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    As a few of us guessed, it doesn't matter what you give Shula... the job won't get done. I had a Patriots fan tell me they wanted CMC, and we won't use him right. Its looking like he's right. 1999 offensive coordinator won't know how to use a player of the abilities that CMC and Samuel has If Marty Hurney would make the decision since Ron wont, man that would be THE move of the last 5 seasons
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    He gave the Panthers all they could handle with about half the talent. He basically had Shula out of the booth and behind the woodshed all day. Hats off to McDermott and the Bills. Now give the rest of the NFCS Hell.
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    Lost in everything else that happened today KB once again came up big for us. He had multiple 3rd down catches, plus drawing a flag in the endzone. KB caught 6 of 8 targets and finished with 6 catches for 77 yards You keep doing you KB!
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    2 sacks and solid run D all game. Welcome home buddy, hope you stay a few more years if you continue to defy Father Time. Win a couple SBs here.
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    Cause Shula's playcalls are predictable as fug
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    Yes we did. I'm watching the game at Twin Peaks in Vegas and am the only Panther fan here. Some loud ass Bills fans were talking poo. fug you Bills fans. And fug you Bills fan that was trolling the last few days eat poo you bitch ass motherfuger.
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    Welcome to the official Bills at Panthers gameday thread. The Carolina Panthers are 1-0 with two very winnable home games next on the schedule. If they can get to 3-0 the playoffs become much more likely this season. But first, they will need to send the Buffalo Bills and their fans packing. All the media talk has been around Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey this week. However, I will go on record right now and say Curtis Samuel will surprise the Bills defense today, coming out of no where and punching them in the mouth. Panthers win this one rather easily.
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    Without a nincompoop like Shula this is likely a blowout.
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    It's absolutely inexcusable. Two burned timeouts. Two delay of game penalties. All because he can't get a goddamn play call in. Meanwhile, you have the best dual threat QB in football and you're running the wildcat. Fire this damn fool. He's just embarrassing himself at this point.
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    i'll be single for tomorrow, too, but i charge $250, with additional charges for extra special favors. PM me if interested.
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    I came to this forum and if I did not watched the game I would guess we lost! Great team win and great confidence booster!
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    Ugly game but it's a win. On a day where the d was key, I have some D to offer thee
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    No other team will have a defense this well prepared or know us better than the Bills today.. This actually maybe the best defense we will face for a while and maybe all year.. Based on how good that front 7 is and how much Mcdermont knows about us and how good he is as a defensive game planner.. 2-0 here we go..
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    Gotta give love to Funchess too. Made some good leaping grabs and showed very good hands
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    No TDs yet allowed on the season.
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    I never want to read another god damn post about how Dave Gettleman was a master talent evaluator that signed and drafted gems. There was a much better, proven, left tackle on the market, and Dave signed a player that was garbage his entire career to a massive contract.
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    Lawd I wish! Rivera needs to be fired as well. I'm sick of those 2 idiots.
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    We know we need to sign Gary Barnidge now. We also know this team won't.
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    McD knows Shula is Trash....he is a guy that does the same thing over and over expecting different things to happen
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    Second straight week holding opposing team without a touchdown. McCoy averaged less than one yard per carry. Julius Peppers had two sacks, Addison had one. Hats off to you, defense!
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    Shula magnifies Cam's mistakes. So much pressure is being put on Cam because Shula is a moron. When he makes a mistake, it seems bigger than it is. However, if we had a better OC it would seem like no big deal. If you think it's all Cam, you know nothing about football and your opinion is irrelevant.
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    I'll take an ugly win over a piss-away loss any day. Ugly wins build up character. At least I keep telling myself that. Think back to last season, how many games were lost by a score or less? Good to be on the right side of that equation to start this season.
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    The inevitable drowning of Cam by this poo pool of a coaching staff has begun.
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    Do you people have eyes? It is 3rd and 17...Newton has to hold the ball...when he holds the ball more than 2 seconds...the entire line collapses. Just stop.
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    Are you people watching the same game as me! Cam is out there throwing dimes. The OLine is completely shitting the bed on him. He's held the ball too long on maybe 2 plays. It happens to every QB in the league when his WRs are covered.
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    One thing that's contributing to our offense stagnating are these phantom holding penalties being called on Williams. On both broadcast replays I saw absolutely no holding.
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    I prefer to think of it as one of the reasons they're the worst is because they played our D. Carlos Hyde has already ripped the Hawks D for 100 plus rushing yards in a half of football.
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    Coaching staff will harp on cam missing 3 throws for TDs and completely disregard the other 150 plays that were dead before the snap.
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    Funch played better
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    Finally beat the Bills at Home. Pie for it. McD knows our O better than any other team and blitzd da poo out of us in the 2nd half. Thor went down, throwin a monkey wrench in our offensive plans. Slobberknocker for sure. Cam is still tryin to get 100% in tune with the game. 2 n 0. Enjoy it!
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    i know it doesn't show on the stat sheet, but CmC is drawing a lot of attention from opposing defenses and really opening up things for our offense.
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    No it was more of Cam's accuracy, offense left 2 TDs off the board due to overthrows.
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    The rest of the NFC South is going to whoop this sorry Bills team's ass. Every other team will be favored and covered the spread. The only reason this game was close is because McDermott knows us and our coaches are all incompetent save for Wilks, who is a fuging badass.
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    Cam's horrible passing didn't help, game shouldn't have been this close.
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    Fire Mike Shula!
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    Had no problems reading defenses in 2015. It has more to do with the loser franchise surrounding him, starting from the owner on down.
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    Also, the number 1 problem with this offense is the pace and tempo. There's too many delay of games. Too many timeouts since the play doesn't come in. Coaches are stubborn and won't change their philosophy. This whole time of possession make sure the defense is fresh installed by Ron is killing our offense as the game evolves. Cam is best in a no-huddle offense. Let him make the adjustments. This is terrible offense and it doesn't have to be this way.
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    Shula didn't expect a first down there...closed the playbook...and then was all like, "poo, got to call another play....umm, ummm....fug, call a timeout"
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    Got to work today....damn it! Will be tuned in to Mick however. You MOFOs better not let these obese jackasses from upstate NY make more noise than us.
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    No. It was on Shula, Kalil, Williams, and Larsen... but mostly on Shula. He continues to handcuff the greatest, transcendent talent the NFL has ever seen. He is a bit rusty and yes, occasionally, even the most accurate passers overthrow it, but Cam did the best with what he was given. Shula is a fuging idiot and takes away any possibility to develop a rhythm for our franchise QB... Also, we played 3 Quarters without our best receiver.
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    Hell no it isn't.. Playcalling and Oline play way more than Cam.. You wasted 3 paragraphs for nothing..
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    A win is a win, but not what I expected from this team at all.
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    That first half is enough evidence to fire Shula. But we won't because we want to be family friendly and not hurt any feelings.

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