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  1. We do that usually in the afternoons.
  2. Were they guys well hung? Cut? How could you leave these deets out.
  3. Yes. Banning people is actually a soothing experience for me, like an amazing bowel movement.
  4. Also, should capacity on the server be reached, it will be shut down for everyone with the exception of Staff and All Pro members.
  5. The Huddle server will be pressed to capacity tonight. As such, here is a friendly reminder as to what the norms of operation are for such an event. Start a reactionary thread that belongs in the official pick topic? We will FUGGIN BAN YOU Spoil the pick because your sources (twitter) give you a 20 second heads up? We will FUGGIN BAN YOU Name calling, cursing, abusive behavior? We will FUGGIN BAN YOU That said... I love you all. Have fun tonight. - Mgmnt
  6. Decent write-up for 100% speculation and zero inside knowledge.
  7. I have an offer from Saints Report. You in exchange for a mouse pad and a six year old can of non dairy creamer. I am still mulling it over.
  8. Try it for 28 days, I guarantee your BP drops. they had to decrease my prescriptions within a month. My family all had it as well, but they all ate plenty of meat and dairy. Can't really go by that.
  9. I have found this too. The ego suppression aspect of it has been interesting. Find myself enjoying other things more.