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  2. Divisional and championship 2015 are both tied for my top. Maybe because it was the Seahawks and the second half made it a roller coaster of emotion but that game may honestly top the championship game from just a game standpoint. The stew run to start the game followed by the like pick 6 had the damn ground shaking. The trophy ceremony and with the confetti and all that brought a tear to my eye. I was so fuging happy.
  3. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Ohhh wee mayne
  4. Benjamin

    I would just want him back to screw the bills . I don't think kelvin has the talent outside of the end zone
  5. The real question is this... what pie would you give Norman?
  6. He should’ve never rescinded the tag, regardless. I was pretty vocal about it. And josh handled it pretty well. Let him ride delta on back to charlotte!
  7. Peanut Tillman to FBI

    Good for him. He was one of those players who seemed like he had been in the organization forever even though he was only here a short time. I loved him. High character guy, now serving his country. FBI is lucky to have him, and we are lucky to have someone with his character in that position.
  8. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    A bunch of issues: Foremost is the treatment of the second amendment. It's a terribly written article and on its own it is very difficult to interpret. However there is a ton of information out there regarding what the framers were thinking. When Madison wrote the first draft of the constitution there was no mention of guns. Nor would there have been any reason to include guns because they were an ingrained part of America. Nobody thought there was any danger whatsoever of the government taking guns...EXCEPT possibly as it pertained to militias. One of the parties insisted that militia protection be included in the constitution. State militias were important back then. The second amendment was about militias and secondarily guns used by militias. Gun rights were already law. It would be like adding a right to own a house in a new constitution today. It's not really a threat. But nonetheless you can argue, second amendment or not, the right to own a gun was assumed at the time. Anyway, nobody who wrote the constitution thought that the bill of rights was not malleable. In fact Washington wrote to one of the framers saying he thought that law the constitution should expire every 19 years. But what conservatives and the NRA have decided is that the second amendment is undebateable, and non negotiable; and more importantly, any attempt to limit gun ownership is unconstitutional. Google the Dickey amendment. It says the CDC may not investigate firearms with federal money. In other words, if there is research that supports gun control we don't want to hear it. And laws have made it such that gun registry run on paper with no searchable database. I support gun control. One of the main reasons is we simply don't have a culture that meshes with free access to guns. Most countries don't and that is why most sensible countries have strict gun control. Gun advocates always point to Switzerland which has extremely high gun ownership and very low gun crime. But the culture in Switzerland is completely different. Guns are regarded as a huge responsibility and gun owners almost all have military training. Guns are for national defense. While there are many many responsible gun owners in the US, we have too many ignorant, angry, crazy people to justify unfettered access to killing machines. It has been widely shown that gun deaths are highly correlated with gun ownership. Craxy huh? My gun control plan would look like this: First lets get as many guns out of circulation as needed. Start with a 12 month amnesty plan whereby anyone can turn their gun in for cash or a tax break. If you just aren't that dependent on your gun and don't care, turn it in. If you have a stolen or black market gun turn it in with no charges. If you like like the process below, turn it in. Next every gun will be federally licensed, in a federal database with federal background checks. Nobody owns a AR-15 or anything like it. If you want a gun in your house this will be the most restrictive. There will be a waiting period during which one must show proficiency in handling a gun. Mandatory gun safety training. There will also be a series of mandatory interviews which would be designed to demonstrate the need for a gun as well as things like mental stability. Lying about your background here would mean jail time. Licenses will be renewed at least annually. And of course the gun will be properly stored. Next is hunting and shooting. If you don't need a gun in your house but just want to shoot targets that is what a gun range is for. If you hunt and don't care about keeping your rifle in the house, a hunting club will store your gun. All of these are things other countries done with success. Still not sure about requiring insurance. Not because it is a bad idea but the logistics may be impossible.
  9. Chris Rock is a fuging moron

    Yeah, I think it was all a joke. But I do agree if the roles were reversed and a white comedian were to joke this way there would be a major backlash. So, I feel both instances should be treated the same. If this is okay, it should be okay if a white person were to say something similar. And as I believe there was ZERO harm meant here, I don’t think either would be a big deal. And although it doesn’t really matter, this is coming from a white conservative.
  10. Hell no. Restructuring contracts converting salary to bonus is a big part of how Hurney got us into cap hell in the first place. Sure, it creates cap space in the short term at the expense of long term flexibility.
  11. Hornets vs Wiz

    This team truly is going to tease us. I am not that optimistic yet bc we just beat Brooklyn and a Walless Wizard team. Couple of positives are: 1. Frank playing with confidence. Now he needs consistency. 2. MKG playing more aggressive offensively. 3. Batum & Howard starting to know how to play together, but Batum still has 2-3 WTF turnovers per game. 4. I usually hate on MCW but he actually played ok. He made layups!! 5. Cody is helping the offense with his screens. Negative: 1. We are probably not going to make the playoffs and lose the draft position. Double negatives. 2. Still want to see what we have in Monk, Bacon and WHG.
  12. Why trade for him when you know they have a date to release him by of 3/18? If you trade for him you get his contract too and hope you restructure. If he’s released then he isn’t a FA that counts towards comp picks. Only FAs due to contracts ending count. If they are released they don’t count in the comp picks.
  13. Poll be honest...

    Cool, I ned a new job. lol
  14. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    Your agenda is showing thru. Literally no one here is anti liberty... strawman
  15. Arsenal D is awful. Should be a good game! I will miss 1st half cause my soccer season starts tomorrow. All I want is fun, injury free game. City needs this win after unfortunate FA cup exit.
  16. If it avoids us signing a FA WR then I’m for it. First, the FAs will be expensive especially if Jax tags Robinson and then we lose the comp pick for Star. The net for Bryant could be going from a late 2018 3rd for a late 2019 4th. Throw in a cheap 2018 salary and the fact that he’s better than most if not all the FAs and it’s worth the risk.
  17. So what other sites/apps do (((actively))) you use?

    you left off fanfiction.net
  18. i didn’t want him to leave either. and in his defense, he handled his departure with total class. not like some other players we know.
  19. I think a 3rd rounder is too steep of a price to pay for a guy who already has two strikes against him under the substance abuse policy.
  20. Hurney’s history, especially his last 4 or 5 drafts, after the first has been really bad. I’d love to trade a third for Bryant. First, because he’s cheap for a year and it solves our WR issue without signing a FA. If it helps us get a 4th next year for Star by trading for a player then we lose very little draft capital. If we sign Watkins or Lee then we get nothing for Star leaving. I just hope Hurnster pays attention to that. Personally, I’d love for a Gano to sign a big FA deal because that almost guarantees we get a 3rd and 4th. I still don’t know why people mention a 5th for Star. He’s likely to get a deal like Harrison got with the Giants and I think he got a 3rd for the Jets. It would be nice going into 2019 draft (hopefully with a competent GM) with an extra 3rd and 4th.
  21. I also use IG quite a bit to talk with my IRL friends, but I don't use it for anything else.
  22. Political Compass Quiz

    some of those questions were just downright terrible, and definitely forced you into non-answer.
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