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  2. Rae Carruth Letter - breaking the silence

    It seems horribly unjust and unfair that this man ever enjoys freedom again.
  3. Ruh roh - indictments

    Why are arguing anyway? The Uranium bus controlled by US and sold to civilian reactors within the US unless social permission granted by our in authorities. A Canadian company sold their company to a Russian one. We had no legitimate national security reason to stop it.
  4. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    Sigh... The Audition tape: I'm a professional actor. That looks nothing like an audition tape to me. It looks like him simply recounting the story for a documentary or something. Also, IIRC there is a Gene Rosen in SAG which started the whole "he's really an actor!" crap. The medical examiner & the father: And? Should a father who lost their child not find a reason to laugh? The day my mom died I was laughing at a discovery channel show about pygmy mongooses. Should an ME not get frustrated & laugh at what he sees as a stupid question? People react oddly under stress & I can imagine a much more stressful situation. People walking in circles: ... What? First off that looks like the building is in two separate sections. If one section is being used as a temporary morgue, can you really not figure out why people would go into one section first, then the next? The FBI report: Those reports come from which jurisdiction the crime occured under. Since the shooting was CT State Troopers' jurisdiction, it's not mentioned in Newtown's report. Basically. You looked at something, didn't understand it & came to the wrong decision. https://newtownpostexaminer.com/2014/09/25/sandy-hook-hoaxers-misrepresent-fbi-crime-stats/ ...Didn't you say you went to local news for your information?
  5. Black Panther shirt - 6 bucks.

    THat poo is ugly
  6. Rae Carruth Letter - breaking the silence

    I can forgive who ever the i wana forgive
  7. Protesters

    Yeah I mean, they don't have to cover total damages. There would be limits and it doesn't have to be anywhere near 1 million. Similar to any other type of insurance where there are payout caps. poo my business insurance only covers a million bucks and I have work with 10 million dollar homes.
  8. Protesters

    Ya I’m either and I don’t even know where to begin. I’m guessing you’d want to keep premiums down in the 20 range and lower. fug man, some completely sane people have 50 guns. That’s 1,000 dollars on insurance a month. so now how do they get to a let’s just say a million in coverage and still make a profit. Because no insurance company is going to go for it without making a profit.
  9. Ruh roh - indictments

    Alas poor Fry.... they flew too close to the sun
  10. Cole Beasley had career numbers when Dak took over. But I've already broke down why this is and it's due to the fact that Dez is rarely "open" anymore. And this past season Dez got the same percentages of targets that he got in his best two seasons with Romo. He just isn't producing
  11. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    Count me in on that as well.
  12. Hi there

    No, at one time I had 5 strays, I have 3 now. I also have 3 dogos. My house is destroyed. New Laminent flooring will fix that soon.
  13. Protesters

    I'm not sure. I'm not in insurance or an actuary so I can't speak to the rates and all that. But I think it's a necessity.
  14. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    @Cat @CRA @Fryfan whats a Snowflake? I’m behind the times on this lingo.
  15. Protesters

    Pretty much all of them
  16. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    dear lord. This is the last time I'm responding to you with this poo. Trust me, I know how this works, I used to talk about it all the time on here. It was who I was here for years. But, unlike you obviously, I was never fully invested into any of it. It was just a fun dalliance. First off, explain how that video of Gene Rosen was an audition tape? Explain it to me. Is it because someone titled it that way and you took it at their word? It was released after the shooting and it just looks like someone talking about the events that they had previously talked about on camera with someone else. Probably by some dumbass who then subsequently put it on the internet titled it "Gene Rosen Audition MUST WATCH" to get yours and other's fuging panties twisted. Secondly, who are you to judge how someone reacts to shock and grief of losing a loved one? If you saw me the day after I watched my best friend get run over by a dump truck while crossing the road you wouldn't think that I gave two shits about him. I was laughing and partying with friends. I didn't know how to cope yet, it didn't hit me for days and I never showed my grief in public. Regardless, all of those "these people aren't behaving like I want them to" videos are the worst kind of nonsense. The people circling the building nonsense.....you can't be serious? Jesus Christ on a cracker. You're gullible as poo. EMT's weren't allowed into the building because it was an active unsecured crime scene. As to the last bullshit about death certs and nonsense. The death certs were most certainly released and done so via the FOIA. Here's an article about it. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/sandy-hook-elementary-school-massacre-death-certificates-released-article-1.1376084 As to the FBI records, it's not listed under the town because the scene was handled by state police. They were filed under "State Police Misc" deaths. If you look at the chart you linked you will see that there were 110 murders listed. Well there were actually 146 that year which includes the 27 from Sandy Hook and others that were not filed by town specificity. You can see it all listed here if you want to take the time http://www.dpsdata.ct.gov/dps/ucr/data/2012/Crime In Connecticut COMPLETE 2012.pdf Again, pull your head out of your ass.
  17. The fact that he won't answer any questions "about the specifics of the night that Cherica was shot multiple times" and the fact that he refers to the murder as "the incident" speaks to me that its all an act... he's playing the role of "the repentant" hoping to get the advantages of the real thing. If he was truly sorry, he'd be EAGER to divulge the details of what happened. The saying "Confession is good for the soul" is widely used for a reason... because its true. It was a MURDER, you bastard... not an INCIDENT.
  18. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    ecat you could have just answered "Infowars" when people asked about your news sources instead of lying.
  19. Sanjay's tight end list would have Carolina listed 1-32
  20. Protesters

    I agree with that up until hold outs, 22’s and double barrel 12’s. To clarify, I am talking permit only. It should still have all the appropriate paperwork, insurance, competency/threat testing. Those are the three most defensive/deterrent/diffusion orriented weapons.
  21. It's a messed up situation, so messed up. The only thing he should have put in the letter is the public apology and his plea to have a part in his son's life. I don't know what the rest really accomplished. I don't blame the grandmother for doing what she has to do to take care of the child, even IF there was some lies or whatever. But if we don't believe, after serving his time, that he should have a chance to be part of society and all that, then why even have jail? He IS right that the grandmother won't live forever, and if he's truly prepared to dedicate his life to taking care of the child, he should have the chance, obviously under watchful eye at first.
  22. So would Fred Lane's wife.
  23. Protesters

    The right to vote requires you register, update your information, many places do not commit a felon, etc. The right to gun ownership is restricted from owning a fully automated weapon. The right to free speech is limited to not slandering, causing a panic, etc... None of our constitutional rights including the 2nd amendment are absolute rights. All our rights have common sense restrictions on them.
  24. Protesters

    Have you not been reading the protest thread?
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