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  1. more than double the previous record.   Server did pretty well, considering.
  2. My AKPanthersfan parody thread is fail. 
  3. What a great crowd to welcome home the guys!        
  4. To be fair, putting Mike Remmers on an island against Von Miller was the dumbest idea of the entire season. 
  5. When Did You Realize They Weren't Winning?

    Not until the 4th quarter. I thought they could fight through it.  It was the fumble and touchdown at the beginning that first had me worried though. 
  6. Big Daryl Williams....

    So it sounds like we didn't use him in the jumbo packages that worked so well in the playoffs? 
  7. Big Daryl Williams....

    Did Daryl get any playing time at all? I had gotten used to #60 being announced as an eligible receiver in the jumbo packages, but I don't remember any from yesterday. 
  8. Here is a nice mirror for you to look in..... From 7 News in Denver, CO        
  9. Jeremy clearly missed the boob in this picture

    Like teenage boys.    Me too.
  10. Jeremy clearly missed the boob in this picture

    Clearly Hotsauce has never seen female nipples. 
  11. Why You're Wrong About The Cam Newton Press Conference

    People who sign up only after a victory are spineless cowards.  Enjoy. 
  12. I agree it wasn't anything unusual or inflammatory at all.    But.... why should Cam have to sit there and listen to it. He is there to speak to the media, not listen to the Broncos. Typically post game press conferences are held on opposite sides of the stadium. That is how I have always seen it. 
  13. Listen to what is being said next to him. Not sure why Cam Newton was forced to hold a post game press conference where the defense of the opposition is within speaking distance.        That is Denver corner Chris Harris speaking in the background.    In short, Cam did not leave because of the media. Cam left because he shouldn't have to sit there and listen to the opposition talk.    Update: According to our good buddy Darin Gannt, all Superbowl press conferences are set up as such.