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  2. Is Mike Minter the most underrated Saftey of all time?? I think this is a legitimate question. keep in mind that Roy Williams from the Cowboys had 5 probowls and 1 all-pro and he could not have held minters jock.
  3. It's that time of the year for me.

    Darnold is an absolute fumbling machine, but the guy definitely has talent. I think it would do him some good to sit for a year or two like Rodgers did. They've signed Tyrod Taylor so they do have a suitable stopgap. Lamar Jackson is not an NFL QB. Neither is Josh Allen. Those are the two QBs in this draft that are virtually guaranteed to be busts.
  4. If we have Reid, Searcy and Adams we aren't drafting a safety high.
  5. #MarchForOurLives

    i don't actually fully agree with all this, but Emma has got a big future tbh
  6. Mitchell and Mikell were legitimate, as were Coleman and Harper.
  7. #MarchForOurLives

  8. Eh, imo that’s debatable. I’d have him as third best QB in this draft behind Rosen and Lamar Jackson tbh. Sam Darnold’s an early project but should project well in the future if he hammers down some issues he has. Allen’s the one I don’t get. Poor pocket management, poor decision making. All he has is an arm. But being compared to someone like Cam Newton is probably the most hilarious and dumb comparison I’ve heard. I honestly think he’s a long shot even as a project.
  9. We are not gonna our bid the raiders And if we do sign him we better still draft a safety first or second
  10. Darnold is a really easy evaluation my dude, he is as sure fire as Wentz was. The throws he makes and decisions he is able to process is franchise qb levels.
  11. If we could sign Eric and draft Justin... oh wow. We'd have our first pair of legit safeties since
  12. Had a pretty fun drunken night

    you know what.....knock it off with these stories. seriously. i see another one and you're banned. got it? no one wants to know about you finger blasting some girl or anything else and it's not about being envious. it's seriously about being tired of your poo, stop it. understood?
  13. F uck it make it happen Marty...Sometimes you got to put all your chips in
  14. When should we give up on Monk?

    Jamal Crawford, who I believe a lot of people compared Monk to had a very similar rookie year. Monk: 5.1 points (32%, 31% from three, 77% from FT), 1.2 assists, 1.0 rebounds Crawford: 4.6 points (35%, 35% from three, 79% from FT), 2.1 assists, 1.5 rebounds A 19 year career averaging 15 points per game may still be in the cards for Monk.
  15. Hurney trying to put together a roster that gives us a true shot at the whole thing. If we do this and draft well S/G/TE watch out. We've fielded Roman Harper on the end of his career and went 15-1 with Trey B also got Mike M paid played with the oldest safety in the league last year imagine what Ron wil do with Ried/Searcy combo.
  16. I just don’t get it...Darnold doesn’t impress me in the slightest...none of these QBs would get me excited to draft...I think day 1, Rosen is the best...but his own teammates were rumored to not even like him at UCLA, so there’s that
  17. Dez Bryant

    He can't catch the ball, going to the ground...
  18. Hap and Leonard on Netflix

    I tried it when it came out on AMC or whatever last year. Couldn't make it past the second episode.
  19. Top 3 remaining needs?

    I get that you need to draft with an eye on the future. But the restructure means Kalil is basically uncuttable for 2 years. Last year we drafted a 2nd rnd LT. So a high pick is guaranteed to sit unless management do a 180 on incumbent players. C would sit for at least a year behind Kalil. We would also be saying we have zero faith in Larsen. Despite him being more impressive than the Ravens Jensen who just got a ridiculous contract in FA from the bucs. LG i get but its the easiest position to make do with. I mean Norwell himself was a UDFA.
  20. Dez Bryant

    Why ask a question I have already answered?
  21. Well, we are into reuniting families here in NC sports.
  22. Pretty obvious and getting more so every day. They arent hiding it at this point. Pretty sure Barkley makes 4 to the Browns. Also Giants are not picking Nelson at 2. I think that will be a QB as well or maybe Chubb. Jets are definately going QB as well.
  23. In case you guys didn't gather already, the rest of the nfl is under the assumption Sam will go #1, and has been for quite a bit.
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