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    Great! Lets destroy Detroit!
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    Nothing like a week full of zero distractions before a road game followed by a Thursday nighter.
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    Life has it's ups and downs but I assume we all can agree that today was a good day.
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    LOL @ Bill Cowher sitting there criticizing Cam after his apology while wearing a Super Bowl ring he won with a rapist of a QB. Fuging hypocrite.
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    To me it comes down to the sideline demeanor battle between Caldwell and Rivera. Whichever coach makes a facial expression that doesn't show confusion first wins the battle and the game.
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    "Hey guys, watch this" *dialing* "Hello, this is the Lions" "Hi Lions! I was wondering if Owen is there" "Owen who?" "0 and 16!" "..."
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    Panthers should start Moton. So instead, they will start Silatolu and put Cam on IR after the game.
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    its kinda sad to watching someone self destructive and most likely lose their job on national tv.
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    The poo a non story. If Cam issues an apology for making an off-color sexist remark, I want a Facebook post apology of Jourdan saying I'm sorry I laughed until I cried over a racist as fug joke on twitter. Oh wait I'm an obscure white lady so I can do whatever the fug I want and it don't matter rabble rabble.
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    Alright.. So she apologized and he apologized. Let's put it to bed and move on
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    It's so funny how we keep certain players soley for special teams however our special teams continue to suck every year.
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    A very heartfelt apology. Doesn't even seem scripted or vanilla. A sincere apology acknowledging he messed up. That's my QB.
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    Am I in the minority here or does Hurney pull the IR trigger way faster than Gettleman did?
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    @sanjay_rajput this will be a good week to implement the 2 TE set like illustrated below:
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    Made this last season. Still applies, but to a much lesser extent.
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    Dude. I am not really sure that is something you should be broadcasting? But, then again, I grew up with a rotary, party line, phone. So I am still learning this, "I have to share everything" generation.
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    Division rival loss pit of misery, dilly dilly!
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    Tampa lost, NC State won. Dilly dilly!!
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    He needed to do that. But a full heel turn woulda been cool too. "To all the women out there, make me a sammmmmmmicchhh!!!!" Mic drop
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    Now that is one hell of an apology. I'm still not sure he owed one, but kudos to him for trying to put this to rest.
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    I was wearing a Mu Mu and I won't be ignored, Cam!
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    Can we just all sit back and realize what we're watching so far this year? Julius Peppers has 4.5 sacks right now going into week 5. He's currently sitting at 5th in the NFL. What doesn't show up in that number is his ability to stop the run. The man is 37 years old. That's unbelievable.
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    Ive sobered up and got my sshit straight thankfully. And i use the husdle to let out the side of me that i cant express in everyday life. In real life im serious, no bullsshit and im very empathetic being a RN. On the huddle i get to be a turd and make stupid jokes and be a goof
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    I don't care what anyone says.. cam did nothing wrong and people need to grow thicker skin.
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    Personally, I'd like to see what Moton brings. Could be another Norwell. Rookie that only gets a chance due to injury.
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    You elect a reality TV show host as president, you get a reality TV show presidency.
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    Nick Folk is the guy who brings the spiced-honey meade wine to the party......dilly dilly.
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    This idiot kept hammering "CAM'S ACTIONS WILL SPEAK LOUDER THAN HIS WORDS BLEH BLEH BLEH" ... man guess what Bill, Cam's actions have ALWAYS spoken louder than his words....he's been nothing short of incredible for this franchise off the field. Man that pissed me off.
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    Whoever came up with the TNF Color Rush jerseys should be issuing an apology. This game looking like the aryan brotherhood and some bloods are in a prison fight on the yard.
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    lol at anybody who thought WHATEVER he did would be good enough for the media beta boys. If he had apologized directly to the reporter? The excuse then would have been that "he took his time and it was too late and so insincere". If he had done it 60 seconds after reporter had her sensitive feelings hurt, it would have been "man, that was so fast he must have realized it was going to cost him money". All they and any of the pitchfork crowd in this forum wanted was their pound of flesh. And, once they get started, ESPECIALLY with Cam Newton, a pound usually isn't enough.
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    I wish he would show up to his next press conference eating another brand of yogurt.
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    Perfection. Well done Cam. Now lets play some ball.
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    The world really knows how to ruin every tiny piece of joy I cling to. Football is becoming as negative as everything else.
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    Lol take note Cam? Does it really make it any better that she apologized 5 years later? Would she have apologized if people didn't dig it up? Again, it's ridiculous we are even at this point, but let's not pretend her apologizing is because she's this super mature high moral human being.
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    Special teams what? 1. 95% of kickoffs result in a touchback. 2. He's never blocked a FG. 3. [I dont have stats to back this up] But there can't be many teams with a worse punt return unit than ours. 4. That just leaves punt coverage. Does he really shine enough during those 4 plays per game (minus fair-catches) to take up a roster spot? Everyone says "special teams", but Im still not entirely sure what he does well.
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