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  2. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    Comcast is about to bend every cord cutter it serves internet to over a barrel. No TV subscription means you'll have to pay for premium internet (equal to or exceeding the cost of the cable subscription) or Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix will all be throttled to unwatchable speeds.
  3. I'm wanting a top two seed.. That's why I want the vikings to catch some Ls
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!!
  5. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    This isn't just a Trump thing, it's on the official GOP platform, ironically under "Protecting Internet Freedom" https://gop.com/platform/reforming-government/ Can't have these evil government FCC regulators keeping ISPs in line and making sure all data is treated equally, let's de-regulate all ISPs and let them use whatever horrible and predatory practices they want. It's amazing they even try the "free market will fix everything" argument when millions of Americans only have 1 service provider to choose from (or 2-3 at best).
  6. Ted Ginn was always good when he had a great QB to throw to him. Also get the idea out of your mind we had a chance to keep him. We didn't.
  7. Yeah I know but we'll beat the Vikings too and in the off chance we don't win the division Lions would probably be our main competition for wildcard spot 5. Though maybe Lions can take the division...?
  8. Root for the lions. We've already beaten them. Vikings need some losses
  9. Wish he didn't play for the Saints so I could cheer for him. He played well here and when all said and done, might have been our best WR in the last 5 years. Not to mention what his speed caused defenses to do.
  10. I’m thankful for having an NFL team in North Carolina! It just wouldn’t be the same rooting for a team without hometown roots.
  11. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    gonna make me lol when providers blacklist 4chan
  12. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    the open and free internet dying became a foregone conclusion the moment Trump was elected. Net Neutrality's fate was sealed on November 8th 2016. the only thing we can actually do about it is enjoy how it blows up in their faces.
  13. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    this is great, actually. any isp that takes advantage of this at the expense of the consumer will be weeded out as customers vote with their wallets. i don't see the downside here. just let the free market work. if the free market decides that it's best to limit access to certain sites while turning the internet into something similar to the very popular cable television market then not only is that just how it's meant to be, it's also best for everyone involved.
  14. I will be in a turkey induced coma during the games
  15. Furthest thing from it.
  16. Who should we root for on Thanksgiving? Two games are irrelevant at this point but Vikings/Lions I’m really not sure about
  17. Coaching Carousel

    Its that time a year again when teams are in the hunt for their new HC Rumors going around that Chip Kely is down to Florida and UCLA My take is he ends up in UCLA The SEC prestige isnt what it was 10 years ago especially in the east. Florida is the only one to win a chamionship in a long time and theirs was 10 years ago. The coach from that team has already won 1 at his new school. Everyone else has been pretty irrelevant in the national title hunt since before these HS recruits were born. Kelly has no connections to florida or that part of the country when it comes to recruiting, so eben though he is Kelly and it is UF it would be a Lot of work recruiting while that fan base has little patience breathing down your neck. UCLA is trying to invest on building the program up. Is located right in LA and a fan base that has a Lot more patience. When he built up Orgeon he recruitied heavily in the SoCal area. So he still has the connections in that area and those HS programs/coaches, where he can come in and get whoever he wants. No brainer he ends up there What that leaves for Florida. UCF's coach is a rising name and a Kelly product. But a name im watching for to end up there is Charlie Strong. Strong started his career as a GA at UF. He also was a position coach under there under Spurrier until taking a DC job elsewhere. He returned to UF as a DC under Zook. He was named Interm HC in the bowl game between Zook and Meyer. He was the only memember of Zooks staff that was reatained by Meyer. He remained DC under Meyer until he took the HC job in Lousiville, where he blew up and a Lot had to do with the big recruits from Florida he brought in (see Teddy Bridgewater etc). he then went to fill big shoes in texas in a unfamiliar area (see Kelly and Florida) . Struggling in Texas and getting outrecruited in his own state he struggled and was fired within 3 season, upon returning back to Florida at USF and having a heckuva year. Tennesse has a opening to which shouod be interesting because I just dont see a big name heading there. Along with several other SEC school including Texas A&M which should be opening up soon
  18. The Last Jedi

    Me, too. As I've said before, these were made for the 10 year old in me that has refused to grow up, much to the dismay of my wife, my work, and my kids.
  19. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    I wouldn't consider getting rid of an open and free internet just to see the dotard whine and cry to be a good trade. I don't want my ISP blocking or charging extra for anything (even if it is stupid pro-Trump crap). The current FCC rules forcing ISPs to treat all data equally is exactly what they should be doing, zero reason to change this.
  20. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    In what world is this good? We get worried about monopolies but we're cool with this?
  21. It's a picture of Gettleman? lol
  22. I love Twitter

    Some of the 28-3 jokes are kind of meh but this made me laugh out loud.
  23. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    nah, Trump is actually smarter in some avenues than people give him credit for. He knows the hustle. He doesn't need to know the specifics. He just puts guys around him and says simple things like.....how do I shut X and Y down. How do I get A and B to happen. They explain to him how. He has that pursued. Trump's mindset and direction gives zero fugs bout Merica, rule of law, and all that jazz. Trump is an idiot in terms of many things. Trump knows the con man hustle. Means they actually see a lot big picture without needing to know the specifics. He knows how important the net is. He knows it can be a weapon and tool he and others can use to manipulate and control things.
  24. yeap we beat them the next year then they went down the toilet.
  25. Today
  26. I agree! When in doubt, blame Shula. (Not being sarcastic)
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