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  2. As long as he catches it that's all that matters. I don't care if he catches it with his butt cheeks as long as he catches it.
  3. This metric would also favor bad teams as theoretically they'd have more opportunities for rookies to start. like obviously everyone for the browns got to play in 2017. Players, coaches, random fans, EVERYONE GETS A HELMET
  4. Wright, CMC, and Samuel all seem like guys that could get reps in the slot which is where I see Byrd mostly getting snaps. I would almost think the chance of us keeping 6 receivers would be higher if we had an extra bigger receiver which we don't. With that being said though last year got pretty rough with all of the injuries to our receivers so maybe the coaches decide to keep 6. Especially with carrying one less QB I could see the numbers being easier to work out. Even if we do carry 6 receivers the 6th one will most likely not be active on games days. Sometimes the easiest way to determine the roster is to look at the game day 46 first. Everyone likes to say that the last few spots are often made by special team guys but that really isn't true. Your special team players have to be active on game day. The last 7 guys are either backups that you can survive without for one game (like a 9th or 10th lineman) or players with potential that you don't want other teams to get.
  5. The only thing about Samuel that I dont like is he body catches a lot. If he can show the kind of separation that we have seen and hands catch the ball, watch out.
  6. I think you are correct, but one caveat is that cutting Smith saves 5 million in cap space, so if they were to decide to make a move for another position that required some additional cap space, Smith might be a casualty. Unlikely at this point, but not impossible.
  7. X-Clown

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    It was painful to watch all the missed tackles that Kurt Coleman had in this video
  8. The ability to free up space with Smith is the only logical explanation for him not being on this roster. It would be so nice to have depth at the position for a change.
  9. Porn Shop Clerk

    National Anthem

    In all seriousness, this is probably going to be our new national anthem.
  10. Snake

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    Brees barely made it to 30 points. Only reason we didn't dominate you is because we had one WR with one arm. Don't expect such a thing to happen this year.
  11. What?? Umm yeah....sorry but there’s no way 43 yards in the Preseason is anywhere near “Top 10”.
  12. Pretty easy to decipher the “cut Torrey Smiff he trash” comments on here and why some folks don’t like him. Why on earth would a team need veteran leadership from an established WR with a couple super bowl rings?
  13. Oh he'll make the final 53, even he rarely dresses or only comes in on special teams. Too valuable as a kick returner and we ain't cutting one of the few WRs on our roster who've proven themselves in a regular season game.
  14. Code for “I don’t like him because he is anthem protest supporter and he doesn’t stick to sports”
  15. Let's just put all our best players in a bubble and field a team of Arena players.
  16. lol yeah and Mueller is sitting on all of it Trump is going to make Manafort look like a girl scout.
  17. Bronn

    National Anthem

    I think I'd prefer the national anthem to be an instrumental, or series of them... Make people stand up for a while, in lyrical silence, to reflect on the emotions intoned within the music.
  18. I second this. I think Byrd could be a very dangerous kick and punt return specialist for us. Not to mention I cringe to think of the possible injury that CMC, Moore, or Samuel could receive fielding those returns.
  19. Luxury for depth that we routinely don't have depth at. I get what you're saying but Torrey was the ultimate insurance policy: -we secured him if the free agent wr market got crazy which it did (then people mention getting Mike Wallace for cheaper but his track record isn't as good as Torrey's for being a good teammate) -as mentioned above the team had unknowns but what wasn't an unknown is the fact that Samuel and Bryd both got injured twice and both guys broke something during the season. So Torrey was a guy who's typically healthy -and last Torrey was insurance if the board fell wrong and wr's were drafted before are pick or teams wanted too much to trade up to snag a guy we liked. I always looked at Torrey as a season plus one type of guy. If Samuel takes the next step and doesn't get hurt, Torrey won't be here for the following season. But if not then he'll be here for the long haul
  20. Because no one thought he could win and it was a ratings grab. We aren’t even to the bad stuff yet. All the bad stuff was out there too. The fact he has been laundering dirty money for decades and is compromised by a host of bad people....is alarmingly well documented out there. Reason he survived so long is it is much harder to take people down laundering dirty overseas money and he likely has a LONG FBI file for it as well. Law enforcement doesn’t always take down folks like Trump just because they can because they like those doors being open and running to track things. Pros of letting him stay out there outweigh the cons. But then he became POTUS and it all has blown up in the country’s face. He is a well documented crook. And most of that has barely sniffed the news feeds yet. But it will. and in reality once the Hollywood Access tape aired. Stuff like racial slurs weren’t going to matter. This tape won’t matter either of it comes to light. They will just do another locker room talk spin. N word to Trump isn’t even about race. Lots of people could be n words blah blah blah. His base will accept that because they like him using it.
  21. Moore makes the top 10 with 75 yds, but I see Samuel at 25th with 43 yds. Even if you only include WR's Samuel's 43 yds doesn't get him into the top ten (19th).
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