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  1. Curtis Samuel is dressed for practice

    I mean, he would need to be on the field for anyone to see him, right?
  2. How has Daeshon Hall looked?

    Much much better. Ealy was awful. No lower body strength.
  3. Not to be a downer... but...

    Or practice means next to nothing in terms of team performance when facing other teams. They don't show eachother much in preseason, let alone practice.
  4. How has Daeshon Hall looked?

    Started out looking out of place, now looks like he belongs out there. So far so good.
  5. The Miami Dolphins clearly "won" the joint practices against the Carolina Panthers in 2015. So... grain of salt... yada yada
  6. Yes, the drill is to the advantage of the offensive player. But it should be a hell of a lot closer of a play than what CMC is putting on guys regularly.
  7. Lord, please someone take a swing at Peppers.
  8. You mad?

    went vegan
  9. Any predictions on who gets into a fight first? My money is on my man Jeremy Cash.
  10. I always get the biggest kick out of the media on the field anytime we are somewhere Cam has never been. It is always "Holy poo, he is HUGE" They are never fully prepared.