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  1. Some interesting science has come out recently regarding something called TMAO and it's link to heart disease. Those with higher levels of TMAO in their blood are many times more likely to suffer stroke or heart atrack. This is conclusive. So where does it come from? If you are a frequent meat, dairy, or egg eater you have a certain gut bacteria in you that helps break down the nutrients. In the process, this bacteria turns certain things in the food like choline into something called TMA. Your liver then takes the TMA and makes it into TMAO. So why is TMAO bad? It acts like a sort of glue on your artery walls for cholesterol to take hold, form plaques, cause blockages, and then kill you. So as it turns out, it's not only the cholesterol in these foods that are bad for you, but also the bacteria in your gut compounding the problem by causing TMAO as well. Interesting, no? It gets even more interesting. If you take vegans and feed them eggs, they don't have TMAO increseases. Why? They don't have the type of bacteria in their gut to cause it. It would take a few days of egg consumption for that bacteria to develop. After that, TMAO would start to take hold on them just like everyone else. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense in terms of our anatomy. Humans are frujivores. Frujivores can safely have about 5-10% of their diet come from animal products. At those levels, TMAO would remain low as the gut bacteria also would remain at small levels. In short, if you are having more than an egg a week, you are probably overdoing it. Anyways , found this really interesting, thought I would share.
  2. I was watching the news and a member of the house intel committee came on and said that Nunes did not present them with the source of the report. Right from the mouth of a sitting representative who was there.
  3. They already reward eating like poo by subsidizing foods that kill you. Corn for high fructose corn syrup for example. Imagine instead if the government subsidized fresh veggies so they were dirt cheap.
  4. Not true at all. You don't have to buy the best organic stuff. Rice and beans have sustained the poorest people throughout history and are the cheapest foods you can find. They are also much healthier for you than fast food.
  5. Everyone stop eating processed foods, cut animal product consumption to a minimum. Instead, eat a whole lot of whole foods. That's all. If we all did this, healthcare costs would drop 75% You're welcome.
  6. Nunes himself said the document he saw in no way implicated Obama, yet this is the Fox headline... You have zero credibility when talking about "MSM". Fox news is state sponsored media at this point.
  7. Just saw a Intel committee member on the news say that Nunes would not tell them where he got the info. Don't know what you are talking about.
  8. Link? I just heard none of the agencies knew WTF Nunes was talking about
  9. Nunes was asked twice today if the White House was the one that gave him the material that he ran to the White House with. Seems like an easy question to answer with a no. He refused to answer, twice. Lol
  10. This is the group that decided to removed mandatory maternity coverage from healthcare. Notice anything missing?
  11. Assuming he is looking at Bolles Strengths Elite athletic ability with the sweetest feet at the tackle position in this draft. Movement skills are smooth and unencumbered. There isn't an angle block he can't get to. Smooth climbs to linebackers as a work-up blocker, and has rare ability to accelerate from that block up to a third target. Has lateral quickness in run game to cross-face from backside and seal on the play-side. Can take quick settle steps, sinks and scoops defensive ends on base blocks. Quick feet allow for more patience to scan for stunts. Can meet edge speed with quick sets in pass pro. Plays with a mean streak and loves to finish. Outstanding change of direction to mirror without a hitch in his transition. Keeps weight on inside foot in his slides. Moves feet into position against inside counters. Balanced in his pass sets and keeps blocks centered. Should get bigger and stronger with more weight work after unorthodox path to the draft. Weaknesses Frame is a little narrow and legs appear to be shorter than normal. Devoid of drive power in his lowers. Pad level rises and he struggles to generate much movement against stout outside linebackers at point of attack. Needs better knee bend into second-level contact. Inconsistent in sustaining his blocks. Power can toss him off balance. May be limited by scheme fit. Needs to keep hands inside to bolster strength in his base. Lacks trust in his core power against speed-to-power. Leans into blocks with feet behind him to brace up. Will need sharper punch and more sink in his sets. Gives initial ground against power and doesn't always anchor quickly. Will be 25 years old by opening of fall camp. Sources Tell Us "Most athletic offensive lineman I've done since I took over this area of the country. He's also mean on the field, which you love. I'm projecting him to get stronger once he locks into an NFL strength-and-conditioning program. He's underdeveloped right now. What you see isn't what you are going to ultimately get, in my opinion." -- West area scout for NFC team NFL Comparison Cedric Ogbuehi
  12. The Departed Interstellar The Pianist Lost in Translation Magic Mike XXL
  13. Yeap
  14. Wouldn't this be Manziel's 5th chance?
  15. I am no draft expert, and I could be wrong, but I am not sure the league will allow us to pick two players at 8. However, I think it is worth a try!