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  2. Falcons keep biting on Wilson's count.
  3. Russell Wilson is licking his damn chops
  4. Another Falcons choke job? Color me shocked
  6. This is awesome. Dan Quinn is definitely Soda Popinski lol
  7. Falcons vs Seahawks Monday Night Thread

    Again...those 3 pts would be pretty damn great for SEA right now...
  8. if the seahawks win, it's on dan quinn for not going for the td on fourth and centimeters. if the failcons win, it's on pete carroll for not going for the fg on that crappy play. interesting concoction brewing up.
  9. Dan Quinn getting ready for the play of the game
  10. This 3rd down is the game for the Falcons
  11. Richard Sherman looks worried
  12. 3 and out and Seahawks get the ball with a little under 2:00 minutes.
  13. Yeah that FG would have been huge... this game is on Carroll if they lose
  14. Falcons saw what Washington did against the Aints and said hold my beer again.
  15. Is ATL about to blow another 2nd half lead? Find out on the next episo
  16. First. Can you even remember the last time Cam got a "Kill Shot"? It has to be sometime last year. Because even though the Oline took a while to gel, I don't remember him taking one of those Denver type hits this year. IMO, there are 3 reasons Cam has been beaten up so much this year. 1. Most teams don't head hunt. 2. Our Oline has played better than expected. 3. CmC has gotten Cam to use the check downs. Cam has been Cam for almost 7 years. Even with all that extra crap, he has only missed, what?, 4 games. So I just don't see the urgency for a replacement others seem to need. Lastly, Palardy OFFERED to QB, but never got the chance. And the only reason it even became a problem was because BOTH our backups were ill. It is no where near the dire situation folks are making it out to be.
  17. Just looked at Lions schedule... They could actually be a factor
  19. Keanu Neal with another dirty play
  20. You could call the 32nd pick a early second rounder.
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