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    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    piers morgan is pstall

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    thanks for the original content
  4. DaveThePanther2008

    DJ Moore projected stats

    Found this on NFL.com I think this is pretty accurate. 45/650 and 5 TD would be acceptable for a rookie. D.J. Moore, WR, Carolina Panthers No. 24 overall pick, Round 1, Maryland Best-case scenario: Coordinator Norv Turner's offense creates plenty of chances for big, athletic pass catchers to make plays on the perimeter. Moore certainly adds some juice to the lineup as a catch-and-run playmaker with enough speed, quickness and burst to win against single coverage. Given quarterback Cam Newton's ability to push the ball down the field, particularly on vertical routes outside the numbers, Moore's playmaking could help the offense get back on track in 2018. Worst-case scenario: The transition to the pro game can be a tricky one for pass catchers coming out of spread systems. That's why Moore might be a non-factor as a first-year player, based on the challenge of learning the route-running tree and reading coverage on the fly. If the former Maryland standout fails to grasp the nuances of the position quickly, Turner could elect to lean on his veteran pass catchers (Devin Funchess, Torrey Smith and Greg Olsen) early in the season. Projected stats: 45 catches, 650 yards, five touchdowns. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000940653/article/2018-nfl-forecast-bestcaseworstcase-for-11-offensive-rookies
  5. Essentia

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    For someone who's so quick to call others racist, a lot of your posts sure are anti-white. “Accuse the Other Side of That Which You Are Guilty”
  6. rico6

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER With you 100% sir, not buying the victim blaming AT ALL. Anyone with a braincell should see how charged this MURDERER was when he shot that man. @Aggielean Yup. That crack headed buffoon received more sympathy for his own self destruction than most victims in these horrific murders. Huddlers exposing themselves big-time. @t96 Go fug yourself, you openly enabled and outright questioned those who called Mister out as the old racist predator that he is.
  7. 13 months. Pace yourself, it’s still ongoing. Remember, Benghazi took 32 months and produced ZERO indictments.
  8. Today
  9. Id rather go 8-8 again than to loose another superbowl.
  10. woah are you criticizing my opinion? everyone has the right to opine, all i'm doing is opining that it should be legal and encouraged to be a pedophile. don't criticize my opinion. 1984.
  11. Read it. But what you fail to realize is that this is the same story over and over again. Yeah, Meuller indicted some Russians for hacking into the DNC, that’s great. Good job. For all the ‘collusion’ going on betwitx Russia and Trump, wouldn’t you hope 1.5 years in someone could actually prove it?
  12. jasonluckydog

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Easy the Cleveland Browns.
  13. Gazi

    charlotte to host 2020 RNC

    This right here is the reason why people are voting for Democratic Party come November
  14. Gazi

    Did Obama Just Admit He's From Kenya???

    Was Malcolm X really his biological father?
  15. TheSpecialJuan

    Bashaud Breeland update

    I've only heard you say that 5 times
  16. AggieLean

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    E Cat was shown more sympathy by certain posters in here after admitting he was on a drug binge, than this guy who was senselessly killed. It’s clear black lives don’t matter. At some point, you have to make them respect your life and the fact that you are human just like anyone else. Starting to read up on Malcolm X’s earlier teachings..
  17. AggieLean

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    It’s getting real tiring. Maybe more people need to become uncomfortable, since this sh*t keeps happening. More flags need to burnt, more protests at sporting events, more something to get people uncomfortable. We know the man is going to get off scott free. Theres a boiling point, or a tipping point. I think we’re about there.
  18. Harbingers

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    Yo pinko. As the law says it must be in a defensive act, on property. He told the cops he was in his car. Thus why he replaced the gun. He threated someone previously, if that person claims as a witness, you deserve a fat American donkey dick in your ass. Commie.
  19. Only traitor is that stupid idiot the Anti American Communist Obama we had for 8 years. My dislike for that Man has nothing do with his skin color has everything do with his character and it was fuging awfull hanging around with Anti American Communist and Terrorist growing up
  20. Still Brooklyn

    American flag burned outside LA office of congresswoman

    I'd rather not wear gold chains, spike my hair, and eat Italian food thanks.
  21. Still Brooklyn

    American flag burned outside LA office of congresswoman

    Remember that bit I said about the law?

    American flag burned outside LA office of congresswoman

    you belong in staten island
  23. pedophilia is good. don't be critical of my opinion though or you're literally 1984ing me
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