and not completely sold on Bradberry) when you get right down to it, and why shouldn't they have been? Our defensive backfield got torched in '16. Lattimore basically fell into our laps. As much as I liked Corey Davis, to me, Lattimore was easily the most sensible pick due to our shaky defensive backfield, which was arguably the foremost reason why we essentially fell from grace after such a wonderful season. As for RBs, you damned right we picked the wrong one from a value based perspective, but to me that's what the first couple of rounds should be about. For me, the draft is largely about value. Lattimore was an excellent value that fit a need, and there were several RBs to justify waiting until the second round to nab one, especially if you didn't necessarily believe they were three-down backs and decided that a talented and dynamic change-of-pace back would be fruitful to the offense. I always believed that Kamara was either the fourth or fifth best back coming out and thought that he was worth a second round pick. Once Fournette was gone, I expected a back to be taken later. For me, Mixon (only because of character), CMC, Cook and Kamara were all great and appropriate second round values, and that's why I thought that we would absolutely take Lattimore in the first once LF was off the board. Ironically if you take Mixon and Cook out of the picture, then Kamara was the one in the cross hairs, assuming CMC would have been taken later in the first or earlier in the second. To me, it was an error, and a bad one---one that shouldn't be made by a self-professed god of a scout. As for LBs, I don't know where you're really going with that one, but suffice it to say that there are a few LBs every year who will come out if the draft or free agency that will more than suffice, especially when you have the likes of Kuechly, Davis, Mayo and Klein. Sorry, but I'm not buying that Gettleman didn't execute head-scratching drafts, specifically at and near the top, when juxtaposed against our needs at the time. He may not believe in windows, but I do, and he wasted a great opportunity for us to try and finish the deal (not all due to drafting, but a good part of it).
  21. Palardy was found on the streets and he replaced an All-Pro kicker with better production. (4th round wasted by DG ) Many huddlers supported Lee when I was pushing for Palardy, who was the better option money and talent wise.
  22. He was old and is going into retirement.
  23. Did you miss the Ginn touchdown in the playoffs?
  24. BTW i'd rather pay 15 mil for a playmaker than a guard. all of you are just convinced we find the next fuging randy moss at #25 in the draft. I don't think anybody wants to realize that this is Cam's 8th year and Luke is one bad hit away from retirement. Cam needs a playmaker at receiver and when that poo ain't open, dump off to CMC. It's how Joe Flacco won a damn super bowl. Same talk on this board every year. Don't spend any money, draft everyone to fix everything, but then get pissed when we don't sign someone. Makes no sense.
  25. I'm in the Mood For Love....

    This is a joke right?
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