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  2. True. Inside CB tried to jam and failed pretty miserably at it. If he's successful in his jam, outside CB has a much better shot of making a play.
  3. The first receiver should've never gotten a free release in the first place. This game is less an offensive chess match than it is a comedy of defensive errors.
  4. What's really going to be a pleasure to watch is the Rams unseat the Seahawks as the class of the NFC West. Book it.
  5. No excuses.

    I agree in principle but Olsen being gone is a fairly decent excuse
  6. Yep, it was a great call. An example of seeing what the other team is doing and adjusting to it. A concept that is seemingly completely foreign to Mike Shula. This is what happens when you get predictable with your playcalling against legit NFL play calllers.
  7. Cam Newton is still Elite.

    Never seen this show and I haven't watch the clip yet is this suppose to be like PTI?
  8. No excuses.

    I just don't see any chance of that unless the OL plays a lot better than they did last week. Are we really THAT reliant on Ryan Kalil? I'm hoping we aren't because at this stage in his career he's just plain injury prone. There's no way around it. Really hoping a lot of those struggles were due to a last minute change at center. That's a big deal considering he's the guy making all the protection calls.
  9. No excuses.

    I hope so I'm not putting all my eggs in a basket against the Saints, but if we don't wake up by playing them then I don't know... what to think.
  10. No excuses.

    It's frustrating because I actually think Shula is pretty decent at coming up with an initial game plan. He just absolutely sucks at countering the inevitable adjustments opponents make during the course of the game.
  11. White people get in here

    da fug you talking about?
  12. No excuses.

    That Rams defense isn't very good. They gave up 27 points and 385 yards last week to the Redskins. Yeah, they looked dominant against a Luck-less Colts, but that was against a Luck-less Colts. That's like facing a Cam-less Panthers.
  13. dotard

    Yup. Dotard
  14. Basically, yes. It was closer to chest bumping than blocking, and a major reason why defenses like the 'Steel Curtain' were able to dominate to the extent that they were. Frankly, I don't know how it wasn't more lopsided than they were, especially when you consider the 5-yard rule for DB's making contact with WR's was also put in place in 1978. Once the league changed the rules, scoring increased significantly over the years. If you look at the Super Bowl champions pre-1980 or so, most were driven by their defenses. Starting with the Walsh/Montana 49ers in 1981, it became just as likely that the top teams would feature explosive offenses. Granted, in the pre-salary cap era it was much easier for top teams (those willing to pay) to have both a top offense and a great defense, but pre-1978 it was much more rare to see the type of explosive, high-scoring offenses (not to mention stat-freak QB's like Marino, Kelley, Elway, Young, Favre, Manning, Brady, etc.) we have seen since.
  15. No excuses.

    We signed a LT to a $55M contract and drafted another OT in the 2nd round. That's trying pretty damn hard. I think we signed the wrong veteran OT (should've been Whitworth) but effort was clearly made. The bottom line is that our OL is going to continually struggle as long as A) Shula wants to draw up plays with limited checkdown options and B) Cam wants to focus on pushing the ball downfield (likely because he's so accustomed to A at this point). Shula should've been replaced. Gettleman's post-draft presser where he expressed frustration about Shula's "evolution" or rather lack there of told me that Gettleman likely had some conversations with Rivera regarding that position but Ron stuck with his guy. If we aren't playoff bound this year and our offense continues to struggle, Rivera should be shown the door. He made his bed with Shula and he should have to lie in it. If we do go to the playoffs and our offense continues to struggle, the GM (Hurney or otherwise) should put an ultimatum on Ron. There's gonna be a change at OC. If he doesn't want to make it, then there will be a change at HC as well. Sometimes you can't just lead that horse to water, you have to smash his face into it too.
  16. No excuses.

    Unless Cam can get back to MVP status it's going to be rough. Shulas game plans always seem forced and is why they fail.
  17. My definition is "regular throw" is the average of all those he makes -- many cumulative passing stats (QBR, QB rating, etc.) have him comfortably in the bottom half in terms of productivity. You keep mentioning the "fact" that he is a "better passer" than all these other players, but cannot provide anything other than subjectivity and antecdotes to 'support' your claims. Am I downplaying? Or are you exaggerating? Further, my referencing three seasons (out of six) under 20 TDs is "lazy" or "fitting a narrative," but your bringing up 35, to which I was directly replying with the mention of <20, is not? Even better, you call my rationale "bizarre" -- do you even know what "exception to the rule" means? I'll give you a hint -- TDs [21, 19, 24, 18, 35, 19] and QB Rating [84.5, 86.2, 88.8, 82.1, 99.4, 75.4] are pretty good examples. And honestly, I have no idea what to make of your assumption that I implied he was "wildly inaccurate and threw more interceptions than touchdowns at any point in his career." We haven't really discussed interceptions, and throwing more TDs than INTs is hardly considered a high water mark anyways. You can engage in all the name-calling ("disingenuous," "boring," "cliche," "ramblings," etc.) of my reasoning that you want, but that's a poor substitute for substance on your part. As far as what Cam wants for himself, you probably know better than I. However, he has a mountain to climb, in my eyes, as the aspect of his game that has propelled him to his past successes is among the game's most fleeting. We shall see what transpires.
  18. No excuses.

    I honestly could live with a good OC that adjusted well. But Shula is absolutely horrible at it. Like I honestly feel he has the most talent of any OC in Panthers history and can't even be serviceable.
  19. No excuses.

    On a side note the Niners offense just put up 39 points on a very good Rams defense. The same offense we held to 3 points... Our defense is elite and our offense will get in sync soon. Then we get to see that owl and find out how superb he is!!!
  20. No excuses.

    I'll be disappointed if we don't score at least 50. No excuses.
  21. So far he doing ok for a man that had surgery I remember delhomme was having a good year until he had to get tommy john and we end up with pickles.....
  22. No excuses.

    Yeah, basically. Every team with legit DC is gonna have Shula pegged by halftime. If that DC has the pieces to implement his plan, we're probably gonna be stifled.
  23. No excuses.

    I am sorry but no. If that were the case the Panthers would have tried much, much harder to fix the OL. And this was the first offseason in Newton/Ron's 7th year that the Panthers acted like the offense wasn't the ugly, red-headed stepchild--if the Panthers wanted to be able to go into places and confidently hang 30 points on anyone...the Panthers SHOULD have been investing more on that side of the ball instead of going defense, defense, defense year after year.
  24. No excuses.

    So pretty much we have to score a lot early since shula will not adjust to the defense were up against.
  25. No excuses.

    Meh, we moved the ball very well in the 1st half. Those yards didn't translate to the scoreboard, but we were moving the ball. McD came out after halftime and absolutely stifled us. Which isn't surprising because like you hinted at, Shula is virtually incapable of making in-game adjustments.
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