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  1. Except for the fact that the primary source of energy for all primates on earth are carbohydrates. Millions of years of evolution disagree with your statement. Not to mention the healthiest populations on earth in human history were all carbohydrate based diets. All of them. Here are the areas with the longest longevity called Blue Zones... Only one zone in the USA makes the list. Seventh Day Adventists who are vegetarian for religious purposes. I guess they should be informed of the ills of carbs. You won't ever see a meat based population on the list. They die off of heart disease and colon cancer far to early to make the grade.
  2. This is such dangerous thinking. Thats like equating Ebola with the common cold and saying welp, viruses are all the same.
  3. He twisted his ankle is draft workouts. Will not play in summer league per the Hornets. yay.
  4. Camitus Prime? I always suspected he possessed the Matrix of Leadership.
  5. Yep, has always been as such. Why do you think Shula has gotten ZERO interest at a head coach?
  6. I think you have the balance results with what he has been given to work with. One single draft pick in the first 3 rounds since 2011. That one pick is a pro bowler. Other than that and inhereting Ryan Kalil he has had late round guys and cast offs. We got to the Superbowl with Mike Remmers for Christ sake.
  7. It's different for everyone. For me going cold broccoli was the way to go. I'm not a half measures type of personality. I think of it as food controlling against what I want and know I should do. That pisses me off. Then it's fug that, I'm not doing it. What it comes down to is good ole self motivation, responsibility, and control.
  8. Dairy has casomorphins that act like a small dose of heroin. This is what helps keep calves coming back to the utter to drink and helps form the mother/infant bond. The casomorphins attach to the very same receptors that morphine does. They are just not as strong. This is what makes dairy and cheese so addictive, especially to those who lean towards addiction anyways. Between the casomorphines, extreme amounts of fat and salt ... cheese is probably the most addictive and worst thing for us. Addictive - check Processed food - check Leads to cardiovascular disease - check Laced with hormons that lead to cancers - check
  9. I would be more worried if Minnesota didn't want to keep him. They definitely tried. Much of it could be coaching related. The first gif for example... Looks like 44 went to the outside first then came back inside for the blitz. Poor blitz recognition. Poor communication. Poor execution. So much of that is coaching related and poor quality along the offensive line in general. It could be that: a) Improved coaching b) playing next to Norwell c) being led by big brother Ryan Will cure so many ills for this guy.
  10. Everyone needs to be hoping Moton is the long term answer at LT. Would save a ton of cash after this season. Early indications are the guy could be.
  11. Looks to me like he is shifting his weight from back foot to front foot. You know, like he is supposed to do. But hey, thats not fun to talk about.
  12. The narrative is starting to change on state sponsored media. From "there was no collusion" to "there was collusion, but so what".
  13. You should post your photo so we can all see what a specimen you are to be poking fun at others.
  14. Curly hair and high humidity. You just let go and pray it doesn't harm anyone.