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  1. Bingo. It all starts with those guys and those guys have looked bad.
  2. Washington has the 5th ranked D in the league. We were never going to light it up away from home. Our D managed to force 0 turnovers. Just one would have been the difference. It ain't all on the D, but a sizeable chunk of it is.
  3. Considering there was zero run game to speak of, that ain't too shabby. At this point, I feel the defense should be scrutinized much more than the offense. It used to be 17 points was a win in Carolina. Those days are long gone.
  4. Everyone knows we poo the bed in a total and complete way every season. Let us just hope it is only once this season. Big win coming next week!
  5. Jeremy Igo


    Corn needs to step up and take Munnys job .
  6. Jeremy Igo

    Dylan McCaffrey

    Fun fact: he was my neice's prom date
  7. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 4h4 hours ago #Redskins RB Adrian Peterson (ankle, shoulder, knee) is expected to play today, but WR Jamison Crowder (ankle) and RB Chris Thompson (rib, knee) are expected to be out, sources say. WR Paul Richardson (shoulder, knee) is a game-time decision. Crowder is out. RB Thompson is sometimes their leading receiver. Even if Richardson plays he is banged up. Panthers got this.
  8. Here she be ladies and gents. Lets get this dub today.
  9. Jeremy Igo

    Byrd out again

    Listed as an ankle injury.
  10. Sure it would have. No receivers run routes. Its just get up and spike. 5 seconds max.
  11. Most in this thread do not, less there would be no thread lol
  12. Because they ran an incomplete pass play to Wright in between the spike and the field goal. Took 5 seconds.