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  2. Matt Ryan loves lemon pepper wings

    nice, but to have it come out in a watermelon and a scoop to fill up the cup was pretty awesome
  3. I enjoyed the read, thanks! The responses in this thread is why it’s better to just come on the huddle and sh!t post than to even bother trying to generate any type of conversation.
  4. The NFL didn't go looking for this. It's on the internet. And let's be real here: If you're famous and you do something questionable in the age of the internet, smartphones and cameras everywhere. you're likely an absolute moron.
  5. Matt Ryan loves lemon pepper wings

    Black noodles? Yeah I can’t find that ish anywhere.
  6. Trump Org worth a fraction of what Trump claims

    that's some college level humor right there
  7. the "law in 1965" thing is not worth bringing up I see
  8. Good effort and intention. I liked the read. We actually do run a few “3-4” looks from time to time during certain situations, but by far and large this defense is most suited for a 4-3 concept.
  9. More or less. I'm acknowledging that we have some players that are not "prototypical 3-4 guys," but I don't think it really matters when you tell a probowl DT to attack a gap or shade one way or another. I understand that we have a good defense and that we would switch to it this year or every. BUT....If we wanted to it would be interesting. Say we got rid of Ron Rivera tomorrow because he had a sex scandal(totally hot right now) and we brought in some young gun to help our offense that wanted a 3-4 next year.
  10. I didn't know what it meant either.
  11. A very good read, but we have the #1 ranked defense right now, why would we switch. Granted i would like to have better secondary play, their have been quite a few plays that we were beat deep but the receiver either dropped it or it was a bad throw.
  12. Yeah instead of just drafting 1 pass rushing DE and signing a vet next year to keep our defense intact..
  13. didn't know g5 was from bama
  14. Jesus Christ people he’s not saying we should. He’s just theorizing for shits and giggles. Gd.
  15. We're pretending buzzfeed is an actual source now lol
  16. I lightly touched some of those points in the original post and I agree with you to an extent, but i'm not talking about replacing Star or Short. I'm talking about getting Butler, Peppers, and Addison on the field at the same time.
  17. glad to see you are a dumbass...
  18. you cant just switch a 4-3 OLB to a 3-4 OLB or a 3-4 ILB. That's not how this works. Daeshon Hall is on IR, also is more of a 3-4 DE than OLB. And you take out our best pass rusher in Addison and replace him with a 2nd year DT playing DE?
  19. wow , cant you see the obvious message of this chart?
  20. Matt Ryan loves lemon pepper wings

    Luckily I was able to spend a year in South Korea and live in Hawaii where there is a huge influx of Korean flavors. Soju is awesome. The sneakiest drink in the game.
  21. Why would you want to dismantle the best DL in football? huddle idiocy
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