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  2. January 2017 Transfer Season

    Never thought Fred would leave tbh. Would be a good depth signing for City tho.
  3. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    If the league were scripted, three of the final four quarterbacks left standing wouldn't be Nick Foles, Blake Bortles and Case Keenum. No one in their right mind would send Roethlisberger, Brees and Ryan home in favor of those guys.
  4. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    lol now im in the weeds here. kindred healthcare was the third largest healthcare industry donor to kent conrad (right behind blue cross and davita, two champions of single payer healthcare lol) between 2003 and 2008. you may remember kent conrad as one of the democratic politicians who helped kill the public option. i wonder who else has been bankrolled by kindred for woke single payer reasons???? looking at their campaign contribution record, it appears as though kindred bankrolled democratics up until the ACA private mandate/giveaway was passed before switching to firmly supporting republican candidates (this switch occurred years before obama left office)
  5. spending high draft picks on skill players outside QB is antiquated. they need OL and DL. everything else can be fixed in free agency or with UDFA
  6. Nah man, not at all, i think that's what people get caught up on comparing Julio to Antonio Brown, AB is clearly better but julio has more size and athleticism. Steve smith was just better in every aspect regardless of athleticism, but his athleticism certainly made him better. His hands were slightly better than Fitz's in my opinion, but they were at least even, they were at least even in route running, although i think steve smith was better at that too, he was quicker out of his breaks, way better at come back routes, and more of a nightmare to match up with. you can say larry was even in a lot of aspects, but then what separates them IS steve smith's athleticism and intangibles that larry didn't have IE SS's KR ability.
  7. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    I guess Jags/Vikings with VIkings coming out on top. I do not want 2 weeks of Brady talk.
  8. Living in Hawaii in the age ot Trump

    When I think about it, it might be hard to do so if we attempt to hit it as it were descending. Yet we have a chance to shoot it down closer to the area from where it's launched. Not too long ago, Japan was ready to shoot down a missile NK launched, but determined it was going to land in the ocean. (That was the missile test where people began to say NK could hit the mainland USA.) So it's possible to shoot down if Japan was ready to do so.
  9. Fanspeak 7 Round Mock

    Used the bleacher report big board on this one because feel its more realistic at the moment Went Bpa at position of need. So the top prospect (at a position we need work on) on the the board at the time of pick with no trade. 24: R1P24 S RONNIE HARRISON ALABAMA 55: R2P23 C BILLY PRICE OHIO STATE 85: R3P21 WR ANTHONY MILLER MEMPHIS 88: R3P24 RB NICK CHUBB GEORGIA 163: R5P24 CB DONTE JACKSON LSU 201: R6P23 WR EQUANIMEOUS ST. BROWN NOTRE DAME
  10. Fanspeak 2018 free agency simulator

    CUT Name Position Ryan Kalil C Greg Olsen TE Matt Kalil OT Jonathan Stewart RB Kurt Coleman S Thomas Davis LB Captain Munnerlyn CB Russell Shepard WR Charles Johnson EDGE Mike Adams S Fozzy Whittaker RB Cameron Artis-Payne RB Cole Luke CB Fred Ross WR SIGNED PLAYERS Name Position Cap Hit Andrew Norwell G 3,000,000 Ryan Kalil C 2,625,000 Matt Kalil OT 2,400,000 Thomas Davis LB 1,500,000 Cameron Artis-Payne RB 1,600,000 Le\'Veon Bell RB 9,100,000 Marqise Lee WR 6,300,000
  11. 2018 Offseason

    I appreciate any comments. Positive or negative. If you notice anything incorrect let me know so I can adjust. I am going to update this as I go along. I have not yet included a Draft because it is WAY TOO premature. Ownership - ABD - Anyone But Diddy. I really have no opinion on who I would like to buy the team. That said, I have heard rumblings about possible new ownership moving the team outside of Charlotte. I do not think this is wise. I think the ACC would quickly remove their championship game from Bank of America. GM - Again, I cannot pretend to know the ends and outs of what it goes in to run a team. That said, I would not mind if we brought Marty Hurney back. Although I think new ownership might want a new face. Coaching - I was not a fan about the Norv Turner hiring, but what is done is done. Let's hope for the best. Looks like Steve Wilks is going to stay. I am not a huge fan of his either. Too much zones and untimely blitzing. I think his system needs a stronger secondary, which we are lacking. I was hoping the DA would retire and move into coaching for our team. It is still a possibility. Current Cap Space - According to Over the Cap we have $21,360,591 in cap space (middle of the pack) for 2018. I am not sure if this includes the 2018 season cap projection to rise to $178,000,000 or not. Cuts - Ryan Kalil - saves $7,500,000. Aging, injured, and just not worth that pay day. Jonathan Stewart - saves $3,750,000. See above. Russell Shepard - saves $2,150,000. Not reliable. The only plays I remember from him outside his week 1 touchdown were bad plays. Charles Johnson - saves $3,500,000. Thank you for your time, but no where near worth this money, and I do not even want to see him take a paycut. Right now he is worthless on the field. Wes Horton - saves $1,200,000. We will look to FA/Draft for more DE. Fozzy Whittaker - saves $1,150,000. Just not worth the $. Can find 100s of guys just like him. Kevon Seymour - saves $630,000. I mentioned him and Sanchez of the lesser guys because it is time to move on. Zack Sanchez - saves $555,000. See above. Maybe cut a few others, but this brings our cap to $39,395,591. Restructures - Just now learning more about this, but apparently we can only save so much on the cap by a restructure. These guys need to restructure. Matt Kalil - saves $345,000. Kurt Coleman - saves $1,342,500. I could see him actually being cut, but it would leave us too big a hole at a top hole. Captain Munnerlyn - saves $723,333. We save nothing by cutting so we have to restructure and cut next year. I am sure a view others will. Maybe Davis takes a pay cut in his final year to work toward a Super Bowl. Saving $2,066,178. Gives us $41,461,769 to spend on our guys and FA. Resignings - Andrew Norwell - the #1 priority this offseason is extending Norwell. Turner received a 4 year $45,000,000 deal. I expect Norwell to ask for the same if not a pinch more. I would give him the same deal. Can load his up with All-Pro incentives since he has already reached that and makes sense. Julius Peppers - Final year for Pep. Him and Davis retire together. 1 year $3,500,000. $500,000 signing bonus. Kaelin Clay - 2 year/ $2,000,000. Damiere Byrd - 2 year/ $2,750,000. Tyler Larsen - 4 year / $17,500,000. Michael Palardy - 3 year / $6,500,000. Notable non-resignings: Gano, Star, Bersin, Anderson (thinking he might retire and move toward coaching). Spend about $25,000,000 towards next year's cap on our current roster resignings. Free Agent Targets - Right now I am just going to list some targets. I do not expect us to target anyone extreme. WR - Allen Robinson, down year + injured season could lead to a smaller deal. Terrelle Pryor, disappointing season could make for a steal. Paul Richardson, guy is a burner. S - Morgan Burnett, I will spend the money any pay a premier S. Eric Reid, affordable. Draft - TBA
  12. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

  13. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    And MD does not need manning right now. We will always need groups to transition people from hospital to home care - and crap if a contract group commits fraud the government should go after them it does not negate that the need is there. Bottom line Mizeur has a STRONG legislative record on healthcare - she was not in federal government so points on ACA are moot. What she did for MD is advocate to bring healthcare to millions in need which served the people of this state. She did not use the state of MD to make a national campaign - she served the people and its citizens in need. Manning will distract from good strong progressives that have served and do serve this state.
  14. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

  15. Living in Hawaii in the age ot Trump

    It's essentially impossible to shoot down a capable ICBM if launched.
  16. Steve is more athletically gifted and I think that’s what you’re getting caught up on. Fitz can’t do the things smitty could do in his prime, but that doesn’t mean smitty is better than fitz overall.
  17. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    Apparently the movie bombed so bad in China after 3 weeks they pulled it. Doing much worse than they ever expected. Only 50 million in China. For comparison TFA did 124 million in China. Wonder why the Chinese audience doesn’t like the film?
  18. I respect your view as you're a lot more knowledgeable than me I'm sure and I'm only 30 so my view is probably a bit more myopic in comparison, but fitz never had clausen, matt moore, weinke, as a QB which is why he has the edge in numbers among other reasons like having Boldin next to him and fitz NEVER got double coverage nearly to the extent smith did. Also, in 2013 the play calling limited Steve Smith's numbers because I guess they didn't want Cam just throwing it up to steve smith and wanted him to learn more structure and learn accuracy and reading defenses better rather than just be a gunslinger, that offense was just a terrible system. Hell, even a rookie cam newton wasn't a good QB at all but he did have a good deep ball and trusted steve smith to come down with the ball if he threw it up to him. His rookie numbers are so good soley because of steve smith, and of course, steve smith needed someone who would trust him and just chunk the ball up to him in order for his numbers to be good, too.
  19. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Tom Brady goes off into the sunset on top just like Manning did against us... bc well, it is actually scripted.
  20. Haley fired

    Haley runs a pure E-P. Shula employed some E-P concepts, so it wouldn't necessarily be a huge adjustment. Plus his experience working with Roethlisberger would probably benefit him working with Newton. But yeah, that's not happening.
  21. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Yeah I'm definitely taking the Purple People Eaters. They deserve it more than we do having lost 4 Super Bowls. I want the Jags to make it just for the pride of their franchise. I hope they make it to the Super Bowl next year too where we will hand them their second championship loss in a row.
  22. it's no coincidence that the final four teams are (outsdie the pats) extremely balanced. That being said, if a miracle play doesn't happen two of the four teams have an elite QB and look at the Browns. So yea you need a good QB, 95% of the time. dont be victim to the moment
  23. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    weird that she took hundreds of thousands of dollars from private healthcare providers (including at least one known fortune 500 company) in service of single payer healthcare when we couldn't even swing a public option with the ACA though now that this discussion has brought kindred healthcare to my attention, this becomes relevant to the discussion: woke kindred healthcare abused medicare, with the justice department making specific note of changes in rehabcare billing activity after being acquired by kindred healthcare in 2011 https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/nation-s-largest-nursing-home-therapy-provider-kindredrehabcare-pay-125-million-resolve-false we don't NEED companies like this "when we finally have single payer" or w/e. we don't NEED companies like this right now.
  24. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    I'm cool with either of the NFC teams winning it.
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