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  2. Updates on the team sale

    It might take longer to get the roads up to par in that area than to actually build said stadium. also...the plot of land really isn’t that big if parking is what they want. Those fields north of Miller’s farm are broken up into about 12 different parcels each with a different owner. You’re gonna have to deal and the owners of this plots know you have money...
  3. Panthers going on a run

    Im in ...panthers SB run...absolutely
  4. is possible to have a majority party?

    i do appreciate durbin giving away the game in the tweet though. calls for "compromise" and "reaching across the aisle" and "moderation" and "meeting in the middle" are all about giving the right wing all that it wants. never ever ever ever ever trust someone who considers themselves to be a "moderate" or "centrist" or w/e
  5. is possible to have a majority party?

    hmm yeah both sides are just so dang polarized that the democratics trip over themselves to give the reality show fascist president everything he wants in the midst of their #resistance and how are they rewarded? with right wing demands for more. democratic politicians are either controlled opposition or the dumbest motherfugers on the planet. as you can probably tell by my big post earlier itt i believe they're the former while they pretend to be the latter.
  6. Updates on the team sale

    One of the most expensive parts of a stadium for the City and state is upgrading the infrastructure to the site. I agree it's a terrible site though.
  7. Every year during the season this board complains about the offensive line for Cam. Once the season ends and we start talking about drafting everyone starts to fall in love with the "playmakers". If we don't resign Norwell this guy could be a cheaper replacement. If we do resign Norwell maybe they look at this guy as a center prospect that could replace Kalil in a year at a cheaper cost which would help reduce the overall cost of the oline. Personally though I'm not a huge fan of drafting guards or centers in the first round. Their replacement cost in free agency tends to be lower then other positions, but I could see us drafting Kalil's replacement this year. Personally if we can sign a FA receiver (Lee or Wallace) I wouldn't mind us going LT or safety in the first. Maybe receiver in second and then center in third.
  8. He does look left handed.
  9. Relive the moment

    Nope #blewdat
  10. Whatever. If we can teach our special teams guys to block someone, that would be a huge improvement. I just want there to stop being 11 men around our punt returner whenever he tries to return the ball.
  11. i'm not opposed to getting someone in FA. i just don't want us to spend $12 million a year to get him. i've mentioned moncrief as a guy who we should look at.
  12. Updates on the team sale

    What sounds more attractive to our of town fans coming into town for a Panthers game? Stay (near/in) downtown, see the city the neighborhoods around Charlotte, go to bars/museums/restaurants/parks, and tailgate in a great downtown setting all over a wonderdful Panther-themed weekend in CLT or stay near Rock Hill, at the Days Inn, get Waffle House twice, Xaxby's once, hang out in their hotel room all weekend waiting for Sunday and tailgate in a giant parking lot with a sh¡tty Highway/Carowinds setting.....? #NoToDome
  13. Watkins likely will get tagged but if not my ideal target would be him on a 1 year prove it deal with heavy incentives, maybe even a 2nd year option. Good for Watkins to seriously cash in after a good season and good for us to see if he fits and then we could extend or just have him for a year while developing a rookie, Byrd and Samuel and even Funchess more.
  14. Hurney on WFNZ

    of course there was a reason. i disagree with it, whatever it was. philly showed up in the playoffs and most of our WRs didn't.
  15. Brees was horsesh*t in the first half so you should've pointed to that, since that ball went right through Thomas' hands.
  16. Relive the moment

    True dat. Dick. It's not even close, imo. I mean, we see last second plays to win it pretty often. A team doesn't blow a 25 point lead in 17 minutes, like, ever. Then it was in the SB. Don't get me wrong, the loss sucked. But one was, simply put, the biggest choke in the history of sports.
  17. The economy

    yes one of the largest redistributions of wealth in US history is poo
  18. Today
  19. Relive the moment

    It was indeed fun to watch again.
  20. Well, we know he didn't wanna be here. We don't know the reason and there are no obvious reasons that would have been known last year. The most logical conclusion is that he didn't like the situation here for whatever reason.
  21. Updates on the team sale

    F%#& THIS !!!!!!!!!!!! worst possible "local" group , France & Sabates, possibly Smith's ughhhh WTF!!!! and then moving the team out of Charlotte to build a f'n DOME in Rock Hill?!!?? GO TO F'N BED SABATES, go sell some f'n cars.
  22. Relive the moment

  23. I agree. I would think they will bring in some folks to compete at good deals and draft one or two more.
  24. Updates on the team sale

    The proposed site vs other stadiums built away from the city. The proposed site for Sabates land Foxborough...notice the entertainment and access via the main road. Jerry world...more entertainment and access to I-30 The dump in landover. The road system is pretty good with easy access to the outer belt. In all I believe the proposed site is simply just not good. Look at other stadiums that follow the same idea of being out away from the city. There isn’t enough room to build a mall like the patriots have or hotel space and such. the roads aren’t adequate and if you hate gameday Traffic now just you wait. All the other stadiums have a main way to get to the interstate...the one to 77 now is freaking 4 lanes. but don’t worry...we have the fleamarket and the quarry just a block up...
  25. Hurney has indicated that he wants to sign a free agent receiver, but who and how much are in question. I don't really think we have the cap space to go after a huge free agent signing.
  26. Why are you not surprised? It's quite rare for a coach to walk from his job for the same job somewhere else. Quite curious as to McGaughey's reasoning for wanting out of Carolina. And it's not ownership change because he was looking around a year ago and there's no chance he knew anything about that (heck JR likely didn't even know then).
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