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  2. Panthers coming off a bye is already reason for concern. Couple that with the blowout win from last game, sub .500 this week and a division rival next week in the Saints, it is the perfect recipe for what you would call a let-down game. We should win, but no one should be shocked if we dont.
  3. That Bills 3rd looking better and better

    The Saints will regress back to the mean, which for them is pretty damn low.
  4. Sca didn't say their offense was a world beater; only that the concepts can be tricky which isn't great news if you are facing them only once. The positive side of this is it should help prepare for the Saints passing attack a bit more.
  5. The receivers played well last week sans Shepard horrible drop. Cam tends to play better when he believes he has to elevate the guys around him. I think forcing him to be more accountable to his preparation, and the belief that he has to help make guys better, forces him to play better. We've seen it when Benji was injured in 2015, and now since Benji has been gone this season. Plus we get Olsen back, and Byrd should be able to fill that Ted Ginn role we've been missing to keep guys out of the box.
  6. Haha coaches do not consider the obvious. That's why we are here, hahahahhha
  7. And then if the Panthers take a dump all over themselves against the Jets, everyone changes their minds again. The bi-polar world of being a Panthers fan!
  8. Alright, I sent your opinion to Rivera and he is considering it.
  9. Every time I see a post like this I ask.... Why do people continually leave out Greg Olsen. Just bc the dude is a TE does not mean he isn't a/the TOP RECEIVER. We drafted KB for the purpose of that legit #1 and it didn't work out. Also, we should consider that Shula's offense isn't designed for a top receiver. The one thing all those players have in common is they are humble and hungry. I'd prefer that rather than a Dez Bryant drama or Odell Beckham contract distraction. However, I do believe the team needs either a true slot reciever (maybe samuel) and crisp route running VETERAN #2 (assuming Funchess continues his ascendance.)
  10. Gotta win these type games. Cam and the offense show out like they did against the Dolphins.
  11. Fire Clifford!!!

    I think Cliff is a good coach but I don't like the following things about him: 1. Rotations: I absolutely hate his rotations. He keeps Kemba in for the entire 3rd quarter. So when Monk (rhythm shooter) was the backup PG, he was off the court for half of Q2, halftime, and all of Q3 before seeing the court again in Q4. I also think he keeps Frank in way too long in Q4 when Frank is struggling. For some reason Frank has a longer leash than any other young guy. 2. Rookies: Speaking of young guys. Cliff needs to be more flexible. Yes, Monk is an undersized 2 guard but you can't just ask a rookie to switch from SG to PG because you don't trust his size. I thought that was why we had MCW to be able to guard the stronger of the two players on defense but we have rarely seen Monk at SG which is a shame. I hope we don't ruin Monk as a player. 3. Old-School Defensive Mentality: Pack the paint and make teams take jump shots. This is completely old school basketball. The NBA is now a 3 point shooting league and we are always one of the worst teams defending the 3. This should not be the case. We are horrible defending the pick and pop and we let the guards penetrate and kick out to an open 3 way too easily.
  12. Why is it very debatable? If he is a better player, then why this week of all weeks he is not? He went through the entirety of OTAs, he was there for pre-season, and game 1. One could assume he maybe rusty, but are you informing us that Ryan Kalil rusty is worse than Larsen?
  13. Was never a McDermott fan. Thought the defense slacked under his control and looks like they did. Never thought he was head coaching material either but I was thankful that he was no longer in Carolina.
  14. They've surrounded him with guys who ideally fit their offensive system though. Their offense revolves around small, shifty receivers and getting the ball out quickly.
  15. This is the type of game that makes me nervous. Especially looking at the following two opponents. A loss here puts our playoff chances in real jeopardy
  16. At some point these guys need to realize that just because twitter and instagram are there....they don't have to be used. Sometimes just shutting your mouth is the very best thing you can do.
  17. I'd leave it up to Ryan, we are getting to the point where he needs to start playing if he wants to be at a high level going into the post season. If he feels like he cant go though Id be OK with van roten for just 1 game. The Jets front 7 is legit though. hopefully Mo wilkerson will be in business decision mode because if he gets going it could be a LONG day for Matt.
  18. Saints game Dec 3

    Whew....little pricey in that section. Guess I will be looking on from above.
  19. i think that is what they have been doing the last 6 weeks, ahah.
  20. In the absence of evidence.... make ish up
  21. With Larsen nursing his foot, and on the bike. How do you suggest we proceed? Van Rotten finished the game, and did a fine job. Larsen has been doing a fine job this year as well. But if Ryan is healthy. He would make the most sense. Or at least that is how I see it.
  22. Definitely want to bring Kalil back if healthy but I'd certainly hold off on bringing him back this week. We may have rushed him before and he had a setback, so let's make sure that doesn't happen again before bringing him back.
  23. Larsen has been solid. But if Ryan is healthy? That choice is an easy one to make.
  24. Last week Larsen helped Turner out more than anything. It was a good gameplan.
  25. the best ability is availability.
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