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  2. See anybody ya like? Ten lower level free agents who could end up being great value signings
  3. Cho OUT after the season

    Yeah, he's actually out right now.
  4. Ruh roh - indictments

    Is that your intelligent response? I provided direct legal code on what is prohibited in our elections for foreigners and what requires one to register as a foreign agent. Steele was not subject to either as he was being paid and acting on behalf of interests of USA groups and individuals. Can you use your own words and plainly layout what exactly your allegation is because so far its baseless.
  5. Any Fast Times at Ridgemont High fans here?

    Still married to Kevin Kline... and she's 54 now.....
  6. Rank 'Em

    Draft...LT,WR,RB FA...CB,WR
  7. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    Morons. There is this thing called a parole board that will take this into account.
  8. Predict the Rating

    I was wrong. Is DeShone Kizer a bust? Did anyone besides the Browns (and himself) think he was going to be any good?
  9. Predict the Rating

    And lets not even begin to mention the kind of turds that run and follow buzzfeed.
  10. Rank 'Em

    You left off long snapper.
  11. Rank 'Em

    DE but I don’t think this will be the year that we fix that as it’s a relatively poor draft an FA class. I’m thinking we upgrade WR and secondary significantly this year. Very solid WR group in FA and decent depth there in the draft though it doesn’t have the top elite guys.
  12. Cho OUT after the season

    Cho seems like a great dude but man the Horcats were barely watchable during his tenure. On to John Malkovich.
  13. Predict the Rating

    I'm guessing they say bust bc of his lackluster stats as a RB.
  14. Predict the Rating

    Lol weve barely tipped our toes in the water with him st RB abd people, including our fans think this way... smgdfh give CMC an opportunity, not a projection, to be a feature back, then get back to me. He needs nore than 5 carries a game spread out in random attemps throughout the game in the midst of an over complicated piss poor running scheme
  15. Taylor Gabriel?

    I actually like the idea. I'm still not convinced Byrd can stay healthy for any long stretch.
  16. Cho OUT after the season

    So he’s been let go? We also said who we want to replace him letting every team know before we hire the man? Oh boy... ps I’m glad cho is gone though
  17. Ruh roh - indictments

    Whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy.
  18. Predict the Rating

    Let's give CMC more than a year before we label him anything. He showed his potential in flashes last year. Hopefully he continues to improve
  19. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    Well, there's no law that says you can't yell "FIRE!" in a theater, either. But you better be ready for the consequences.
  20. Predict the Rating

    I’m surprised... it’s funny that they have Foster as a star... he’s destined to go the route of Aldon Smith.
  21. Predict the Rating

    This article must have been wrote before Ruben beat his girl again... He won't be nothing but a prison star the route he is going..
  22. Rank 'Em

    I think that is two questions. In FA I want us to target a proven WR. In the draft I would say S & DE, only because I think RB can wait until the third round (or later). I'd also draft at least two OT's.
  23. The Empty State Department

    Anyone notice the majority of the countries without an ambassador are those who have been openly critical of Trump and some who have publicly scoffed at his legitimacy and laughed at his behavior?
  24. Taylor Gabriel?

    He’s a big play deep threat who Cam could do wonders with if they developed solid chemistry... like Ginn. He’s not the most talented deep threat available though so I frankly would only think of him as a fallback option. And I could see Byrd or Samuel being way better than him anyways. But I think he’d have a chance at being what we thought Shep could be last year.
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