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  1. The only shot Byrd has of making this team is if the Panthers keep 6 which is far from guaranteed considering CMC lines up in the slot and even on the outside quite a bit. Funchess Smith Wright Samuel Moore Those are the locks.
  2. Yeah, it has only been one game but IDGAF. DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel are both in the top 10 in the NFC. Two up and coming stars for us, and it will be happening this season. Suck it.
  3. Need someone to take practice reps until cuts start happening.
  4. I would like to see Cam come out and hit a nice deep pass. The long game was non existent last week. I would like to see Jackson continue to improve, maybe a pick. I would like to see the first string defense in general dominate, a three and out to start the game.
  5. I don't think he has much choice.
  6. Keep an eye on 73... That ain't bad. That ain't bad at all.
  7. Jeremy Igo

    One Day Contract

    I like to fish and the hat had a fish on it.
  8. Jeremy Igo

    One Day Contract

    Help me, I'm being held captive look
  9. I saw what I have been seeing all camp long so far. Less dancing, more burst, better results. Lets hope it continues.
  10. Bad in camp Bad tonight A new backup QB is coming, right? I
  11. With just that single play be looked better than most Panthers receivers over the past several years. I told you don't sleep on him. He is the real deal.
  12. I can't recall a worse showing from a corner. Surely Jackson will be starting.