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  2. I could see them going for some sort of pass catcher in the 3rd. Whether it be a WR, or a TE, throw some talent at the Offense and see if it sticks. In all seriousness though. I do believe we want to go Offense in the draft. I just have a feeling that they have a limited list of kids they are willing to go after. If he is there, we may go O. If not, we may go Defense heavy this year.
  3. Well the ankle was a freak accident. I think he will be back but lower body injuries take much longer to heal than upper body. We will all know when he starts planting his foot in cleats.
  4. Especially if Ridley or Moore are STILL available. It would be the dumbest thing Hurney has done since he came back.
  5. Pretty much right out of my mind. If Ridley, and Moore are both gone, I could see us going Defense big time. I just never thought we could get one of those top DEs. Landry, and Chubb, with maybe Davenport, but he scares me. I just don't see it. I really can see us going CB, then S in the 1st 2. Maybe throw a 3rd at a TE. But as a whole. I can really see an almost entirely Defensive draft. Let Norv work with the Offense, and draft Defense. Or not.
  6. As a whole, I agree with you. I believe our 1st 2 picks will be on the Defensive side. CB, then S and I'm good. 3rd round still has some talent, so I wouldn't overlook the opportunity to add to the haul. IMO, the 3rd round is where you get most of your pleasant surprises. Trust your scouting dept., and get that BPA. With luck, we get 2 kids that can contribute right away. And 2 kids that have a shot at contributing. Or at least that is my fervent hope. 4 kids with talent that can make us better. I just think this is a year Norv uses to evaluate this Offense. To see if the kids CAN contribute, or not. Do Smith, and Wright pan out? What can he do with CmC, and CAP? Lots to evaluate this year. So let's just help that Defense some. And I can live with that.
  7. Our 15-1 was an anomaly and we did make it to Super Bowl with highest PPG. You know who won that ever so fateful Super Bowl? The no. 1 defence. Last year, Philly was what, no. 2 overall? Falcons led league in PPG, lost to better defence. Every one of your examples that made it to Bowl riding on scoring, ran into top 5 defence, mostly top 3, and lost. Yes, being able to score on the opportunities created by defence is stellar, but if your offense can't put up in the big game, whats the point? You know how many people have basically forgotten about 2015 Panthers? Most people. Denver Broncos crushing Cam Newton is remembered. Not our 30+ PPG. Set up a solid secondary and top 3 defense so turnovers let us pound the run game and score that way. Cam having to play catchup the whole game is a nightmare.
  8. Might want to inform Rivera of this, then again he probably already knows and still thinks the same thing will work eventually.
  9. I agree. If Ridley or Moore are not on the board when we pick, I think we should draft a secondary player at 24. Though I would try to get a WR in rounds 3 if St.Brown is still on the board.
  10. In today's white guilt news

    It is in South Africa...
  11. I agree if that happens .. Jmo the contribution is more if we get a starting CB and Safety.. Than a 4th WR this year... If we go secondary the 1st 2 picks I would go TE and Development Pass Rusher or RB in the 3rd.. WR or RB in the 5th ... So out of the next picks in the 3rd we would get a backup TE and either a RB or Backup DE ... So you still get contributors and 2 starters with your 1st 4 picks..
  12. If Harold Landry is on the board, I'm taking him. Period. Our defensive scheme is heavily reliant on creating a dominant pass rush from our front four and our starting DEs are both on the wrong side of 30. Assuming Landry is gone, if Ridley or Moore is on the board, I'm taking him. Every year we bitch and moan about our WRs and for good reason. Assuming Ridley and Moore are gone, I'm taking the top CB on our board. Ward will be gone by #24 but he very well may be the only CB off the board at that point. My personal preference would be Josh Jackson, but I could be talked into Hughes, Alexander, Davis, or Oliver at #24. I think there's going to be a run on DBs in the late 1st/early 2nd. I could see 4-5 CBs and another 3-4 safeties all go in that range. The same could be true for WRs. It would be easy to see 4-5 WRs go in that range as well.
  13. We have 4 picks in the top 100. If our 1st 2 rounders play well and contribute, and our last 2 make the team and contribute, that is a good draft. What about this scenario? You go CB in the 1st, and S in the 2nd. What do you do in the 3rd? Also, you have to be happy with not getting a quality WR, so the draft is WR less . So basically, you are only getting 2 solid picks. Unless you want to double dip at CB, which seems like overkill to me. Whereas, if you go WR in the 1st. You can still go CB in the 2nd, and get a really good one. And still have a chance at getting a solid S in the 3rd. That is 3 solid picks.
  14. Agree to disagree.. The top CB's in this draft are better than Cockrell day 1 imo... The top WR in this draft may not be better than Smith and Wright who have played and produced for Norv and know his system...Jmo I know you're trying to make it the same but IMO it's not .. I don't think the transition of the position is the same for WR and CB.. (WR is a harder transition from college to pros)... I don't think the situation is the same.. We have better WR than CB on the roster...
  15. Gotcha. I haven't really looked that hard at the first round quarterbacks this year. I've seen some of the whispers, but I haven't really checked it out that closely.
  16. Ben Navarro, "The Cool Cat"

    Really? Stephanie Rivera opens up about her husband's success I guess Don Banks and Stephanie Rivera must have been lying. Now why would they do that? For the record, I doubt this is something that will be a major issue. It's just an interesting question to ponder. But hey, since you say it didn't happen, well then...
  17. There have been quite a few top shelf CBs lately that have had a difficult time adjusting to the NFL. I am not sure you are right that a top CB this year is just going to start. The top WRs have just as good of a chance as a CB. As many holes as folks claim we have, there are precious few rookies who are going to come in and start day 1. Safety may be the only position that may be true for. A rookie can have a very good year without having to start. A WR who can contribute, and challenge others is a good grab. A CB that can contribute, and challenge others is a good get as well. All you can ask of a rookie is to work hard, improve throughout the year, and play within the system.
  18. Today
  19. I don't know about that.. Let's just say agree to disagree.. Other than Ridely I don't see a day 1 starter at WR in this draft.. I love Moore potential but I don't think he can beat out Smith or Wright this year... But I see at least 6 CBs and 5 safeties who can start day 1.. Like I said if you're not getting starters with your 1st 2 picks you fail...
  20. Unless you absolutely believe in your heart of hearts that the kid is a sure fire, first ballot, HOFer. I wouldn't either. But man, c'mon. Would it kill ya to draft a kid who is actually capable of playing the position well? Maybe in round 2? A kid with talent? That is not impossible is it? Hubby don't ask for much. Give me this one. lol
  21. But that's the rub. You cannot get a "WR with the same impact and development time later". But you can get a CB that does. IMO, there are only 2, maybe 3 WRs in this class that could make an impact. But there are literally 100s of CBs that could.
  22. I disagree.. Any of the 1st round CB can beat out Cockrell.. And since we really don't have a FS on the roster (Adam's and Searcy are SS) that person can come in day one and start... If you're not getting trying to get day 1 starters with your 1st and 2nd round pick... Especially when you have as many needs as us... You failed...
  23. If people are accusing you, they are not necessarily "falsely" accusing you. An accusation is what it is. The accusation hurts confidence in the player, increasing the risk. To assume the accusation is false and to find excuses to overlook the potential wrongdoing is EXACTLY what the players are used to. Think of these athletes--they are treated like gods from the time they are 8. They do something wrong, the coach "handles it." So if there is only 1 accusation, then maybe there is only 1 that got through the double standard. I had teammates who got away with murder and the media and fans treated them like choir boys--it sorta made you sick . Finally, someone complains and is not silenced or intimidated and people like you say, "This only happened once." Bullshit. People mature--but if you assume, without any inside info, that the accusation is false because there was only one episode, you have never been on a college team. Assume that there are more than 1--you would be right 90% of the time.
  24. Personally? I wouldn't even take a WR in this draft. But I do believe that either Ridley, or Moore could challenge for playing time. They don't have to start, they just have to contribute. CB? I don't expect the kid to come in and win a starting job, and I don't expect may folks to disagree. Give me solid reps, learn and grow, and then challenge for that starting spot. It could happen sooner than later. But it won't happen right away. Same with any rookie. Even our 1st pick should have a tough time starting right out of the gate. Anywhere but S anywho. If it is my pick. And I like 2 guys. I believe I take the guy I believe will have the best career. At least I hope I take the best talent. I love me some talent, as long as he has smarts that is. Hubby don't draft no idiots.
  25. So Trill you want to get in shootouts with teams with better offensive talent?? Okay..lol
  26. We would have a great defense if you add a good secondary.. A great defense beats great offenses most of the time.
  27. Looks like John Gruden and Greg Olsen's mom had an evening in the mid 90s.
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