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  2. Firmly disagree, thought he was most successful with his hand in the dirt, his arm length and speed off the go makes him really hard to throw off the line.
  3. The Panthers brought scouts to his pro day but so did most of the teams drafting ahead of us. I would be surprised if he slid to 24. I think he can be a dominant 4-3
  4. I disagree, he really got pushed around and struggled mightliy when lined up hands down this year at times. His big strength 2 seasons ago when he blew up came as a stand up rusher like Von Miller Theres a reason all his comparisons are Vic Beasley, Bruce Irvin etc. All OLB guys https://www.nfl.com/prospects/harold-landry?id=32462018-0002-5599-235e-089f5c1b4e99
  5. Give me Will Hernandez all day every day
  6. Nah, he can be a 4-3 end.
  7. Disagree. He could absolutely fit as a 4-3 imo. If he drops to us he’s BPA imo.
  8. I believe this is a great signing. He can instantly be a starter for us and instantly upgrades the position. We didn’t have to spend a lot of money on him and at worst is a solid back up who will get a lot of playing time. He has a lot of experience, not 30, even though people can play past 30 at this posotion.
  9. He's good, but he's not going to be a 4-3 DE. He's 100% a 3-4 OLB. That may the reason he is pushed down. The scheme fit and teams drafting towards the top is a major reason he is falling on some mocks (I think he goes GB at 14. A 3-4 team with a aging Matthews and need at edge rusher)
  10. Also, his team is preparing on all four of the top qbs going in the top 10. Doubt that is much of a surprise to anyone, but it is in the team's mind as well. The fourth qb being Mayfiled, not Jackson.
  11. If we get Hernandez OG or Reid S at 24, Most of us should be happy. Gotta trust they have a plan.
  12. Yep, he was talking about Landry and Chubb in the same breath.
  13. Seems like a back up who can play all positions. We got him for vet minimum and he isn’t that old (26). Although I can’t find his stats pre 2017 season I have seen his PFF grade for last year was poor and was rated 48th place and had a grade of 45.2. So I am not expecting him to be a starter. I believe we got a good deal. For a guy as versatile and experienced as Sirles and only 26 we got a good deal. Players older and with less versatility and lower grades than him have been paid a lot more. Solid backup but don’t think he’s going to be a starter for us.
  14. Lol Landry’s crazy good.
  15. Your 2018 freeagency class

    Here is how I see it: We lose Norwell and Star. Norwell was an overachiever, Star a bit of an underachiever. Stewart, Dickson, Worlley...would not be on the team anyway. We are adding the following to the roster. CB: Cockrell is solid and a great fit for this system (thanks to SACA's stats, I am convinced) UPGRADE at BOTH CB spots because I see a situation where Bradberry switches to #2 or they stay on the same side all year. Either way, that improves Bradberry. I personally think this was a great acquisition (realistically). S:: Searcy is a dice roll and a question mark. Since we have nobody at FS, we assume that is where he will play. However, if we draft a FS in the first or second round, Searcy and Mike Adams could compete for the SS job. I feel confident that he will be better than Coleman. I will call this a WASH until Searcy settles into a position, but I feel good about it. Coleman had some good seasons here, so I reserve judgement. NT: Poe may not be a Star in run support, but he can hold his own and can get to the QB. Middle pressure from KK, Butler, and Poe could make our DE situation better. I will call this a WASH because Star was a solid anchor and kept people off Luke. If Poe does that and provides pass rush, win/win. By the way, a wash when you lose a first rounder to free agency is not a bad thing. WR: T. Smith and Wright: Smith will not have to catch the ball to open things up underneath, so think of these free agents as a one-two combo. We can beat you deep and we can beat you underneath. Now throw in Funchess (slants, digs, and outs), CMC (screens,, drags, wheels) and Olsen and you have a pretty formidable task for the defense. Everyone is screaming for a #1 WR, but I am not sure we need more. Note that I didn't mention Samuel or Byrd, 2 players who will improve and make us better. BIG UPGRADE LG Scriles: Scriles has played T and G and has been with 2 teams in a short career, but he has potential as depth. He has started 15 games, so a one-year "prove it" contract to provide competition or allow for a rookie to develop is not a bad move, but we can all agree that LG is a DOWNGRADE. DONT FORGET ABOUT THESE "NEW" ADDITIONS CB: C. Elder: Let's not forget the additions that the IR will provide. Elder has the ability and toughness to learn from Munnerlyn or even take his job. Good depth. OL Moton: He was in on 5% of the snaps in 2017--special teams and goal line for the most part. I think he could either push Kalil for the LT job or take the LG job. I know Rivera has stated that Moton is a T, but playing is better than sitting. Last year, Amini Silatolu sucked, yet he had 247 snaps vs. Moton's 63. He is a second round draft pick who needs to be on the field. If he can't beat out Kalil, he is not a left tackle--move him to guard. "Reguardless" he needs to be on the field in some capacity. He is a mauler, like Norwell. DE D. Hall: Since Peppers is a situational pass rusher for the most part, that leaves us with Horton and Addison to get most of the snaps--unless Hall steps up. He is 6-5 and should play at 270 this year. At the combine, he had a 41 inch vertical--so he is an athlete. I expect him to be the biggest surprise of the preseason. FB/TE: Armah: He was learning a new position, and I hope Norv changes that positiion. Armah is 6'2" and weighs 255 lbs. He played TE in college. He should be an Hback, able to line up on the LOS or play FB. His versatility should be an asset to this team. RB Artis-Payne: What? He has been on the team for a few years. But Stew kept our A-P from seeing the field. Artis-Payne had 19 carries in 2017. He averaged 5.3 yards per carry. Since he was so much like Stewart, he sat while Stew played (3.4 yards per carry in 2017). I think we will draft a RB, but Artis-Payne is in his prime (27) and should have a bigger role. Maybe the answer is on the roster. And then there is the draft next month....
  16. We lost dialogue when we get to name calling and making unsubstantiated accusations about people we frankly know nothing about. People that ultimately use the internet promote their agendas rather than trying to understand one another, there's no changing their minds and no need try.
  17. He forwarded me his teams rankings at positions for you guys (Or rather, the scout teams consensus) Qb: 1. Josh Allen 2. Sam Darnold 3. Josh Rosen Rb: 1. Saquon Barkley 2. Sony Michel 3. Rashaad Penny Wr: 1. Courtland Sutton 2. Calvin Ridley 3. DJ Moore Te: 1. Mike Gesicki 2. Dallas Goedert 3. Hayden Hurst T: 1. Kolton Miller 2. Mike McGlinchey 3. Connor Williams G: 1. Quenton Nelson 2. Isaiah Wynn 3. James Daniels Edge: 1. Bradley Chubb 2. Harold Landry 3. Marcus Davenport Interior Dline: 1. Vita Vea 2. Daron Payne 3. Harrison Philips Lb: 1. Tremaine Edmunds 2. Roquan Smith 3. Leighton Vander Esch Cb: 1. Denzel Ward 2. Mike Hughes 3. Carlton Davis /Jaire Alexander (They were split on the speedsters) S: 1. Derwin James 2. Minkah Fitzpatrick 3. Terrell Edmunds He really talked up Harold Landry and Carlton Davis, said people aren't mocking them high enough.
  18. I’ve always thought cockrell was an underrated player these past couple of years. he obviously is smart because he went to Duke. he is 6ft and has decent speed. 4.5 at the combine but ran a sub 4.4 at his pro day. he is a solid #2 cornerback who could play #1 CB duties if need be. I believe he is an instant upgrade at corner over Worley and could fight to be our #1 CB depending on how much Bradberry progresses. I feel we got a great player for a cheap deal. He also seems like he is a guy who will fit our system. One major problem in the NFL is great players are signed/ traded to another team but don’t fit the system so they struggle. I don’t see this happening since he seems to be a zone CB. the best news is he is only 26 and can be a solid player for us for multiple years.
  19. One More Notable Signing?

    TE2 and QB2 look like the last major holes to address. They've been silent on QB and DA is still out there, so I imagine the plan is to draft one. TE has been different though, we know they've been interested in Ebron, Willson, even Dickson; so it seems they'd prefer a vet there. Just gotta stay away from UFAs. So no Gates or a Rodgers family reunion, but guys like Julius Thomas or Marcedes Lewis could be options.
  20. Post FA mock

    1st: Josh Jackson- we just signed Ross Crockell, but he's been a career backup on bad teams. He shouldn't be expected to be the answer. Great depth guy and competition. Jackson was projected a top 15 guy until the combine. He had all the measurables. But struggled in drills backpedaling which is big for man Coverage. We play zone, where the guy is offf the ball/reads tge QB and WR and plays the ball. Jackson is a Norman clone, and for our system is a top 10 guy who will make a impact. Jackson/Bradberry/Ross/Captain/Corn= CB hole fixed 2nd: Chubb- Big between the tackles RB who shocking to most fans, most scouts have him falling to here. Option 2 here would be Hayden Hurst 3a. Frank Ragnow- starter at LG and future Center. This talented interior OL falls due to the depth at OL in this class. 3b. Kyzir White- potential SS of the future or now for us. Again depth at this position pushes him to us 5. Dalton Schultz- unproven pass catcher at Stanford due to his role. But Stanfords staff raves about his potential as a pass catcher. And one of those staff members who's seen him is our current WR coach. Big time blocker which is needed for the TE2 role, was big blocker for CMC and Love at Stanford. 6. Riley Ferguson- Anderson is gone and we need a back up. Local Charlotte native Ferguson would be a nice story
  21. Your 2018 freeagency class

    Add Pep!
  22. Your 2018 freeagency class

    Well, I thought Coleman was a solid signing and that he might surprise (and said as much). Ditto with Searcy!
  23. I always thought he was going to be a decent player. Too bad it didn’t work out. It does look like he is in a career he enjoys doing so good for him.
  24. Your 2018 freeagency class

    Call it meh all you want, but it should be obvious that we're better overall. The only obvious dropoff is Norwell to Sirles, and Sirles is serviceable regardless of what some may think. Not even saying that we're done, but to be going into the draft with this free agent class, considering the money and holes that we had, and re-signing Pep too, is pretty damned good.
  25. Least cogent response in the thread. First sentence serves no point other than an ad hominem. 3rd sentence way out of left field. You basically just reaffirmed his point that you believe he’s racist bc he disagrees with you on a subject.
  26. Your 2018 freeagency class

    The Huddle doesn't know how to let this play out before declaring these guys as the missing pieces that take us to the SB or that they are busts. It's the Huddle way. Prognosticators everywhere.
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