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  2. Welp looks like we got another one

    Need us that Sauce!
  3. cause Grudin knew every play the raiders was going to use and gave them the easier superbowl win ever
  4. Welp looks like we got another one

    Sauce? can't find anything by googling
  5. Not sure how anyone could root for this guy even before this story. He has the brain of a two year old
  6. This coming from the guy asserting that people remember perfectly and don't lie
  7. Sounds like someone has a molon labe or gadsden sticker on their vehicle to me...
  8. seems to be another example of lib comparison deficit syndrome... but we don't blame you, all libs are born with it.. so it's ok...
  9. You are a piece of poo, stop race baiting people

    willful ignorance is willful
  10. LOL at dumbass libs calling the police big gvt...y'all are some stupid idiots...
  11. Hurney scouting?

    Evan Mathis wasn't a terrible pick, just terrible for us. GMs pick talent. It's up to the coaching staff to make it shine.
  12. Weird, the guy who got away with rape in college continues to sexually assault women. I'm shocked. No one could have seen this coming.
  13. Thanks for this. Part of the reason I love this is watching Trai Turner continue to beast kids and throw them out of the club
  14. the hype is outta control and unwarranted. Agree with all of those guys
  15. Welp looks like we got another one

    What I mean is, he is bold to talk about someone else's accusations knowing it will shine a light on his own. I agree with you, if it is not proven in a court, it means nothing at least as far as I am concerned.
  16. How did that garbage dump of a franchise ever manage to win a Lombardi?
  17. Welp looks like we got another one

    Not just men, and that’s one of the biggest things why I despise the national attention on the MeToo poo. For Millennia, it’s not only man on woman acts. It’s women on women, men on men, woman on man, adult on child, child on child. The street doesn’t just flow one direction. Human creatures of a predisposistion to try and find or use a mate. Just because what we hear in the news is all rich powerful men doesn’t mean they are the only party or people at fault. Everyone is accountable as their own singular entity. It doesn’t matter race, sex, origin, nation, beliefs, or otherwise. Likewise the fact that only the rich and powerful are being targeted by the media and by this campaign as their strategic talking points is deplorable. Because it shows that this is far above and beyond just trying to create social change. This is a political stunt, a distraction. Perhaps, the genesis of this iteration of the crusade, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey were not a political tool. But most of the subsequent following is. And this is a prime example of that point, Republican candidate gets his dirty laundry aired out by Democrats a few days later two prominent people on Hannity’s payroll start slander to one of the premiere ranking democrats, a democrat who happens to be the major attacking force in the investigations into trump on the hill. A Democrat who chewed up and spit out Jeff Sessions bullshit during the last hearing. Everyone is now using a campaign that should be about understanding, equality, and justice. As their own personal grandstanding distraction. This leads me back to Mob rule. People don’t even take the time to create a picture, to generate facts and formulate a even hypothesis. They turn into the judge jury and executioner based on one side of a story with no legal backing. That is textbook of a ill informed, unlearned, judgmental social media society. The president of the United States of America was accused of the exact same thing as Franken. Uninvited kisses, touching, suggestions. While on the campaign trail. Look what came of that. But back to my point, we as a society must learn equality, in all aspects, from all angles. We must not make people or allow people to prey on others. To use fears. We must realize that every single person in this world has a dark side, that they all man, woman, gay, straight, old, young... have the capability to do these things. We must realize that it isn’t a dictated direction. A fine example, I was one night standing in front of the beer coolers at my local shop. A woman I know came up next to me and stood there for a second, reached over and started squeezing my ass, looked up and said “we’re playing grab ass.” Lets break that down. I know the woman, she’s roughly 1/3 of my size and weight sopping wet. Did it bother me, no, even though I do enjoy having my personal space. It was harmless drunk fun. Now as a male, do I have the choice to still take offense? To find it unethical, immoral or otherwise. Yes, but does society listen? No. Because seen as the larger more powerful destructive is a vice of humanity. As a woman, did she think she could get away with that purely because of the image society has raised, Yes. Being seen as the more vulnerable of the sexes, by society. That is only one example, as I said completely harmless in my eyes and the other persons. But think if you played that situation in role reverse, how society would villainize it. So we cannot Male or Female, place the entirety of the blame on one sex. We must fight this type of thing with unity, compassion, understanding and forgiveness. For if not, as these women’s so claim it consume their lives, the lives of many young adults, many martyrs, many innocent. Mob rule is being run by the fifth estate which is already exploiting the situation for each of their own gain. Which in turn is just a giant metaphor for this throughthread. Please, understand I’m not belaboring your thought, especially with the so called president of the United States, using vocabulary such had “locker room talk” and being deemed by the American people as acceptable. Nor am I saying if proven guilty in a court of law what any of those accused of doing was right. Or that it is right if in fact any accusation is wholly true. Society is a monster. A monster that needs to be reigned in. Equality is what everyone with a good heart strives for, equality in all fashions. Ignorance is the devil and power is it’s engine.
  18. Welp looks like we got another one

    lol you think that matters?? look at biden he gropes women with not a care in the world..
  19. did she have crabs? alright, not funny. shame on you winston.
  20. Once a rapist, always a rapist.
  21. This bill caps the pass through rate at 25% which is a huge break to upper middle class and upper class small business owners. For small business owners income over $200,000(individual)/$260,000(jointly) would be capped at that reduced rate and could significantly lower tax bills to those that make well above $200,000/$260,000. Small business groups balked this was not a break for most small businesses so they added in a small tax break so the house just a few days ago added in a provision that would reduce the tax rate on the first 75,000 on income for a pass through from 12% to 9%. This rate is phased in and does not drop to 9% until 2022 while the reduction for the wealthier 10% of small business owners is immediate. So this is a small bone thrown to the 90% of small businesses to trade off a big tax cut for the top 10% of small business with a gigantic tax cut for the most wealthiest of "small business" owners.
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